Friday, October 22, 2010

Do You Love What You Do?

I've always tried to have a certain passion about whatever I'm doing and produce my work with excellence to the best of my ability.  However, I can't always say that I genuinely loved what I was doing and felt Purpose in it even when I was making a lot of money at it and attained impressive levels of success in whatever career field I made a living at for most of my professional life.   Until now that is... when after being forced into an early retirement from the Corporate World for personal reasons I could FINALLY pursue my Art and be a full time Artist... instead of someone who just dabbled in my passion for Art in addition to holding down a career... a 'Big Grrrl Job', something that was monetarily successful and gave me good earning potential but wasn't anything I felt driven to do and would do whether I got paid for it or not.

You see Art and being an Artist is what I AM at my core... I never was a Banker at my core even though I worked my way up to the Title of Assistant Vice President and ran three Departments for major financial institutions, being a Banker wasn't who or what I AM or ever was... neither was working in the Criminal Law field who I AM or ever was even though it was a fascinating career and I did well working for the DA's Office and enjoyed the work... both were what I did, but I was separate from them on a personal level.  Neither career was what I thought about in my private moments or on my own time, neither captivated me or sparked my inner creativity and personal expression like being an Artist does... I simply cannot separate myself from my Art, it is an extension of who I AM, every piece I create has a part of me in it and it's very personal and extremely gratifying and gives me pure Joy to create.  Art leaves a legacy of the Artist and humans are the only creatures to leave behind us traces of our creativity.   I often say that my Art 'makes itself' because I never really know how a piece will turn out. I don't even think about it when I begin the process, there is no clear vision or mock-ups, I begin the process spontaneously and it evolves into the creation it will become... from somewhere deep inside myself, my hands are doing the work and I make choices about the materials to use... but the manifestation of the Art is something actually quite Mystical as I don't really know where it actually comes from. I was never "taught" it, wasn't formally trained and didn't "learn how" to do any of it, it's just as if I always knew how without knowing how I knew how... guided by some unseen Instructor that had wired me this way with this particular Purpose and natural skill set to create Art... and I know that I love it... and I love doing it... and after all, if you truly love what you do it is said that you will never work a day in your life... and that's priceless... Dawn... The Bohemian

My Romantic Home will be having "Show And Tell Friday" so come on over and share something from your Home or Garden!


  1. A great post!!!
    I have been doing so much art work lately!
    I love it!! Glad you like my art/ flower truck!
    Boy do I get the comments!!
    It's so Funny to me to see the different reactions!
    I love love love. These purses
    ... Swoon.... I have been looking on eBay for one for weeks!!!
    They aren't even on the mp website any more!!
    :( boo hoo
    What does one look like on the inside??
    Curiously she asked .... Lol
    I love your style of writing, and hope you find your pictures!!!
    That seriously is a major bummer!!!

    Your cyberspace artsy friend!

  2. Hello Bohemian,

    Thank you for your comment last time when you visit my blog. It is fun you lived in France when you was a child. You must have nice memories, like me. I came to France also when I was a child, my father and mother took us me and my sisters) on Holidays every year to the south of France. My father was a kind of pioneer, it is 45 years ago! Like a young child from 7 years old I was falling in love of the country and the ambience, the very blue sea and the white beach and the Provence,french people, fashion, etc. I remember me the smell of garlic, which I liked and the warm evenings in the summer. Yes and many years later I moved with my husband and children to France, since 2005 we live here.
    Yes France has a rich history with beautiful buildings and espcially the roman buildings from the age of Julius Ceasar. Archeologists found 2 years ago many treasures and the bust of Julius Ceasar in the river The Rhone!In the south of France near Avignon.
    Can tell more.....
    By the way your treasures are wonderful, espacially with the roses!

    Bye Janny.

  3. These are oh-so beautiful and creative. I'm happy for you that you are now a full-time artist!

  4. Hi Dawn,
    it's always a pleasure to stop by your blog and enjoy all the wonderful colors and creations. I LOVE WHAT I DO TOO! Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  5. That's what I want for myself with the rest of my life.Like you,I was a fantastic R.N. when I had to be.I've always been a fantastic wife and Mom.I'm a wonderful Grandma too.All of those jobs came natural and I love them.Now that I'm retired and kids are grown I just want to have fun.I'm trying to find out something new I'm good at in the way of art to keep me entertained when I'm not swimming or out shopping or vacationing.Your new follower Denise


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