Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Melrose Vintage... Part I

We continue our Melrose Crawl through Melrose Vintage, always SO much to see in this fantastic shop... decor, fashions, vintage lighting, architectural salvage, custom upholstered furniture and pillows, divine linens, workshops, fabric & trim, craft supplies, candles, books... and MORE!   No way to do it all in a single Post, so I'll pace myself and not bury you in an avalanche of fabulousness all at once. *wink*  Can you just see yourself relaxing in this sumptuous Bedroom with all that great Vintage lighting surrounding you? I might never get out of bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *smiles*  And though I resisted picking up yet another Chandelier... no small feat for me... I COULD NOT resist coming Home with one of those Belts! *swoon*   Now... at first I was just lusting after them draped on that diminutive mannequin... which is what... a size 3??? *le sigh*  So, I'm thinking... they are not EVEN a possibility for a BMW such as myself... how thrilled do you suppose I was to discover I was wrong?!?  Yep, it's twue... my BFF suggested we take one off the skinny mannequin and just see... I tentatively wrapped it around my ample midsection... and walla... IT FIT! *Happy Dance*   So then came the agonizing decision of which one to choose... they had several you see... each just as gorgeous as the others... but I finally decided upon the Wine colored one... whaddya think?  A pretty good color match to my Bohemian Velvets and Magnolia Pearl Bloomers and Bolero Jacket dontcha think?  And I'm not saying I might not go back another time and procure another... *wink*  Stay tuned for Part II at Melrose Vintage... we'll move into their Shabby Chic and French style sections next...  Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Girlfriend, I can't believe you left without that GORGEOUS chandelier!!!!! And I will also take that mannequin---would go puuuurfect with all my other gals in my studio!

    LOVE that belt on ya...and all those beautiful and lucious velvets!

    May you and all your loved ones have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving! xo...deb


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