Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Dream Of Owning An Airstream Or Gypsy Vardo

Jeanne Bayol Vardo

Our Merry Band O' Bohemians

Magnolia Pearl Airstream interiors

I love my Home but the dream of owning a vintage Airstream or Gypsy Vardo one day is definitely a priority on my 'bucket list'. I love to travel, growing up we traveled extensively all over the world and never lived in one place very long, one to four years and we'd be living somewhere else and that colored my world... and my natural inclination to wanderlust. In my youth, as a young adult, I was known to move so often that I never really put down roots in any one location or get attached to a particular residence until quite late in life, my forties in fact. I will probably always have that desire to live elsewhere from time to time, even though in this later Season of life I do now have a 'Home Base' and a property that for once I actually feel somewhat of an attachment to... as if meant to be here.

The self-sufficiency and design of the Vardo is like Home on wheels to me, it matches my sensibilities perfectly and the craftsmanship and over-the-top Bohemian style and decor suits me to a tee. I'd feel perfectly at Home and content to travel in this manner... often... and would probably spend less and less time anchored in one place... something that has always been somewhat difficult for me. The world is so vast and there is so much yet to see and places to go. I always love where I live "right now", it has changed often over the years, but where ever it was, I loved it for that Season and time of my life.

Our Family is always 'on the go' and we're rarely Home, even though we have a lovely Home, there is just always something to do, something to see, some place to experience and spend time at... particularly the great outdoors.

I have an equal infatuation with the vintage Airstream trailers, those silver chariots that have the workmanship and rich wood details of that era that I love and aren't replicated in today's recreational vehicles. We have found some prospects and one day our vision is to purchase one and customize it to our style and taste, hook it up... and GO... whenever and where ever the mood and Call strikes us. For me the allure of hitting the Antique Shows and Flea Market circuits all over the Country is so appealing, I'd be in my element and having the time of my life. Going in style would just make the journey all the more enjoyable and comfortable. And it would give me one more place to DECORATE and fill with found treasures! Ah yes, it's as much fun to me creating and filling a new space as it is to finally get to finish and enjoy the fruits of my labor of love in doing it. A new project, the freedom of personal expression and creative outlet... pure Nirvana!

So, if you share my passion for wandering and creating and living the nomadic lifestyle, I'd love to hear your story, your vision, your dream... I was infatuated when Robin shared her special space and these gorgeous photos of their Airstream Dream! *See Magnolia Pearl's Blog and the August 2010 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine* A side Note, if you've never seen or worn her clothing line you don't know what you're missing!

And as I close for today may I leave you with the old Irish Blessing, which goes...

'May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the palm of His Hand.'

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love this! I love everything about it. I want to live in one. Its my dream and I would love to have some of Magnolia Pearls clothing... though there isn't much for men. I could maybe find something that would work for me. I love all her things. I wish I could do a design intern with her!

  2. Ohh then we share the same dream!! ..along with a gingerbread cottage :)


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