Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doing The Melrose Crawl Post #3

As we continue our 'Melrose Crawl' adventure in Post #3 we're moving over to 'Sirens And Saints' where our Gal Minnie works and after you see how adorable she looks modeling the fabulous clothing line there you will want to get down to a most petite svelte size so that you can look equally dahrlink in your 'Sirens And Saints' wardrobe.  *wink*  I adore ALL of the clothing there, so flattering and feminine in a distinctive Gypsy Chic style... and though I can no longer boast a diminutive size now that I'm a mature BMW size *LOL* I still want it ALL!!!

We had the special treat of getting to meet and get to know a pair of my favorite Jewelry Designers who had a booth set up at the Event beside "Sirens And Saints", Anne King and Kim Farrar of "Dos Fannies", their line of Altered Art Jewelry is do die for... I want it ALL TOO! *Smiles*  I know, I know, if you had ALL OF EVERYTHING Dawn, where on earth would you put it?!  But honestly, for this, I'd find space!  It would be a sacrifice I'd be willing to make. *LOL*  I have a particular passion for Religious inspired Art and Jewelry and the repurposing these Gals do with Sacred Art objects is simply divine.   Alas, my photo of my absolute favorite necklace was too blurry to share *sob*  But it is listed on their website, with all their wonderful creations and I'd highly recommend you check it all out and have a lustfest of your own!  Both of these Gals are the sweetest and most humble of talented and creative Artists you could ever hope to meet, it was a thrill and a pleasure to actually meet them in person and talk about their Art.  I hope all of this eye candy hasn't made you go into a visual sugar coma *wink*... so I won't overload you any more tonight... so look for Post #4 as we continue our Crawl adventures another day... Dawn... The Bohemian

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