Friday, July 23, 2010

Perfect Weather = Road Trip

I don't know about you but when the weather is perfect I just can't stay inside no matter how much interior beauty I surround myself with! So, perfect weather = Road Trip to me. Is there nothing better than packing a scrumptuous picnic lunch and hitting the road for the next great adventure? The picnic lunch is for starters... for those perfect outdoor spots to stop, rest and have a little impromtu picnic on the way. If we happen upon a fav or interesting new restaurant, we'll stop there too. Today it was "Pei Wei" for cooling Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps with dips and their amazing Thai Spicy Won Ton Soup. So good in fact that the Grand-Daughter had me stop again for MORE SOUP on the way home as well. *wink* She didn't have to twist my arm... its delicious and our adventure ran long today... well into the evening... so it was a nice way to finish out the day as well.

Naturally we did a bit of Treasure Hunting as well... and we both 'scored'... her a bag of half a dozen vintage "Little Ponies" for a mere fifty cents apiece... and me an incredible coffee table book for designers and collectors marked down 40% called "Vintage Victorian Textiles" by Brian D. Coleman... for the little bit of voyeur in us all ... peeking into the oppulent Bohemian Home of an avid Master vintage textile Collector. *me swooning* If you've got any Gypsy Bohem Spirit in ya, and a passion for old fabulous over-the-top fabrics, this is deeply gratifying eye candy!!! I probably have more vintage fabric in my Home than anything else I've ever dragged home... I just can't get enough of it... and Dr. Coleman, he obviously can't either! *Smiles* A Man after my own Heart... nice to see that some Men adore and appreciate divine fabrics too!

It was our Girls Day Out since all the Guys were off doing their thing... and we were reveling in our passion for adventure in the great outdoors AND Shopping for Treasures! The generation gap between 50+ and not quite 5 can be easily bridged on a Shopping for Treasures Hunt... it brings out the 'kid' in me and the future 'Keeper Of The Past' and budding Junquer in her. So it was a grand time and if the weather holds in this temperate mode... we'll do it again tomorrow... Happy Trails to you as well my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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