Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Atelier des Ours... Sandrine... A Bohemian Dream

Some things bear repeating... and for me this is definitely one of them... in a word MAGNIFICENT... a Bohemian dream!!!  I'm talking of coarse of Atelier des Ours and Sandrine.   I love everything about this Designer's vision, styles and decor... I want it ALL!! *swoon*   Every time I visit the site, I'm mezmerized by the creations, the decorating, it's not just fashion, it's a lifestyle... one that connects to me at my core.  Everything looks so lovely AND comfortable... an ease of layering beauty and function... with everything complimenting everything else so the combinations are endless.  Yes it does speak of a timeless peasant sensibility... and yet elegant and feminine all the same.  How many fashions look just as fabulous barefoot as with shoes or boots... hardly any... but these do.  It is an effortless way to look lovely whether casual or dressing up for something special. I like that the styles compliment the feminine form, whatever the size it may be... you wouldn't have to be a size 6 to feel confident and beautiful in this clothing.  I'd wear it anywhere... and everywhere... and while I'm at it, load me up on the fabulous Vintage French Country decor that graces the beautiful photographs too!  You simply must check out this site for yourself... I cribbed only a fraction of the fabulousness displayed on their site... I could linger all Night beholding each beautiful photograph of the essence of Bohemian Fashion in an equally breathtaking French setting... this is definitely among my absolute favorites to visit regularly... and now it is likely to be yours too... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All images cribbed from Atelier des Ours web site.*


  1. Hi Dawn, what a great shop, you discover the best places! Thanks for stopping by my blog again and leaving your comment, we would be so happy if you could make it our way someday, we love our gals from Arizona! XO Christie

  2. Hello!
    Ohhh I love this photos whith lovely clouds and nice things!!!!!!
    So Beautifullllll!!!!!!
    have a nice day!

  3. Love all this clothes.....
    Oh I wish it was in my neighbourhood.......
    Love it...love it.
    Fine day

  4. This post is purely heaven on earth! Just absolutely beautiful!!


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