Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hopeful Art And Historic Architecture

I try to take walks every single day as time and schedule permits... I look for places I'd like to take walks around. Historic neighborhoods are like an outdoor Art Gallery to me. There was so much character and design in the old ways of building, attention was paid to details... a Thatched roof, grand Columns, Gingerbread Wooden trims, interesting entryways, wrap around Porches, detailed walls and fences, actual Art on the facade elements of a building... the list goes on and on of the architectural elements sadly lacking in many of today's cookie cutter subdivisions and stark Commercial buildings and Schools. If you're going to build something, why not make it aesthetically beautiful?!

I also enjoy finding new Parks to stroll around and I found one that was dedicated to and for Cancer Survivors, filled with Hope, Art and encouraging informative plaques along the pathways. Along with Beauty... Hope, Art and Encouragement are wonderful aspects of Life to surround ourselves with... they do indeed have Healing Energy and restorative powers to the body, mind and Soul. May your day be filled with Beauty, Hope, Art and Encouragement this day and every day thereafter... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn
    Thank you so much for your visit and your comment. I will hold it dearly.
    I am going back to take in more of the villa style you have posted as well as the art!
    love it over here.

  2. Hi Dawn...you blog is always such an interesting read and full of great photo's Thanks for always sharing! :)
    I've been a bit crazed these past couple of weeks! Tomorrow if the Today Show segment featuring my vintage hair combs by Daily Candy! I've posted the info on my blog. I'm excited and also a bit intimidated by the exposure this will bring to my jewelry line! Eeeek!!!



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