Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bohemian Elegance - Artie Coloring Outside The Lines

I'm in love again with a Space decorated in the ultimate of Bohemian Elegance, I could live outside indefinitely with a setup like this on my property, you would have to bribe me to get me back inside! *wink*  Normally I try to limit my OCD self to just one Post a day so that I don't bury you all in an avalanche of Blog Journal entries that spill out of my head and into my Blog. *LOL*  But I just couldn't wait to share this one and it speaks for itself why!!!!!!!! I realize the Bohemian themed Posts are the most popular ones and the ones nearest and dearest to my own Heart... so this one will probably put you in a Bohemian inspired Trance too!?  I just discovered a Blog by an AMAZING Designer named Artie called Color Outside The Lines and here is just a tiny sampling of his talents!!! *swoonfest of epic proportions*  *ALL IMAGES CRIBBED FROM ARTIE'S BLOG 'COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES'*  If this inspired you even half as much as it wowed and inspired me... and believe me, there is MORE, MUCH MORE... you simply have to pay his site a visit my Friends!!!  I wonder if I were in the presence of someone with this much vision for decorating... if perhaps some would rub off? *Smiles*  If I had a personal Genie it would be someone like Artie and dining Alfresco would reach a whole new level at this Ole House!  Simplicity and elegance at it's best, you can be certain I'll be replicating something as fabulous as this on my property and transporting myself to Bohemian Valhalla.  I'm thankful for the Designers who Blog and share their talents with the Blog World... it inspires me to enlarge my own vision for decorating and Art... to seek out those Treasures that will enhance a living space or a vignette in those ways that Wow me and I want to surround myself with on a daily basis... Thanks Artie for transporting me this day, at least on the canvas of my imagination, to a beautiful Bohemian Tent Dinner Party. It made an unusually dreary, cold, rainy day here in the Arizona Desert today bearable. The rich colors of your Spring Tent Party photos reminded me of our usual warmth and Sunshine. Which is just what I needed since I'm addicted to bright Sunny days and year round outdoor living after many decades of being spoiled by the typical Arizona warmth and Sunshine we become so accustomed to and can too easily take for granted throughout the year.   And being a Bohemian Spirit, the best of Outdoor Living and portable fabulous abodes that can be set up anywhere my wanderlust takes me, is what it's all about for me... Dawn... The Bohemian

And now for WHITE WEDNESDAY #80

                                                                  This was my entry...

                    Which then led to sharing more colorful Gifts I also received... *wink*

Be sure to join me as I also link up with Faded Charm's White Wednesday #80... in my colorful life it's very difficult for me to find a whole lotta White without color creeping in *wink* but naturally this gave me the PERFECT opportunity to once again share THE TOP that I received for Christmas, which is in shades of White and Cream *smiles*... and well, that led to the other more colorful sharing of other Christmas Gifts I'm delighted about... *LOL*


  1. What a fabulous blog! I love the colorful pictures! Glad to see I'm not the only one that was challenged by white Wednesday. :) The only thing white in my house is the toilet paper...

    I'm so glad you visted and commented on my blog. It's always so much fun to meet like minded women.

    The Wilted Magnolia

  2. I love your blog, so many gorgeous colors and textures.....I can see why it is hard to just stay to white!!!
    Love the feel of different fabrics and the richness of tapestry, I love to use it for making doll dresses and other things around the house!!!
    It is so nice to meet new artists and good friends!!!
    Margaret B

  3. OMG! Why I am just now finding that you wrote this about me!!??! THANK YOU! Absolutely so so so happy to have inspired you - following along now so I won't miss a thing!


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