Monday, July 12, 2010

Finding New Favorite Places And Things

The Desert Botanical Garden's Western Apache structure, to know my Apache ancenstors used structures like this... and be able to show my Grandchildren and teach them some of our Heritage is priceless... lets not let these ways and this knowledge die out and not be passed down.

We have a bounty of favorite places and things, but I'm still forever on the prowl for finding those NEW favorite places and things to expand our horizons even further.

Roads trips with me can be particularly frustrating if you tend to be a marathon driver, because you will be stopping at just about every interesting thing or place that catches my eye and intrigues me or that I want to explore further. *smiles* I've met so many gracious people while photographing and asking about the history of their Homes. If I see anything artistic or that could remotely pass for Art I'm photographing it for future project possibilities of my own or as inspiration for something of my own design in the future that it inspired. Abandoned old buildings in particular seem to call out to me and the scavenging instinct kicks into overdrive when confronted with the opportunity to be given permission to salvage to my Heart's content on a site that will be demolished and treasures and Architectural Salvage will otherwise be landfill bound!

I have favorite restaurants, but I'm always looking for yet another dining experience that could be the next new favorite. In a recent forray into Olde Downtown Glendale I finally made it into a fabulous little restaurant that had intrigued me for a long time because of the neat old Home it occupies, 'Cee Cee's On The Corner'. It didn't disappoint, good food, good people, delightful ambiance of rooms filled with vintage treasures and found objects, a little shop and they have interesting classes such as making vintage style lamp shades... sign me up!!! *wink* You KNOW I'm going to have to put my hand to trying that this Fall when the classes resume! These are the types of businesses I'm on a Mission to support and frequent, so that hopefully we'll see more of them springing up across the countryside.

Right now my new favorite thing is vintage Picnic Baskets from about the 1930-1950 eras, each one different and unique in the basketweave designs that beautifully grace the bodies of these practical and yet Artful rich wooden pieces. Fantastic for filling and making gift baskets with or using for stackable interesting storage in the Home... practical things don't have to be plain or ugly, I like mine to have a sensibility and style!

Do you share my passion too of finding new favorite places and things? How exciting is it on one of your explorations to discover that new special place to experience, that special item to happen upon that sparks a new favorite thing... are you too in a state of bliss when this happens? Do you take your time to soak it all in and savor every moment of the experience?Can you not wait to be able to return another day soon and make it a regular event?

So, here's to all those as of yet undiscovered new favorite places and things that we will seek out and find... share with those we know have similar interests... and frequent as often as possible so that they may move into the future with us for the next generations to discover and enjoy... Happy Hunting!!! Dawn... The Bohemian

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