Monday, November 15, 2010

Victorian Ceiling Tin... A Myriad Of Possibilities

One of my favorites of Architectural Salvage would have to be Victorian Ceiling Tin, it has a myriad of possibilities.  I love the graphics pressed into the Tin, I like the way it ages and the many ways it can be repurposed, refinished, or left "As Is".  I like that it comes in many forms and sizes and can be cut to cover or resurface almost anything.  I've made it into wall Art, picture frames, mirrors, backsplashes, covered walls and ceilings with it or just propped it up here and there to enjoy.  I've seen it wrapped around grand Columns and framing beautiful Art. It's been made into interesting Art forms due to it's flexibility and ease to cut into shapes, covered Rustic pieces of Furniture and fabulous Medallions of it encircle Chandeliers. 

I've been salvaging this versatile Tin in all it's forms as often as I come across it at the right price, or better yet... at no cost... which is every Salvage Junquers place of Nirvana... free stuff for the taking because nobody else values or wants it and they just want it carted off!  *gleefully clapping hands* Even if I don't yet have a use for it, I know that eventually I will... it's one of those elements that always seems to come in handy for future projects.  It's not quite as plentiful as it used to be... demand for it has increased... but I don't really mind, I'm glad that it's now being appreciated and Saved by others.  I'm tickled to see those rare instances where its still in place at it's original location, covering the ceilings and moldings of old buildings and Homes that preserved it all these years.  I think the Victorians had the right idea... that when you look up you should be able to see beauty and design on the interior of a building too.   I'd like to replace every boring drywall and popcorn ceiling I've ever seen with either old original or reproduction Victorian Ceiling Tin... I'd like to see every light fixture framed by beautiful medallions of it... painted in hues of the Rainbow or just shades of White... and put the beauty back in and have people looking up again... Dawn... The Bohemian

*OOPS, forgive me... I almost forgot to mention where the fabulous Victorian Tins photographed are from: Several pieces are for Sale at "Not Too Shabby" and the Christie Repasy piece is for Sale at "Paris Envy"... both in Phoenix...  the wonderful Victorian Tin structure is the front desk/register at "Not Too Shabby"... I want The Man to replicate something equally fabulous out of my stash of Victorian Ceiling Tin Salvage! Smiles*


  1. Are those all your tins? I love them....and you have one of Christie's paintings. Thank you Dawn for stopping by mammabellarte and your comments always make me smile. Grazie Rita

  2. I love your writing, and thanks for stopping by to comment over at my little spot. We installed salvaged tin on our kitchen ceiling, I love it but one side note....cell phones have difficulty "recepting"....all that metal I suppose!


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