Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Beauty

Are you able to see random beauty in things? Mismatched china, lone condiment shakers, vintage hardware, hand made crafted items, kitchen kitsch, Art by unknown or long forgotten Artists, repaired items? I do, in fact I seek out such things. Those random beauties that may have been the lone survivors of part of a set. Those imperfect items that have some issues but nonetheless are still beautiful even in their damaged and less than perfect state or even good condition. The items that have been lovingly repaired by someone else, who took the time to try to salvage them and give them new life, even if the repair job isn't ideal, at least they cared enough to try.
I enjoy finding Artist's work that is different, unique, perhaps even over-the-top with creative genius, like my Magnolia Pearl bags and even some great creations I have that the Artists never bothered to sign or affix a label to so I can only guess at who they might have been or hear the alleged provenance of the piece by whoever originally purchased it from them.  I can appreciate the work and creativity of making things with our hands. I have paintings that were done by unknown Artists on pieces of salvage lumber and cardboard, using what they had available to them to create something beautiful and express their Art any kind of way regardless if they had the right supplies or tools... I admire that, its true Art from the Heart when it MUST come out and be manifested against all odds and even if nobody would be willing to buy it. It's Art for the sake of Art and usually another Artist can 'get' that even if it appears to the masses to be talent wasted and labor in vain.
I like quirky items and kitchen kitsch, those whimsical little touches like the Friar Cookie Jar that reminds the prospective Cookie theif, "Thou Shalt Not Steal". *smiles* I enjoy the fancy cardboard Asian Art, colorful, cute, sparkly and too lovely to throw away... very likely not meant to keep... but if you find something beautiful, even if it's packaging or meant to be disposable, why not utilize it as decor or Art within your Home I say!?
So I hope you will look for beauty in random places, if you look for it you know, you will find it, because it's all around us, just waiting to be discovered and appreciated. And it will be those beautiful little surprises and touches that make your house a Home and reveal what really touches your Heart and Spirit. So, go forth and find beauty... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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