Saturday, October 30, 2010

Velvet Pumpkins And Rosette Bling

This Holiday Season my fav decor and accessory has definitely been the Velvet Pumpkins and blinged out Rosettes.   Carol over at "Cottage Garden I and II" had a collection of both that I'd been lusting after and I finally rounded out my Seasonal purchases ending up with two sets of Quads... in Velvet Pumpkins and Rosettes.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with arranging them into Holiday vignettes and tricking out the Velvet Pumpkins with their own Bohemian bling.  I'm such a big kid when I acquire new goodies, aren't you?  I can't wait to get Home and play with them and personalize each piece... yeah, I hardly ever leave things "As Is", I've almost always got to put my own touch and spin on what I buy, I just can't resist... for me more is hardly ever enough! *Smiles*  I know the Rosettes will soon be adorning Bags, Clothing, Lampshades and Hair... but they look rather nice tucked into Autumn decor as well... so versatile and fun.  Rosette making will be yet another Art Project the Grandkids and I plan to do in order to use every scrap of Vintage Lace, Fabric and Trim left over from my other Art... and naturally we'll utilize Gramma's vast collection of Bohemian Bling to give them that touch of elegant Gypsy Chic pizzaz we adore.  And the Velvet Pumpkin Patch, well, that looks so elemental in my style of decorating that they will probably remain on display all year, being dressed up and adorned with a variety of Bohemian Jewels... just like Me... Dawn... The Bohemian

To the creative the impossible is nothing more than the yet untried.

Most of us are content to wait until we are inspired before starting.  Others start in the knowledge that action will always generate inspiration.

- Quotes from "A Thousand Paths to Creativity" by David Baird


  1. Oh these are so georgeous!!!
    Really....they are real wanna- haves ;)
    Love them
    Fine sunday

  2. These are really neat-love the look!

  3. Great Collection of bling! and the velvet pumpkins are beautiful!
    Tammy :-)


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