Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Romantic Vibe

Are you a Romantic?  I know I am... anything that has a Romantic Vibe will draw me to it like a Moth to a flame.  There are those Romantic objects that exude Femininity... sometimes those palettes and that particular look are a bit much for the Masculine taste and I've heard many a Gal lament that her desire to decorate with Feminine abandon is met with too much resistance.  I am Blessed that The Man isn't much interested in decorating and has left that domain up to me... to feather our Nest however I please, it's all good to him.  I know that if I had to live in a Man Cave I would NEVER want to spend any time at Home because it would repel me... after all, you have to have a place you want to come Home TO!!! *LOL*  If I'm going to be Home even a portion of the time it's got to be a personal Sanctuary that restores the Soul, comforts the Spirit and  is filled with Peace, Beauty, comfort, cherished and well loved objects... and Romance. I'll compromise on a great many things as a personal sacrifice for Family and those that I Love... but Beauty in the Home wouldn't be one of them!  If I had to live around ugly surroundings that repulse me, the vibe would not gel with me AT ALL! *smiles*  I could live in a shack, so long as it was a pretty shack!!!  No matter how humble the Home, it can still be dressed up to show the character, taste, Spirit and personality of it's occupants... and you needn't spend a fortune to attain that special look and add beauty to your surroundings, resourcefulness and creativity go a long way.  The Romantic Vibe appeals to me, however that Romantic touch is evident... there's no one style that exudes Romance... I've seen Romantic Homes in a variety of decorating styles and it's always inviting and has a special ambiance I adore.  At "Not Too Shabby" the Romantic Vibe is palpable in every style of decor they offer... and perhaps why I could wander around in there and be inspired for ages... whether your taste is Bohemian, Paris Apartment, Victorian, English Cottage, Shabby Chic, Rustic, Contemporary Chic, Industrial Chic, French Country, Nordic-French, Salvage Chic or an Eclectic mix... you will likely find SOMETHING there that you want to take Home... and so, I will continue with the tour of this delightful Shop until I use up all the photos I snapped of the eye candy there... enjoy... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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