Friday, July 9, 2010

The One That Got Away

We have all had the experience, that certain item you passed up and had regrets about... the one that got away!!! *sob* There it was and you KNEW you should get it, that you wanted it, but for some reason... and we can come up with a myriad of them at times, you either walked away or procrastinated on making the decision to buy it. But though you physically walked away, your mind was still stuck on the item, wrestling with the indecisiveness of whether to go back, give in, and get it or forget about it.
And you know what happens, when you can't get it off or out of your mind... you go back... sometimes you even RACE back... but, too late, someone else... someone more decisive and not so foolish, has scored your item!!! *wringing of hands and knashing of teeth* And now... now its FOREVER etched on your mind, your regret, the shoulda, woulda, coulda of that pivotal moment, that mistake of not snapping up something you hesitated on and lost the opportunity of... perhaps never to find again!?! Not that particular item, not at that price, not a matching set like that, not in that condition, not in that color... not ______________. *you fill in the blank*
For me the one that got away is the antique complete set of McCoy nesting Mixing Bowls... each of the five in pristine condition, each with a different pattern and color... I had heart palpitations when I saw them sitting there in the Thrift Store!!! I've only ever seen a set like it once before in an Antique Store and they were outrageously priced... so it's not as if I didn't know and recognize their collectible value... oh, I knew. But you know how ridiculously frugal and out of touch with reality you can be when you're Thrift or Flea Market shopping peeps. The Thrift Store had the 5-bowl set marked at only $65. SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS ... I was outraged and indignant... why, that's ridiculous, this is a secondhand store for Heaven's sakes I was thinking, these were donated... and I wasn't going to pay THAT... even though my logical side was screaming DEAL and you'd be crazy to pass them up... what are the odds you'll EVER find a matching set again... at any price?! But, stubbornly I rationalized that I'd come back again, on 'Sale Day', when they'd be marked down to a more 'reasonable' price. *silly Woman* And so it was and the rest is history... naturally they never lasted 'til Sale Day as some other savvy collector snapped them up in my absence. Yes, to this day they're likely still telling the story of their fabulous score and enjoying their McCoy nesting Mixing Bowl set *pout*... while I'm still lamenting, all this time later, and telling the story of how they got away! *huge sigh*
What is YOUR story of the one that got away? The big regret, the 'I could kick myself' for not getting it item? You'd think we'd learn our lesson, but alas, there are still those times when I hesitate, walk away, can't make up my mind in time, procrastinate on a found treasure... all the while knowing that it's a golden opportunity that once passed up, may never present itself again... the window of opportunity is typically brief when you are a Junking Junkie... and you know it... and there will always be that one particular item that has the deepest regret... the ONE that got away. Here's hoping that whatever that ONE thing is for you, that some day you may get a second chance and be able to redeem yourself by getting it this time! *wink* I still scour the aisles for that bowl set... and maybe one day... *hey, it could happen!!!!! LOL* Have few regrets my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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