Friday, December 31, 2010

As A New Year Unfolds

The story behind this unopened bottle is that it was given as a gift to my Parents many years ago... they didn't drink so they graciously received it and because it was so beautifully packaged they just displayed it.  It has been around a very long time and when they gave it to me I never had the Heart to open it and drink it, so I've continued to display this beautifully packaged bottle of Champagne... or Wine... I'm really not even sure what's inside (???) and one day I shall probably pass it along to one of our grown Children or grown Grandchildren... whether they choose to drink it or continue to display it unopened matters not... I Hope they will appreciate the beautiful packaging as much as past generations have.  And today I decided to include it in Cindy's Show And Tell Friday at "My Romantic Home"  it would be fun if you join us and share something to show and tell from your Home...

                                                       Image cribbed from Kriyayoga

As another New Year unfolds I tend to get contemplative just prior to the start of every New Year.  I think back upon this Year that is coming to a close and decide what I want to carry through to this New Year and what I want to leave behind. I have  also been reflecting upon my experiences since beginning the Blogland adventure in July... and I'm LOVING every minutes of it.  The exposure to this community of wonderful, generous people and the sharing of ideas, creative energy and lovelies has been so enriching and I'm glad I dived in and became a participant and not just a spectator on this grand Journey of Journaling online. I'm not big on New Year's resolutions because I'm a work in progress every day of the year, so I don't set aside one particular day to try to change everything I might seek improvement upon and Hope for change in.  But a New Year is a fresh start, a starting point if you will to wipe the slate clean, regroup and move forward with those Hopes, desires, attitudes, dreams, visions and improvements we are seeking in our lives, that perhaps did not manifest in the previous Year for whatever the reasons.  A New Year can be a new beginning of many things as well as the end of those things that we no longer wish to carry forward and through into yet another Year. And as the glittery Ball drops on Times Square I imagine that we have similar glittery visions and dreams in the palms of our own hands. Tiny little glimmerings of the seeds we will sow into the future, and if we cultivate and tend to them properly they will grow into the Harvest that we envisioned and reap the fruits of our labor.  And in the most abundant of Harvests we can share our bounty with others freely... and sow glittering seeds of Hope and future Blessings into the lives of others so that they may have a future bright with Promise and continue the cycle rich in beautiful reciprocity... Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

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And, because these Blog Parties are so much fun I am also joining Courtney over at "French Country Cottage" for Feathered Nest Friday for the very first time... these parties are a great way to discover new favorite Blogs and meet new Friends, so join me there as I hop from Party to Party as we ring in the New Year! *wink*

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  1. I really, really like this idea. It makes the room quite festive looking.

    My Show n Tell Link---where it's kinda fodder for the National Enquirer Tabloids. Do stop by if you can, I'd love your opinion.

    Happy New Year


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