Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Door

Old doors... can't resist 'em!  The only thing I have more of than old doors is old door hardware! *LOL*  And the only thing that can get my heart racing faster than the sight of a lovely old door... would be an old Stained Glass Window.   So, imagine if you will, I walk into one of my favorite Architectural Salvage Stores "Rust And Roses" and there tucked in a back corner sits a beautiful old Seafoam Minty Green door WITH a gorgeous Stained Glass Window in it AND a Mail Slot!!!!!!!!   Can you just hear the Angels singing and see the Heavens parting? *smiles*   May I remind you that the Vintage shade of Seafoam Green is one of my all time favorite hues... so this my Friends was the trifecta of doors... I HAD to have it!  However, I didn't initially purchase it... "door guilt" had set in... after all... it's not as if I had a shortage of old doors already in my collection of Architectural Salvage elements.  So... I photographed it, lusted after it, fondled it and left.   All weekend I'm thinking about THE DOOR... I load the pixs I'd taken that day... now THE DOOR is truly haunting me in all it's Glory... WOW, it looks even better than I initially remember it looking... I was a fool... someone else is going to come in and score my door!!! *Gasp*  The torment and thought of it was too much peeps... but I had to wait... until the next day the store would be open... and I had to be the first one there to ensure I didn't arrive in time to see someone else carting it out the store... how many times have I seen THAT happen... JUST missing a piece I knew I should have... could have... gotten... but waited just a smidgen too long to give in and purchase or save up for!?!  When I'm obsessing about a piece and can't get it off my mind or Heart I know it's something I am destined to own... because normally, even if a piece is absolutely fabulous I can "let it go" and be content to just behold it, "like" to have it, photograph it, and move on.   But there are those pieces that scream out to be owned... that get inside my head and Heart... those are the 'regret' pieces that will torment me for an indefinite amount of time if I pass upon them... and I know... that if I don't respond they will forever be the ones that "got away" and be another story to lament upon and over... and tell over and over again as my Junquin' Gypsy Pals and I trade stories of those regretable moments in time... when we let a coveted piece slip through our fingers... and so I went back and got it... THE DOOR... and now I can muse about where it came from, what magnificent old Mansion... Quaint Cottage or Grand Victorian it once graced?  Who had walked through it over the years? Why was it removed?  Was the House still standing or has it been lost forever and just a few fabulous old pieces of Architectural Salvage remain?  If it was merely a remodel what other door could possibly have matched the fabulousness of this one that it was replaced and they could let this one go!?!   Yes, old pieces like this come with a story... be it the real story or the one I fabricate on the canvas of my imagination... and that makes the acquisition of such History particularly enticing to me... Dawn... The Bohemian

Always listen to your inner voice, everything else is just a noise. - Hameed pasha

  Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. - Joseph Campbell

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  1. It's a beautiful door. Aren't you glad you went back and bought it.


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