Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Give-Away And A Confession...

Judy, over at French Laundry, is having a terrific and generous give-away... this wonderful decorating book by Carolyn Westbrook "The French Inspired Home".  If like me, you love everything French and are crazy about amassing every inspiring decorating book known to Man, you won't want to miss this opportunity, so enter before it closes on November 17th for a chance to win! 

And now for my confession... ever since my Son came back Home and moved into the back Cottage I had converted into my Studio I've felt displaced and not as focused on my Art.  I had waited so long for a Studio Space to exclusively create from and I had it exactly the way I had always envisioned it to be, so the creative energy I experienced and the inspiration there was liberating and I was working on my Art almost daily.  It was my private Sanctuary, a place where I could regularly go to create, to be inspired, to hole up and devote time to Art and dream, often without interruption or distractions... a place where I could spread out everything I needed or was working upon and leave it and come back to it anytime, without anyone getting into it or needing it picked up.  Crank my Bohemian Music up and get totally lost in my Art.  Now don't get me wrong, I've been able to create anywhere all my life and I still do out of necessity, I realize that an Artist needn't have a particular Space to create beautiful Art... but I do find that having a Studio Space devoted to my Art made a huge difference in how often I retreated to a creative haven and worked on the creative process.   Now I try to find peaceful spots that I can work in for brief periods of time on my Art, but not necessarily surrounded by the objects that inspire me most and certainly not without distraction, interruption or having to pick up and put away everything afterwards... which doesn't lend itself to being at my creative best or spending as much time on my work as I would in my Studio.  It's inconvenient and I have to remember to drag with me everything I might need and if I get an epiphany on something to add to a piece, then I have to leave and go find it.  I've got wee ones that are entranced with Gramma's Art and though that can be a mixed Blessing because I want to cultivate their creativity, interest and skills in the Arts... their desire to "help" and get involved or visit with me when I'm trying to work on something is nonetheless a distraction... though it was sweet that my aspiring photographer Grandson snapped a couple of pixs of Gramma hard at work on a piece in my Bedroom... and my old Cat, Rat Boy, never leaves my side when I'm creating in the Main House, she must be quite comfortable in a creative vibe.  In my Studio I would lose track of time and be in my own little world, like a coccoon I had everything I needed at my disposal, inspiring objects surrounded me because we didn't need to "live in" that space, just work in it, retreat to it, be inspired by it, so it could be my mini Gallery as well as a creative space.  I would dress up my Vintage Dress Forms and hang my creations and the beloved creations of my favorite Artists everywhere so that I was literally surrounded by beauty, imagination and inspiration... after all, a Studio can totally be your "Fantasy" Space come alive!  I had stacks of lucious fabrics and trims visible at all times and the most comfortable atmosphere in my little Gypsy Den that fed my creative appetite daily.  Sure, my Son was gracious enough to leave most of my supplies and necessary items in there as I had nowhere else to store it all now... and he doesn't mind me coming in when I need to, but its not quite the same as when it was exclusively my Studio Space... and I miss it... a lot.    I know when the economy takes an upswing he'll want to get his own place again as soon as possible, he lived on his own and had his own place far too long to want to stay here indefinitely... and I do enjoy him being here and being a present help... and his Friends are delightful young people that bring a vibrant energy to the ole Homestead.  So, I will try to be patient and know that one day I will once again have a Studio on site. It's just that once you've had something you've always dreamed of and it moves from being a dream to being a reality... it's hard to give it up... even for a Season... Dawn... The Bohemian  

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  1. You are such a great Mom to have him move back in. I totally understand how you feel though. Times are tough right now. I am sending you lots of good vibes and will pray that things look up for him very soon. You and your creativity count too and I am sure he appreciates your kindness:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Looks like you got a little helper there with you... I know its' hard not having your work space right now, I know what your going thru I can remember when I would have things all over the floors and tables and everywhere here at the house, and yes you have to move everything back and forth... luckly we have a nice work space now and I just love it. I know you son appreciates being able to stay with you for a while, and it's so good that you have let him move back in. Just keep creating wherever you can, until you get you creative space back!!! Meanwhile you get to enjoy him being back home for a while!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.. Blessings~~~ Daphne


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