Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Latest Creation

I love designing and making my own jewelry, tonight I finished my latest creation. I had found these amazing Bronze colored Fresh Water Pearls, Cherub Brass Centerpiece and vintage Rhinestone Disco Ball Beads on my Flea Market forrays and they were just begging to be made into a rejuvenated piece of jewelry! I have a stash of assorted Crucifixes and decided to go with a favorite of mine, Religious themed Bohemian jewelry.

Now, I'm not the most prolific jewelry designer, which is why it is fortuitous that I don't have to make a living at it. *wink* I tend to start a piece, get distracted, come back to it later... sometimes much later... get tired or distracted again... and on and on it goes until the piece finally comes together and gets finished. Quite often the delays help to transform the piece into what it becomes, as inspiration hits during the various phases of construction. And ultimately, in the end, its just what I wanted and enjoy wearing.

The nice thing about designing your own pieces is that you get exactly what you want and your vision of a piece of wearable Art and the transformation of your found bits and bobs of tiny treasures is quite a rush. I enjoy the process from start to finish... from the finding of all the little elements at Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, and long forgotten, broken or discarded vintage pieces... to the designing and making of a piece... to the finished product and proud moment of actually wearing it or presenting it as a gift or having someone you don't even know admire it and want to own one of your pieces.

Yes, Art and transforming Junque into my Treasures is a Joy I never tire of and the possibilities are as endless as the imagination and vision you have... dare to be a visionary and imagine your possibilities, it will enrich your life greatly and very likely even touch the lives of others in the process... Dawn... The Bohemian

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