Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Channeling Johnny Depp... And A Piece Of Sacred Cake

Found an amazing Artist and kindred Spirit named Tina Moll selling her work on E-Bay and purchased this fabulous Bohemian Parrot Belt from her which I intend to convert into a Fanny Pack Bag and put my own spin on it.  I do feel as though I'm channeling Johnny Depp when I'm wearing it and who doesn't want to be all over THAT!!!??? *swoon and a wink*  The luxurious French Vintage fabrics and intricate Needlepoint Art makes me feel like a rather decadent Pirate, it definitely has Boheme Gypsy flair to it and it's so very ME that I couldn't believe my good fortune at winning the auction.  Dear Tina was so patient and understanding, as with the hectic schedule of the Holidays I completely lapsed and almost forgot I had a bid out on something just prior to Christmas! *Gasp... ah, old age don't come by itself LOL*  Too many irons in the fire and even though this was a to-die-for piece I was swooning over, it got pushed to the dark recesses of my memory banks for a brief period of time... and then... I remembered... OH NO... I felt so badly that I'd caused a delay in checking in to see if I'd been the lucky winner... acknowledging my win and sending in my payment... on a normal day I would have been gazing at the last few minutes of the auction like a vulture, with my finger poised above the PayPal button! *wink*  I've since corresponded with this talented Artist and I'm flattered that she's paid a visit to my humble little Blog, I hope she comes back often... I hope to see more of her amazing work available...

And then while browsing Etsy I ran across a beautiful creation from talented Artist Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake... I adored it and it was on SALE... so a piece of Sacred Cake is on it's way *smiles*...  I had admired Jennifer's amazing creations ever since seeing her beautifully adorned Oil Can Photo Holders profiled in the Somerset Studio Magazines... repurposing objects into Art is one of my favorite activities, the creative process feeds my Soul, I feel a connection and a feeling of being kindred Spirits with other Artists that do the same... such visionaries I appreciate and enjoy collecting the work of!

It is always an inspiration to Artists to see the fabulous creations and vision of other Artists... we're cut from the same mold... Dawn... The Bohemian  

*Some photos cribbed from Tina Moll's E-Bay Auction Page and Jennifer Valentine's Sacred Cake's Etsy Shop Page*

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  1. Merry Christmas Dawn!
    I hope you had a beautiful one... looks like you gifted yourself one beautiful piece.
    Wishing you a most blessed New Year


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