Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Santa... The Start Of "THE LIST" For The Holidays

Though I realize we can't have it all... because where on earth would we put it...  I freely admit that 'THE LIST' I have can rival any Child's! *wink*  It's my Fantasy List and I make them all the time... occassionally I actually attain Bohemian Valhalla by acquiring an item or two from 'THE LIST'... and whether I do or not, it's always so much fun just to make a Fantasy List and add all those Treasures to it you'd dream of having in a perfect World or "one day".   Hey, even if a seemingly unattainable Dream item may always be out of reach realistically, you never really know which unexpected Dreams Come True might come to pass around expressing a Dream or Fantasy!?   Case in point... my last Post where I had mentally added to 'THE LIST' a magnificent Christie Repasy original piece of Art I had a major lustfest over at a Boutique and photographed.   I adore Artist Christie Repasy's Art... so imagine my reaction this morning when I see a comment on said Post FROM THE ARTIST HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Squeal of delight!!!*   She had enjoyed seeing a Post about a piece she sold over a decade ago, you can't possibly keep track of your Art after it has been sold... and as an Artist I can imagine how pleasing it must be to see once again a piece of your Art that obviously has now been loved and admired by the Owner(s) and/or Public for so long.   How sweet of her to visit my obscure Blog and leave me such a lovely sweet comment and what an honor it was for me, someone who admires her work and holds her Art in very high esteem!   Be sure to visit her Blog Chateau de Fleurs and see some of her amazing Art yourself! Recently I've had the honor and delight of meeting some of the Artists whose work I love, adore and/or own... it is always a thrill to meet the creator of an Art form you are touched by and admire... whether you meet them in person or via the telephone or internet... it is a Dream come true and often quite unexpected and just as exciting as acquiring one of their pieces off my "List"!

And my List continues to grow ... while at Carol Migray's Store "Cottage Garden 2" I am always busy adding to "THE LIST" since there are always amazing pieces by some of my very favorite Artists... such as the Cuff and matching Necklace and Mirrors made by an Artist that uses broken China in a most creatively beautiful way. I already own one of her magnificent Cuffs that used to be on "THE LIST" and after months of patiently waiting, Saving and lusting it was finally MINE and I adore it (check)... but is ONE of anything ever enough?!! *Smiles*  And of coarse the oversized breathtaking Mirror by Artist Van that would match the Box and Picture Frame I already have that used to be on "THE LIST" and were finally acquired after much patient waiting and lusting after them. (check and check) *LOL*  Sure... things have dropped off the list... or will be on there indefinitely as some are truly Fantasies... but Dreaming and Fantasizing is fun don't you think?  What's on YOUR LIST my Friends?  Dawn... The Bohemian  

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dream,
and endeavors to live the life which he had imagines,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. -
Henry David Thoreau

If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney

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  1. Hi Dawn!

    Thanks for droppin' by the Yaya and leaving such a sweet comment! I love your list...and what fun that you have been able to acquire some of the treasures off that list! xo...deb


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