Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Passion For Peacocks

I've had a passion for Peacocks since childhood, it's a love affair that has spanned over half a century now and it hasn't waned or diminished over time. I'm as captivated now with these magnificent creatures as I ever have been, their spectacular plumage, vivid irredescent hues, tendency to show off and strut their stuff, even their haunting mournful sounding cries.  Quite a few old Estates still have Peacock flocks roaming the grounds, direct decendants of the original birds that charmed the Victorian era affluent societies. I've had the Joy of visiting several of these lovely Estates in various Countries and States, seeing the birds in a private setting they've enjoyed for generations... as generations of us have enjoyed them.  Several items I've collected over the years have had Peacock motifs or imagery and I have numerous Peacock feathers stuffed into vases around our Home.  I had a chance to buy a stuffed Peacock once, it was magnificent, but though I can appreciate the Art of Taxidermy and one of my Brothers-In-Law is a talented Taxidermist, I can't say I'm a fan of stuffed dead creatures in my Home... I felt like it might just creep me out.  I can't say I'll never own one, but at the time I passed on the opportunity because I need to have a Peace about any collectible I bring into our Home, if the vibe doesn't feel right then the beauty of the object is best enjoyed where it's at and need not be acquired.

One of my earliest memories is of an Albino Peacock at an Animal Park on a beautiful Estate... a magnificent rare creature and though the normal Peacocks are equally magnificent in their vivid plumage, I must say the Albino Peacock really stuck in my mind's eye and I never forgot it, he just seemed to know he was extra special and drew particular attention so he was obviously basking in being the center of attention.   So, when I happened upon this piece of Peacock wall Art it reminded me of that magnificent Albino creature so long ago and brought back fond memories of a lovely and special day at the Animal Park with my Family... as a child... and don't the nostalgic memories always bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your Heart?   I think those of us who like to gather and collect are often motivated and captivated by pieces that spark a cherished memory from our past, something nostaligic now brought back to life in a piece we can live with in our present and our future... or a piece of History whether it be from an era we remember or one that preceeded us... thus melding past, present and future... and creating new memories to cherish and pass along... to continue to bring smiles and heartfelt warmth to others... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I never thought too much about Peacocks-they are so majestic-and unusual-one of God's gifts. Just bought some silver peacock feathers at a garage sale-I think they went on a Christmas tree. I've got some real ones I used to put on mine -a long time ago!

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post Dawn! We love peacocks too and I enjoyed reading your experiences and appreciation for these beautiful birds!
    Warmest wishes, Rosélani


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