Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girl's Day Out Part 2... Big 'Score'

The Grand-Daughter and I were on a Marathon Junquing expedition of epic proportions while we continued to enjoy our Girl's Day Out sans any Menfolk at the house for a few days. That special time spent one on one is as precious as the found Treasures we were trolling for... so we could do all the Girlie things together that we both enjoy. She already loves pretty stuff and even at the tender age of 4 she has a good eye. She's closer to the ground too... which sometimes helps when spotting 'smalls' *wink*... and looking at the world with childlike wonder and eager young eyes often gives me a more pure and fresh perspective to draw upon. So she's a good Partner to ride shotgun with... and we picked up my BFF on our last day to make it a Treasure Hunting Trio. We hit the choice spots like The Three Muskateers and it was a big weekend 'Score'... our haul was good... very good.

I got an amazing hand crocheted round Tablecloth... nine large gauze cotton hand embroidered Tea Towels each with a different scene... a couple of books "Timeless Places Tuscany" and "Conservatory Gardening"... and the coup de gras was a most unusual find and Joy for a Shell collector like myself: A large Conch Shell turned into a Dip/Salad Holder with carved Shell Fork and Spoon and five small Shell platters! I have never seen anything like it and it is so Tropical and perfect for entertaining Luau Style... which is always a blast... who doesn't adore Polynesian atmosphere and Tropical foods!? Hey, if I can't yet make it to Hawaii, Tahiti or Bora Bora, I'll bring a little piece of the Tropics to me in the meantime. *Smiles*
And perhaps the most unexpected 'Score' of all for a European Fabric Fanatic such as myself... a chain store "Ross" where one would not expect to find any Treasures of the type I typically drool over... had imported a bevy of cut Velvet Doilies from Belgium!!! OMG, I collect the vintage ones and have a source in Belgium that procures them for me to turn into Bohemian Treasures By Dawn... but I never imagined in a million years that I could find lovely imported Belgian Velvet at a local chain store for a pittance... its obscene how cheaply I bought these... so I got every one they had in stock, knowing this might just be a narrow window of opportunity that I'd be a fool to pass up! I rarely have Buyer's Remorse, but I've often had NON-Buyer Remorse! *smiles*
I hope that your weekend traul *is that even a word??? LOL* was as productive as ours my Friends... and that even if it wasn't, you at least had as much fun... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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  1. Look at all of the lovelies that you have here. Really a wonderful post and I love your blog. Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving such words of encouragement and kindness. I am so very grateful.

    Have a blessed week


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