Monday, October 4, 2010

Thrill Of The Hunt Halloween Style

I'd found the elusive White Pumpkin but I wanted more... of coarse I did... I'm ME and the OCD had kicked into high gear on a Mission to procure as many interesting varieties of Pumpkin to display and harvest seeds from as possible! *Smiles*  After all, next Season's Pumpkin Patch Project has to be spectacular, No? *wink*  I envisioned piles of every imaginable Pumpkin variety known to Man growing on my acreage by next Halloween... and the prospect of the Thrill Of The Hunt... Halloween Style... was giving me quite the adrenalin Rush and I was driven... a Woman on a Mission.   However, it didn't start out well... most stores were content to carry the basic Pumpkin and perhaps mini-me versions... but that simply would not do.  Actually, the more challenging the Hunt the more of a thrill it becomes to me because the payoff, when you 'score' the elusive Treasure you're in search of, is intoxicating.   Okay, so I am fully aware that I'm a Junquing Treasure Hunting Junkie, it matters not what I'm actually fixated on really... and this day... it just happened to be exotic varieties of Pumpkins... I admit, I'm a sick Woman. *LOL*

But oh the fun... and finally my tenacity paid off... in Spades.   I wander in to a Trader Joe's and the Mother Lode of Pumpkin varieties lay in front of me and the prices were even more unbelievable than the vast selection... not sold by the pound as exotic varieties often are... but only $1.49-$5.99 each regardless of size! *Gasp*  At first nobody was there vying for the best of the bunch and I had them all to myself... but I must have created a Pumpkin Picking Frenzy Vibe because suddenly other shoppers are beginning to see my excitement and wander over to ask me questions and discuss Pumpkins and stare longingly into my cart of ever growing varieties lovingly chosen. *smiles*  Choosing my Pumpkin Spawn, those that would produce next Season's  crop was difficult enough since they were all as interesting and lovely as the next... but now I had 'competition'!  I began sizing up my competition... especially the one Guy that now seemed to be gravitating to any Pumpkin I was looking over while striking up in-depth conversation about Pumpkins... is there such a thing as an attempted 'Pumpkin Pick-Up Line'?!! *wink*  Suddenly he seemed almost more obsessed about picking out the perfect exotic Pumpkin than I... was that even possible?!? *smiles* Or just maybe he thought he'd finally met a kindred Spirit... the Crazy Pumpkin Man finding Crazy Pumpkin Lady in a chance encounter at Trader Joe's?! *LOL*  Hey, that's the stuff Reality Shows are made of, right?   But I'm a 'taken' Crazy Pumpkin Lady and The Man loves every eccentricity in me... or at least that's his story and he's stuck to it for many, many Moons now.   When he comes Home from Alaska next week and sees all these Pumpkins all over the House and Patio he'll know "there she goes again"... now it's Pumpkins. *smiles*  But I was very satisfied with my haul... I got striped mini-Pumpkins with Yellow or Green stripes on White... I got a fat Deep Orange Pumpkin with a mottled Green and Yellow underbelly... I got the two big warted Twins in an opaque Peachy-Pale Orange with fantastically creepy warted skin which the Grandkids thought was awesome... and my 23-year old Son wanted to ascertain wasn't Mold or some mutation that might be infectious??? *bwaahaaa*

And to round out the day I'd also gotten to stroll through a field of lovely Sunflowers, see a spectacular Sunset and hit some Thrift Stores to 'score' a huge child-sized stuffed Bat for 97 cents... an Autumn Door Wreath for $1.00...  a beautiful Emerald Green Vintage Velvet and elaborately Gold trimmed Caftan style long Robe worthy to wear to a Renaissance Festival for $5.00 and a realistic looking rubber Werewolf head Mask for $1.50!  So now I have two Costumes for Pre-Halloween Parties and Halloween Night... my Geisha Outfit and my Renaissance Werewolf ensemble!  Well, I may have to save the Werewolf for when my Grand-Daughter isn't present lest I traumatize her sweet Soul, but I'm certain my Grandson will think its Fierce!  So peeps... now you shall have to watch out for me during a Full Moon... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love your selection of pumpkins! Hunting for them is my favorite thing to do in the Fall. I have the 'wart' ones you have too. I was told they are a 'peanut' pumpkin and that the 'warts' are a build up of sugar. They are so unique I try to find them every year. And those deep orange ones are great too. Haven't found one of them her yet;)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. LOVE those "peanut pumpkins" especially the one that's almost covered. It looks like crocheted lace. You have a great variety. So much fun on the Great Pumpkin Search! Thanks so much for linking up for VIF,


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