Monday, September 13, 2010

The Land Of Blog

Do you know what I like most about the Land Of Blog? We can take a vacation in our imaginations to anywhere in the World right in front of our computers and there is no topic that interests us that cannot be found among fellow Bloggers to share and connect to. We can invite people into areas of our lives via our Blogs by photographing and/or discussing our hobbies, Homes, interests, passions, Art, work, past-times, Families, Friends, trips, writing, etc... the possibilities are virtually endless in what we can share with each other through this wonderful medium. It's a blank canvas that we can create upon however we choose. We can do it for ourselves or as a way to connect and network with others who enjoy what we enjoy or do what we do. It can be a way to showcase talents and work to reach a broader base of clientele who otherwise might never know about what is offered or where to go. I've discovered many amazing Artists, Shops and Shows via the Land Of Blog. I've met many interesting and wonderful people. I've been able to see the lifestyles and styles of those across the Country and Internationally, which is a wonderful way to see the World through the eyes of those who are living where ever we visit via the Land Of Blog... or those who have had the opportunity to travel far and wide and share with us their experiences. I've been able to see and hear about some of the places, events and Shows that are on my 'Bucket List'... and see some new places, events and Shows that are now added to the growing list of possibilities for the future of things I'd like to experience or do firsthand someday. I've discovered wonderful new Art forms and styles that I'm trying my hand at creating because it appeals to me and broadens my Artistic expression. I've received new tips and suggestions of places to go to indulge in my passion for searching out Found Treasures and enjoying the Bohemian Life to the fullest.

I can decide to Blog about whatever is on my mind, my Heart, interests me or I've experienced on any given day. It still amazes me that something I primarily decided to do just for myself as a personal Journal of my Journey in Life has begun to build a following of lovely people who decide to visit my little corner of the Land Of Blog and take an interest and connect. Of coarse, I can certainly see the appeal of regular visits as there are many delightful Blogs that I follow, take an interest in, connect to and decide to visit often as well. It may be the photography, the story, the style, the decor, the hobby, the point of view, the topic, or the interesting life someone is living that draws me in and causes me to stay a while and come back. Taking trips to the Land Of Blog has given me the unique and special opportunity to visit places I may never have otherwise experienced, meet people who are more like me than I ever imagined, share parts of myself that I have never revealed, tap into interests and creative endeavors that have laid dormant, and in the process make Friends and get to know myself even better... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, A lovely post and well said... the land of blog is amazing! You never know what you will find, and how different and yet the same everyone is! Pretty powerful:-)
    Thnaks for your visit!

  2. I agree! I never know what I will read when I turn on the computer. It is a new adventure into other peoples creative lives and different countries every day. I just love it! I have learned so much from so many wonderful people. So glad I decided to blog.
    Capers of the vintage vixens


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