Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Soothing To Body And Soul

I've been in an Artistic slump... not because I don't want to be creating or don't have sufficient inspiration or desire... but the shift in the weather has created an arthritic flare-up of epic proportions and intense pain has unfortunately sidelined me. *le sigh*  Arthritis is quite the adversary to the Artist that works with their hands and does all of their work by hand rather than with the aid of machines.  Right hand in particular just does not want to cooperate in the Artistic process and protests strongly... too strongly... and I've had to give in for a time.

So I devised a Plan of action to do all that is soothing to Body and Soul to prevail against the adversary... and bit by bit I'm winning... and Hope to soon be doing some of my Art that has had to wait patiently in the wings while I wage this war and heal.   I appreciate that those who have waited on their commissioned pieces are also patient Souls, God Bless them... I promise it will be well worth waiting for... anything worthwhile is, right?! *smiles* 

So in my war against arthritis and pain I have spent time in the presence of beautiful favorite pieces of Art, soothing Music, beautiful natural Crystals and aromatic scented Candles.  Savored my "usual" preferred good foods with the Grandchildren in our favorite Restaurants.  Hung out with my Cats  just gelling, Cats can definitely teach you the Art of Relaxation and being comfortable anywhere, they are Masters at it!   Helped my Grand-Daughter create a Family Photo Album Memory Book for "Show And Tell Family Day" at Pre-School.  Taken the Grandchildren to the Park on a fabulously balmy day where our temperatures finally dipped far below the 100's... and spent time laying in the Grass reading some of my favorite Stampington Magazine issues.  Had an Acupuncture and Oriental Massage Session with Hsiao Hsien's magically healing hands and the most aromatic of Chinese Herbal Linaments and Moxa sticks.   And pampered myself with hot Bubble Baths in my old outdoor Clawfoot Tub... using every luxurious potion and lotion to soothe tired achy muscles and joints.  Yes, I've declared war on arthritis and pain... and with tenacity and those elements that are soothing to Body and Soul I will prevail and get back to creating beautiful Art... Victory is sweet... Dawn... The Bohemian

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