Sunday, August 22, 2010

Holding Onto What Truly Matters

To be sure I have a lot of Treasures that I hold onto and fill our lives and Home with. However, my True Treasures aren't the 'stuff'... no, not at all. What I will hold onto that truly matters are what will abide... my Faith, my Family, my closest Friends. Those are my True Treasures in this life and they cannot be purchased, they are indeed priceless. If I had to let everything else go, it would be difficult, but I could... after all I could get more 'stuff' and hunting for and gathering it would be enjoyable. But letting go of Family and Friends, now that is truly painful and they cannot be replaced.

On this Sunday Morning as I prepare for Church and got out my portable Bible, I decided it would be fitting to post about holding onto what truly matters. I enjoy the Word Of God and my relationship with Him is a precious one, so my Bibles are well read, used, handled and personalized... I keep tiny Treasures in them, sentimental items that Dear Friends and Family have given to me over the years... wallet sized photos of the Family gracing the inside covers... important dates and milestones logged. It makes me smile each time I'm using my Bible to see these sentimental and cherished items within the folds of my most beloved of Books.

I have a collection of Bibles, some are Antique... one came from Europe with my Family and is over 300 years old and massive with a Brass clasp... it has many of the most vibrantly beautiful etchings, even to this day, in spite of the centuries that have passed. Almost all of my Antique Bibles are Leather bound and etched on the covers, elaborate Art with Gold Leaf and quite magnificent. I didn't have time this morning to photograph them all, so focused on just a couple and my daily portable Bible which is the most dogeared and referenced, so it holds a special place in my Heart. I have gone through many challenges and sorrows in this life and have remained up by Faith and knew that it would hold... the Lord has been our anchor and our rock. I have been Blessed with an amazing Family and Friends, so even through the trials and low periods, life has still been good and I've tenaciously held onto what truly matters... my Faith... my Family... my Friends. What have you held onto my Friends... has it or does it truly matter? If not, why are you holding on so tightly to it? Reflect upon that which is worth holding onto, what truly matters in this lifetime, and grasp it with all your might... and never let go... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, what a sweet reminder that this is really all that matters in this life, God, Family, and loved ones. Thanks for stopping by and wish my son a Happy Birthday, I so appreciate that. Have a great rest of the Sunday, Theresa

  2. Dawn, what a beautiful post, thanks for the reminder. Your so right God, Family , and friends are the most important things, all the other things can be replaced! Thanks so much for visiting today and for your sweet comments I just love reading them! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  3. Dawn, I forgot to mention how beautiful your Bible is, I love the clasp on it to! Gorgeous!!! Daphne

  4. Hi Dawn, it's so nice to meet you, this is a lovely post through and through! The Bible is beautiful, a real heirloom, and your thoughts on the important things in life are mine too. So glad you came by!


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