Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bohemian Birthday Bling

Bohemian Birthday Bling... try saying that several times fast! *smiles* Yes, The Man faithfully sent my Birthday $$$ and I've been getting $$$ from other well wishers for the upcoming special day so it was time to SHOP for those special Treasures to indulge myself as I celebrate another year! I want to thank Pauline of "Cottage Garden 2" and Minnie of "Sirens And Saints" ... two lovely and beautiful young Ladies who make the shopping experience so much more fun and personal, for their input and attentiveness as I Birthday splurged. Minnie, your Magnolia Pearl bag was divine, thank you for sharing a peek at it, us MP Gals have that common bond of similar Bohemian taste regardless of which Season of life we may be in.
So, heres my 'score' of Bohemian Birthday Bling... THE Cuff Bracelet I had been lusting over at "Cottage Garden 2" for months, made by amazing Artist Becky Edwards of "Every Dish Has It's Day", her Art repurposes broken China as Jewelry in fabulous creative ways. Dear Pauline had endured me trying said Bracelet on every time I came in the shop... I was holding my breath this Morning hoping it had not gone Home with another lucky Gal before it could finally become MINE, MINE, MINE! *LOL* I'm still keeping my Mojo on THE Necklace Locket I've coveted and Hope to procure on 'Caitlin Cash' day August 28th. Pauline said many an admiring eye has spied it, but so far, so good... it's holding out for me! *nail biting going on*

I've got backup plans just in case... so many other amazing pieces at the shop that I do have my eye on some Plan B Lovelies.
I had never been over to "Sirens And Saints" and knew there is a trio of fab shops in a row there on 7th Avenue in Phoenix... "Rust And Roses" and "Frilly Frocks" too... didn't have time to hit the Trifecta of shopping today *le sigh*, but I chose "Sirens And Saints" as my last pitstop before Home since the Name of the place just speaks to me... I wonder why??? *wink* I adored the place and Minnie is just precious and a good Friend of Pauline's. I spied her MP Bag the moment I entered... my MP radar had immediately gone off! *Smiles* It's a fab youthful line that Robin made with Leather Llame', Silk fringe, Vintage elaborately Crocheted Lace and Bling and it just suits her perfectly. I found my other 'score' there, an amazing Altered Art Necklace with the sweetest little Rhinestone Bird that looks to be made by the same Artist who created one of my other favorite Necklace acquisitions, so I was delighted to add it to my Birthday booty as my final purchase! It goes with so many of my other necklaces and hangs at a different level, so it was just perfect!!! I had a lot of fun experiencing yet another new shop that will definitely become a fav... and can't wait to be able to get back another day to hit the two Sister Stores nearby... I know "Frilly Frocks" stocks Magnolia Pearl wear so I'm all over it! And "Rust And Roses" looks to have Architectural Salvage and vintage Lovelies galore... swoon!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, along with my Acupuncture Session, which always relaxes and promotes a Healing touch... a two hour delightful early cool of the Morning walk through Olde Town Glendale before the heat of the day set in... my Birthday Shopping Splurge and visiting with the Gals... and Lunch at my fav Tea House "Chakra 4" where I loaded up with a Variety Sample pack of 20 more varieties of Tea for our daily Tea Parties the Grandkids and I have... it was a VERY good early Birthday celebration. And coming Home to play with my new Lovelies and photograph them is always such fun... arranging... re-arranging... seeing how they look here... seeing how they look there... as I always say, growing old is a privilege not afforded to many... growing up is optional... rejoice in the Gift of each year you're given... and always, ALWAYS have a beautiful day and live a beautiful life... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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