Sunday, November 28, 2010

WHY Am I Postponing This!?!

Have you ever found something absolutely perfect... that you instantly adored and felt you HAD to have... but it was not within your immediate budget... so you made a Note To Self to Save towards?   And then... because it might take too long... or too much restraint not to utilize the Savings for other more easily affordable Lovelies, or some emergency or necessities that always seem to crop up at the most inopportune time... well... the purchase just kept getting postponed and put off... again and again?  And each time you get a level of frustration and renewed resolve and ask yourself... WHY am I postponing this... REALLY?!?  This is ridiculous... I need to be more driven and focused on the Prize!  You know that if you wait too long it might just be too late and you've lost your golden opportunity to score a OOAK piece that had been calling to you for what seems like an eternity!   I do this sometimes... especially when it's an expensive piece and a definite luxury and self-indulgence that I'm conflicted about... because of the cost... and yet... I WANT it... BADLY!!!   Now, sometimes good fortune smiles upon me and I eventually score a long coveted piece by being focused upon reaching the goal of acquisition... patiently... hope, hope, hoping that nobody else snatches it away just before I have squirreled away the amount it will take to make it MINE! *Gasp*  Yep, that has happened too and it's the ultimate letdown... I'll rush in with the means to FINALLY take it Home with me, quivering with excitement and anticipation... only to find... OH NO *sucking in breath, frantically searching, checking and re-checking in hopes to find it*... too late... it's GONE! *sob, knashing of teeth, wringing of hands... pouting like a petulant child*   I'll admit, it's not as if I'm deprived by any means... I am hard working, tenacious and resourceful... and I can sacrifice and do without a lot to get what I really would like to have... so over the years I've feathered my Nest and adorned myself with some truly great things that I love.  I have managed to budget for just about anything I really wanted badly enough... or that my Loved ones wanted badly enough.  I'm exceedingly Blessed, even if I never acquire another thing. *Okay, so THAT'S not likely to happen and a definite exaggeration, but you know what I mean peeps! LOL*  And yet, it's the ones that got away that often haunt me all the same, the disappointment never really goes away completely, I'm tenacious that way too... and in many ways in fact.   I really need to be wealthy *smiles*, because I definitely have Champagne Taste and Caviar Dreams *wink*...   I adore beautiful things, unique OOAK items, Art in all forms... the list of things I'm passionately in love with is virtually endless and of coarse I know I can't have it all.  But there are those particular things that I seem to be on a constant quest to Saving towards... bit by bit... and I feel as though they're already mine even before I ever actually attain them... so I go to "visit" with them as often as I can *smiles*... caressing them, photographing them, lusting over them... wondering... if and when they will be able to finally come Home with me???  Usually it's months of patiently planning, strategizing, sacrificing, working like a maniac... to come up with a way and make it a possibility... because anything worth having is usually worth waiting for. Instant gratification is not always possible and priorities have to be in order and balanced... a 'want' is not a 'need' after all.  But I am of the inclination that I ALWAYS buy the very best that I can afford... even if it takes me much, much longer going that route... quality is everything... I'd rather own one fabulous item than dozens of mediocre ones.  And so I wait... right now the patience is in acquiring this particular Lacey OOAK vision *major swooning going on*... I've shared it before... more than once actually... so long has been my lustfest with it *LOL*... and you all will probably be relieved when either: #1 I get it, tell you about it and you never have to see or hear about it again... or #2 someone else gets it and I have to give up the goal, lament and whine to you about my misfortune, and take the time I need to let it go and attempt to get over it *le sigh*... but let's Hope it's #1...  and I'm working my 'lil fingers to the bone to make it happen... some kinda way... (and now for some strange reason mentioning the words fingers and bone together I've suddenly got that old C&W Song my Dad used to love stuck in my head about work your fingers to the bone and what do you get?  Boney fingers, boney fingers! LOL)  But I regress... having to work hard at attaining something special will make the victory all the more sweeter... to earn the right to finally parade around in THE TOP... and feel like a Bohemian Princess bedecked in my coveted Lacey garment paired with one of my MP Bloomers... *contented sigh*  And IF I can swing it sometime before the end of December, I have a 20% Off Coupon *Whoo Hoo and fingers crossed*... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Hello my dearest friend, i be so glad at your comments onn my blog!
    Thanks and I found your lovely blog!!!!
    I will be your follower also!
    What a lovely shirt you show us, so beautiful"!
    I whish your week be nice!!!!


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