Saturday, October 2, 2010

Come With Me To The Casbah

This Leather Camel Saddle resembles the ones we had in our Home when I was a Child.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are when my Family was stationed in France.  The Algerian vendors would come door to door selling their wares, dark handsome Men dressed in exotic attire and most carried a long curved knife on their hips, which fascinated me.  I remember a great many of them were quite taken with my beautiful Bohemian Mom, she was quite exotic herself with long curly hair the color of a Raven's wing, pale Grey-Blue eyes and thick charming accent.  Their favorite line was, "Come with me to the Casbah." *wink* It did not seem to deter them when she explained that she could not because she was a Married Woman with two small children *smiles* and I remember often hiding under the bed when they knocked on the door... fearful that they'd abduct us and take us to this Casbah place while Dad was at work! *LOL* Mom was always polite in spite of their bold flirting... and because she adores exotic decor she very often bought their beautiful Tapestries, exotic colorful hand-made Rugs, exquisite Jewelry, elaborately decorated Camel Saddles with Tassels and Brass accents with seats in tooled Leather or bright Tapestry fabrics, interesting housewares and lush colorful Fabrics... so our Home probably did resemble numerous trips to the Casbah in many respects. *smiles* I remember loving the look of our Home growing up, it was always uniquely different than the Homes of most of the people I knew and I liked that it represented all of the travels our Family had experienced and a richness of experiences, cultures and the nomadic lifestyle I knew so well. To this day I have a particular fondness for the exotic in decor and styles, I get wanderlust often and find it difficult to stay in one place and not see and experience as much as possible like I did growing up... and those words still echo in my mind... "Come with me to the Casbah..." Dawn... The Bohemian  

*Some Casbah images and Camel Saddle images cribbed from Bing Images... all other images taken by moi.*

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  1. Oh my goodness....just discovered your blog through Magnolia Pearl and LOVE it! You've opened up a whole new "venue" of blogs to me....thanks!!!!


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