Saturday, November 6, 2010

Land Yacht Fantasy MP Style

It has been a fantasy of mine for some time to own a Vintage Airstream and while I've still got The Man's eyes peeled for one to transform into my Dream Gypsy Vagabond Bohemian Treasures Mobile, I can't help but lust after the ultimate Land Yacht Fantasy done up MP Style by John and Robin of Magnolia Pearl.   I mean seriously, would you ever want to NOT hit the road if you had one of these trailing behind you?!?  Wouldn't every head be turned as you careened down the highways and byways... tempting an entourage of envious and curious onlookers alike?  And what a great way to meet folks and strike up an interesting conversation when you own a conversation piece such as this... people obviously would know you come with an interesting and delightful story... and who doesn't love THAT!!! *Smiles* Even parked in the yard I'd be holed up in there creating magic pretty much 24-7 with all that inspiring creative Art and decor surrounding and enveloping me like a luxury cocoon!   The Family or BFF's and I would be heading down the road every chance we got and the ole Homestead might start looking like a cobweb palace from my prolonged absences.  ****************** Okay, so perhaps that's why I haven't yet been Blessed with such a Dream Machine... I'd be totally wheels off Didi Kai ... and living out of suitcases for the rest of my days... bouncing from place to place as the whim and Spirit takes me... or at the very least a great portion of my days. *wink*  My free Spirited nature would be magnified a hundred fold and settling me down again to one location would be akin to trying to fence in a team of wild Horses... I can see The Man and young uns sighing deeply now... well, maybe just The Man... as the Children and Grandchildren carry my bloodline and thus love to be on the move and are often on the move... constantly!!! *LOL*  We can often be like homeless people with a Home because we can so seldom be caught here... which some Friends often lament, sighing "You are NEVER Home!!!" *Smiles*...  Well, it took me over forty years to settle down the first time and stay put in one place for more than a couple of years you see.  It was the way I was raised and our 'norm'... and that wanderlust has never truly left... it never does... it's just been dormant for barely over a decade now, which at times seems like an eternity to someone who has trouble staying put... while I was Blessed with my Historic old Dream Home... this ole House... and for that I am truly thankful and grateful because that was a Dream come true and the first House I've ever owned or even felt led to... but Lord... I REALLY would like that cozy lil Gypsymobile as well... PRETTY PLEASE *pleading shamelessly*... and as the Grand-Daughter would say... WITH SUGAR ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD *wink* Because beholding a Land Yacht Fantasy that has become a reality for someone with vision and imagination, especially a Bohemian Artsy one, yes, it gives me itchy feet again... resurrects dreams I have laid aside for a Season... and stirs deep old longings... Dawn... The Bohemian 

“Not all those who wander are lost.”J. R. R. Tolkien

 “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”Lao Tzu

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”St. Augustine


  1. Loved this post ~ I have lived within 10 miles from where I was born & raised for 54 years, Love being close to family ~ but My Dream is to have a wonderful Old travel trailer & ride with the wind.... I have read about so many wonderful Flea Markets & Beautiful sights across the country & that is What My Heart would love to do.... I sure hope My Dream can take shape some day~ Thanks for Sharing

  2. How fun would that be for a while....and then I think the no storage for treasures would start to bother me!

  3. I love to see a dream and fantasy turned into our reality! What a fun way to "travel" thru life. Great post. thanks for linking up with VIF!


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