Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Souvenir Pillows

I'm developing a 'thing' for Vintage Silk or Satin Souvenir Pillows and have started picking them up when I run across any at a good price... and the cool thing is, you can still find these delightful pieces of Vintage Souvenir History at a good price... often even at a steal of a low price.  There's something so Bohemian Kitsch about them and the fact they were popular Worldwide as Souvenirs, especially during WWII Era, both Military and Civilian, appeals to me.  For someone like me with an appreciation and love of Vintage Fabrics, the rich colors and textures of the Silks, Satins and Fringes and the Vintage graphics of the places and sentiments are timeless and classic.   They are both fun and yet have a feel of elegance and faux oppulence that I thoroughly enjoy in spite of being kitschy.  For the consummate Collector and Gatherer they are perfect in that they come from every Branch of the Military, every State or Territory, every famous location, and far flung place across the Globe where Tourists or our Military were present and wanted to send Home an affordable Souvenir of their travels and the memory of an experience... or to Honor and express a sentiment to a Loved One back Home while they were so far away and obviously missing them or homesick.  To me they are truly a slice of Americana and I'm always amazed at what great condition most remain in, despite their age and the delicate fabrics they were made from.  After all, a mere Souvenir was usually not made to stand the test of time, especially kitsch objects which aren't always appreciated because many consider them tacky excesses, a form of Art that is inferior, pretentious bad taste, outlandish or hideous ... and yet they have in spite of all that endured and found their niche in Collectibles... and I believe that must mean something... Dawn...  The Bohemian

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  1. Your vintage silks are wonderful, I especially love the one with the pink's in it!!! I wanted to thank you for stopping by for a visit, I always love reading your sweet comments.. Blessings~~~ Daphne


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