Monday, December 27, 2010

Can You Keep A Secret?

Okay, so I can finally reveal a Secret my Grandson and I had to keep for over a month now *whew*... I don't know about you, but the both of us being privy to a delightful Secret for someone special we know was almost torturous! *LOL*  You see, the Shop Girls at Cottage Garden had commissioned me to design dear and well loved Proprietor Carol Migray a special bag as a Christmas present from them.   I LOVE designing bags that I know are going to be presented as gifts to someone special... only if I know the recipient then I become part of the Secret... and quite often so do my Grandchildren since they see me in the process of all my creations... and the keeping of a Secret and not making a recipient suspicious that something is going on is often no small feat my Friends!  My Grandson usually assists me in the designing process, he's got a good eye even at the tender age of 10 and he often reels Gramma in from going over-the-top in my designs. *LOL*  He'll remind me that the bag I'm creating isn't for me and if he knows who it's being made for, and their taste and sensibilities, he keeps me grounded. *Smiles*  Hey, somebody has to, right!?!?!?!? *wink*  It was killing him to keep this well guarded Secret from Miss Carol, he SO wanted to drop some hints... and I was holding my breath each time... but I was so proud of him, he didn't do anything but keep a big smile plastered on his face every time he saw her, knowing and yet restraining himself from revealing the special Secret we all knew and were closely guarding.   I really feel that Carol is a very Blessed Woman having employees that care so very much about her and love her as they do... I know she recognizes this beautiful fact too... and we're thrilled she loved the Bag... and now we can finally reveal it... Merry Christmas Carol... we all love you dearly...  Dawn... The Bohemian 

PS: That's me modeling Carol's Bag shortly after finishing it, I always want to see and feel how it will be and look on a real person versus a dressmaking form... Carol will look much better and thinner modeling her bag! *Smiles*


  1. That is a great bag Dawn....really great and it looks like the recipient is very pleased with her lovely gift.

  2. Another really great bags. You are inspiring me!

  3. Dawn,
    Now that I realize it was you in the photo....well you look just so........Bohemian! Love the Johnny Depp piece too. Happy New Year, Marian


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