Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today's Favorite Things

I have a daily ritual that I perform, it's intentionally looking for and finding favorite things for each day, things that bring me Joy, things that I can be grateful and thankful for experiencing, that bring a smile to my face or a smile to someone else's face.  I call it "Today's Favorite Things" .  And today I'm going to share my "list" with you... and the day is only half over so I'm certain that the list will continue to expand throughout the day. It can really put things in perspective when you realize how many things can end up on your list... positives always cancel out and trump negatives in Life... so it's a good habit to get into.

Today's favorite things started out with the look of sheer Joy on the face of my Friend and Acupuncture Diva extraordinaire, Hsiao Hsien, as I presented the Medicine Bag I'd made her for her Birthday today.  It always brings a smile to my face and Heart to see Family and Friends happy and to present something special that I know they will enjoy.

Taking my walk today in a Historic District and enjoying all of the old buildings and Historic architecture is always a favorite thing.   Old Stained Glass Windows and Salvage Architecture of any type always makes my Heart skip a beat.   Vintage Linens... needlepoint and especially the retro 1930-1950 style Tablecloth prints... is a favorite addiction!  Velvet Pumpkins is a new favorite thing that I have been very inspired by... I simply MUST try my hand at creating some of these lovelies out of my vintage Velvets and real Pumpkin stems this Season.  Chippy paint aged to perfection on just about anything makes me swoon, exposed old brick and French style Wrought Iron.   Overgrown Gardens... how can that not be a favorite thing... it just reminds me of a Secret Garden when Nature takes over a space!!!  Hippie era clothing and bags are a particular weakness for me, being an old Hippie how could they not be *smiles*... so I couldn't resist this Rasta style Hippie Tote at "The Happy Hippie"... yes, it's now mine... and so ME that I couldn't have made it any more ME if I'd designed and made it for myself!  Victorian Crazy Quilts... I ADORE them and the intricate detail work that goes into all the stitching... this one I saw today was to die-for... I lustfully fondled it and photographed it... but alas, it couldn't come Home with me today... but if it isn't scooped up by Christmas... that would make THE perfect Gift don't you think? *wink*  Coming Home and being greeted by a beloved Pet... my Cat, Rat Boy, has been a faithful companion now for over twenty years.

And last, but certainly not least... the VERY favorite thing for today hands down will be that at 6:30 tonight The Man flies Home from a 7 month seasonal Job in Alaska... *whoo hoo* ... and we can hardly wait to welcome him back... he's been missed... and he's one of our favorite priceless True Treasures in Life... Dawn... The Bohemian

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