Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rich Tones Of Autumn

With it being the last day of September I am getting more and more in the Autumn vibe... nevermind that it was still 106 degrees today at Sunset... inside our Home the rich tones of Autumn are abounding and giving the illusion of crisp changing of the Seasons.  Our old House is well suited for Autumn, deep rich aged Golden and Honey toned patinas of Wood are everywhere... the House was built entirely of Salvage supplies in 1920 and much of the Wood came from grand razed Victorians and an 1800's Courthouse... which now live on in the form of our old Homestead.  There are many Antique Bronze and Brass fixtures on the old Doors, being Salvaged no two are the same and the variety is eclectic and charming.  

I've switched out many of my Vintage Linens with those that have richer tones of Autumn or whose graphics give me a Fall feel.   Bundles of Cinnamon Sticks and tart Apples fill old Mixing Bowls and give off a heady Spicy aroma that speaks to this Season best.  Even my Burlap Tote Bag of imported Rice reminds me of Autumn... don't you just love the graphics and styles of packaging on imported products... most are definitely 'keepers' and I often keep them for display or in the case of the Rice Bag Tote it has a zipper and handles so will be utilitarian long after the contents are eaten. 

I'm starting to dress in my Autumn tones also... the Bronze, Gold, Brown, Burnt Orange, Topaz, Amber and Burgundy colors of luxurious Vintage fabrics and Jewelry appeal to me more this time of year.   Even my two Orange Tomcats, Morris and Rusty, have coats and eyes that coincide with the rich tones of Autumn! *smiles*  Morris is a big old streetwise Stray that decided Domestication and living at the old Homestead beat an Alley Cat existance. So a few years ago he decided to hang around, adopted us and his big strong working Cat presence and cupcake personality won us over even though his previous lifestyle of being dusty and crusty haven't totally been eliminated... so he's rather like a Cat version of "Pigpen" of the "Peanuts" Cartoon! *LOL*  He totally welcomed and became a Father Figure to our newest addition, Rusty, who was an abandoned feral Kitten that also decided he had the personality to be Pet quality and adopt some Humans. *smiles* He wasn't yet weaned and was quite the fragile Waif when he arrived so I had to take over Mommy-Duty and nurse him with Goat Milk... so I'm the one he imprinted with and I'm not quite certain he's aware that he's supposed to be a Cat and not a Human?! *wink*    We love our two outside 'Boys' and having acreage we appreciate their hard work on the property of keeping us varmin free in exchange for Love, cuddles and kibbles.   So... all of us.. and the House... are now cloaked in rich tones of Autumn and the transformation is fitting for this loveliest of Seasons in the Central Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

It's 'Show And Tell Friday' One Year Anniversary over at My Romantic Home so stop by Hostess Cindy's Blog and join in the fun and congratulate her on a successful year of Hosting the event.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love to meet a fellow bohemian too! You really seem to have an eye for seeing beauty all around you :-)


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