Friday, August 20, 2010

Drawn In And Invited To Stay A While

There are some posts that just draw me in and invite me to stay a while... sometimes even longer than a while I must confess! Certainly there are a bounty of interesting and delightful Blogs that I thoroughly enjoy and visit regularly for one reason or another. But every so often I find a site that draws me TOTALLY in, where I want to know more and find myself reading it from beginning to end, fascinated, captivated... and knowing I will go back often... I'm sure you do too from time to time.
It is interesting to me what touches me that profoundly about certain sites and I thought about it deeply today. Probably because I had found one of them just last night, quite by accident, and found myself staying until the wee hours of the Morning, long past when I should have retired to bed... but I couldn't pull myself away... like a good book... where you don't want to put it down and something about it really resonates with you. I came to the conclusion that the art of living is what quite often touches me... when someone truly LIVES their life fully and stays true to themselves and what they feel Purposed to do in this lifetime. I find that very appealing... to live out one's life in such a way that every moment is in Purpose and the Joy and contentment of that life is apparent. Living out one's dreams and being totally uninhibited to be yourself and transparent enough that you are totally 'real' and what drives you is what you pursue, regardless of popular opinion or what others would have you to do. There is certainly a comfort in knowing that you are living your life purposefully and in line with your inherent tendencies rather than just going with the flow, conforming and being frustrated or a having a longing... regrets... of the life you should have lived... dreamed of living... and somehow never got around to... I have great admiration for those who plunge head-on into Life and pursue their visions, their fantasies, their Purpose with abandon. I have done it to some degree most of my Life and I'm thankful I had all those experiences and so few regrets, stayed true to myself and what was important to me... but I realize that for some Seasons of Life I didn't, for one reason or another... and know that it is never too late to begin or get back to center ... even if you haven't up 'til now... Dawn... The Bohemian

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