Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Leap Of Faith

You know, it took an incredible leap of Faith to step out and hit that tempting "Create Blog" button for me. Not that I didn't want to mind you, but I had been hesitating for a VERY long time, wrestling with the decision. I desperately wanted to, but there was just so much I didn't know about designing a Blog from scratch, importing photos, all the Tech savvy things I am a mere Novice at.
I'd admired the design of other's Blogs and I had a vision in my mind's eyes of what I wanted mine to impart, convey and look like you see. I didn't want a copy of even my favorites, this had to be uniquely mine and an expression and extension of ME and I was very particular... I wasn't settling. But there were those haunting fears and insecurities. What if I couldn't accomplish my Mission once I commit to creating one? Failing or becoming too frustrated in what I hoped would be a relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable endeavor would have been devastating... and so I procrastinated at stepping forth boldly. What if my Blog fell short of what I'd envisioned for it... and... I had to be true to myself so that would mean a certain level of vulnerability in a very public forum... a transparency in sharing your Heart, your Home, your Life and your Passions for all to see and to read. So, I was initially somewhat guarded and not at all fluid like things have to be for me to feel right. I wanted this to turn out well and have the intent I set out to create it for and yet I didn't want it to be like WORK or a chore!!! So, I have decided to write with abandon, as if nobody is reading it, therefore it can flow freely and purely, straight from the Heart to the Page and be a true expression of what goes on inside of me.
Originally I was drafting my posts and editing the content and wanted it to be too perfect and professional looking... I scrapped that idea immediately... before my first post actually... *smiles*, perhaps this is raw, and the photos are loaded skew-wiffy because I still have no idea how to put them where I want them, but the fact I even got them loaded onto the computer and consistently managed to figur out how to get them here on this Page is nothing short of miraculous... and I know that the paragraphs run into each other or are dangling too low beneath one another now so it doesn't compare to the tidier posts I enjoy so much... and my Header/Banner, which I've been told is very important since it welcomes others to your world... well, it exploded into slightly out of focus gargantuan proportions with a much plainer font than I hoped for... but I don't care now. I want this to be fun, to be food for the Soul and an expression of my inner self that is being allowed complete Artistic freedom and experimentation. I don't know where this journey will take me... but I've bought the ticket and I'm on for the whole ride and it is SOOOOOOOOOO much fun and has exceeded my wildest expectations already... I'm actually very proud of myself after stepping back and seeing how it's unfolding *patting self on back, big Cheshire Cat grin*... so it can only get better with time... just like all my time worn treasures I so dearly love! Playfully yours... Dawn... The Bohemian

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