Monday, July 5, 2010

Leading An Extraordinary Life

I write like I talk and collect... A LOT! *LOL* I wasn't certain how that would be received in Blogdom since the majority of Blogs I visited seemed to have more photos than words? I planned to have many photos too, since I take a LOT of them also... see a pattern emerging here? *smiles* But, I decided if I was to do this at all I'd have to keep it real and just be me, excesses and all! If there was a prize for excess, I'd definitely be in the running, if not a winner! I needed an outlet for my many passions to come together and be shared, so this seemed to be the perfect venue. You too? Well, perhaps that is why you found me and are now here..., and I welcome you to my world! An eccentric one it may be, but its the one I thoroughly enjoy and feel comfortable in nevertheless. I may be stuck in a bygone era of Hippie Bohemian proportions, but I want it no other way, it suits me.
Yes, I'm the Gramma who takes the Grandkids to the Hippie style Tea Houses to have Mad Hatter style Tea Parties together... savoring, discussing and selecting our favorite Organic Teas and rating them as if at the Olympics Of Tea. We have them at home too and its a ritual we enjoy almost daily, we keep expanding our Tea Sanctuary areas, indoors and out, to give various ambiance to our little Tea Parties and transport ourselves to those places envisioned on the canvases of our imaginations.
The Grandkids know the benefits of medicinal and culinary herbs and can identify them on sight, they choose our favorite Vietnamese Restaurants to have Pho (soup) and delightful Vietnamese dessert drinks with Boba (Tapioca Pearls) over any fast food chain on a regular basis. We're a cross between Woodstock, Gypsies and the Addams Family in our preferences and tastes, weird to some, uniquely different to others... but never, ever, ordinary... leading an extraordinary life and hearing the beat of a different drummer is at the core ouf our being.
No matter how beautifully and artfully we feather our nest indoors, being outdoors is preferable regardless of the weather. Yes, we're the ones still outside doing our thing in fierce 100+ degree heat here in the sunny Southwest or out in the Monsoon torrential rains! Perhaps that's why we're such a hardy bunch? No matter what beauty and Art I've managed to create in my private world and surround myself with, it simply pales in comparison to the absolute splendor of all God's Creation around us... given so freely and so abundantly to all! His presence is so evident in all of Creation and I stand in awe each and every time and feel so thankful, so grateful, so very Blessed. for those who have been given the gift of being inherently creative too, perhaps it is why we can appreciate creativity and creation all the more and see beauty and potential in the most unlikely places? I know that I often find extraordinary beauty and a creative outlet where many see only rust, junk, decay, something past it's prime or the ordinary. Being able to transform, reveal or bring attention to that which is not so evident or hidden to many is deeply satisfying to me. Being a nonconformist is freedom and has helped me to think outside of the box and express myself in ways that have provoked thought in others... and that's not such a bad thing... being and thinking differently... standing out. When you are comfortable with who and how you are, I believe it is attractive and has an attraction, maybe a strange one *wink*, but it is interesting to others, if nothing else *smiles* and has sparked many a conversation with strangers, for me at least.
Through Blogs and Decorating/Style Books and Magazines I've read (and collected *wink*), I realize that no matter what makes you distinctive and makes your Heart beat a little faster and sing... there ARE others who are so similar to you that you might have been separated at birth it seems!!! You can relate to and understand those who are kindred Spirits, even when those unlike you couldn't possibly fathom you and seem perplexed by your passions, interests, style and way of life. That's a comfort my Friends, because though I celebrate who I am and enjoy what I enjoy even if it makes no sense to the masses, to be able to find those like-minded Souls in this world and connect to them is sheer Joy! Sometimes we have the privilege of connecting to those who share so many traits and passions with us in person, establishing relationships and deep bonds, doing what we do as a duo or a group... and that is like iron sharpening iron and we're the better for it as it enriches our lives and stimulates our creative juices and exudes positive energy that fuels us. Other times we may be disconnected and doing our thing solo in our expressions and passions, connecting instead through mediums that are less personalized, but nonetheless can still enrich and stimulate us. May you gather with the like-minded Souls, in person or some other medium, often... so that you can have a beautiful day and live a beautiful life continuously. A big Morticia Addams kiss to you... Dawn... The Bohemian

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A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

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