Thursday, August 5, 2010

Enchanted World Of The Blog

What I'm enjoying most about Blogging is the enchanted World all of us are able to create through our words and our camera lens. Capturing that which is most inspiring, beautiful, beloved or creative in our sphere of influence and documenting it. Sharing our Hearts, our interests, our talents, our Art and snippets of our lives and Homes with kindred Spirits that look for the same things in their corners of the World. We come to find that we're not unlike a host of others around the Globe whose Hearts skip a beat and whose passions come alive with many of the same things that excite and inspire us.
The Internet has given us a way to network and connect like no other forum and its so very exciting to come into this World of the Blog and be able to visit with others in their enchanted World through their Blogs. Language no longer becomes a barrier as the beautiful photos communicate so much about each life and what they have a Heart for... and the words, well, they can be translated at the click of a button into whatever language we're most comfortable reading. Myself, I like to try to read the posts in the Native Language, then translate to English... and then back again... just to see how much of a new language I can experience and learn a little bit of on this journey of doing life together through our Blogs!
Obviously the best of our lives, our Homes and our experiences are typically profiled in these cyberspace Journals and that just adds to the enchantment. I'd truly like life to be as lovely all the time as our Journal pages portray it, but life happens, the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly. However, visiting each Journal makes you realize how much beauty there is out there, how much creativity and passion for living, the vast array of things we can still get excited about and enjoy each day. At times I'll even come back and read my own Posts to remind myself of all that IS good, lovely, inspiring and what I can be thankful and grateful for every day in my own life. It is uplifting, it brings a smile to ones face and a gladness to the Heart to visit the World of the Blog each day. I look forward to posting what is on my mind, my Heart... I actually now actively LOOK for what I want to capture on film and share with you all... and it has opened my eyes wider to what has been there all the time... and yet, at times we might have failed to appreciate... or see... or share... or bother capturing in the moment... and there are those moments in time that if we don't, it is lost or just a faded memory.
So it is good that we have this enchanted World of the Blog... capturing all of those lovely moments, thoughts and priceless pictures and experiences... and documenting them through the filters of our own life experiences and perspectives... in our personal Journals, which we have chosen to open up to a Public forum to enjoy and allow it to touch the lives of others. Dawn ... The Bohemian

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  1. OMG Dawn! Everything is just gorgeous! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your vintage hand mirrors! I collect them; among alot of other things! :)
    I've just posted photo's on my blog of some of my creations that will be listed in my Etsy. They are from my favorite era...Art Deco!!! Come by to say hello!



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