Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doing My Part To Stimulate The Economy

                                         'Cee Cee's On The Corner'  - Glendale, AZ

                When I take my lampshade making class I want mine to look something like this!

As always I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy and support local Artists. *wink* Since I had my acupuncture session scheduled in Olde Downtown Glendale this morning it gave my BFF and I the perfect excuse to get together for a treasure hunting forray and lunch afterwards, since I'd be feeling so much better and mobile after my treatment. *smiles* Hey, I've been sidelined for a while with said back injury so it has been cramping my style and I was going through treasure hunting withdrawal! *LOL* So I really needed my 'fix', in spite of the Virgin Of Guadalupe Bag score the other day... it just whet my appetite for getting back to my regular life and into the swing of things... gradually to be sure, more slowly since I'm no longer moving at warp speed 'til the back finishes healing... but at least MOVING again nonetheless!
I really did feel SO much better after my treatment, the whole acupuncture, massage, cupping session is very relaxing as well as healing... I fell asleep and had a little nap in the process. So for all of you hesitant to ever give this a try... have no fears, there is nothing negative about the experience and the benefits are tremendous IMO.
So, filled with cathartic energy and my Chi flowing better, next door to 'The Cottage Garden II' we traipsed. After all, I wanted to show my BFF the fab collection of bags and jewelry I was salivating over the other day and couldn't resist! Needless to say I strayed back to a unique piece of jewelry made by '2 Bling Sisters' that I had been lusting over during my previous visit *wink*, made of vintage Pearl necklace and antique drawer pull, crystal and beads. I'm fondling it, walking away, coming back and fondling it again... BFF urges me to just get it Girlfriend, tell The Man to just send more money. *LOL* Now, before you feel too sorry for The Man, he's presently up in Alaska enjoying a lengthy stay and his great adventure while I'm holding down the fort and all the kids! So, Hey, that's worth SOMETHING extra, No???!!!? *smiles* Not that we don't manage to have as much fun meanwhile back at the Ranch... he he he... we're resourceful, creative and eek out time in mi vida loca to still enjoy the finer things in life... if we don't deserve it, who does?!? *LOL*
So, between my necklace score... and then a couple of Thrift Store bargain scores of a gorgeous Seafoam Green and Beige Kingsize Duvet and a dozen hand-made matching Doilies, I can create all kinds of Art and decor from Doilies... all for a pittance... it was a very good day my Friends! And just to show you how OCD I can be, while deciding on said Duvet all I kept thinking was how beautifully it matched my Bag that I made and was using today!!! I know, I probably need Therapy *wink* but you judge for yourself by the pixs... see... don't they match pefectly???! Eerie huh? Must have been a 'sign'... *wink*
So naturally a Treatment AND shopping works up an appetite, so over to 'Cee Cee's On The Corner' we go... since all this fabulous shopping and dining is within walking distance of each other, how convenient is THAT?!? So we enjoyed a delightful and tasty lunch there and closed the place down... which meant a perfect photo op of the lovely interior and exterior... especially THE LAMP which I'm also lusting over. Do you suppose when I take my Lampshade Making Class there this Fall I can manage to create a Funky Bohemian Victorian Shade that will rival that one?! I sure hope so, isn't it divine... as well as the antique Lamp?!
As I end a very satisfying and productive fun day, my Hope is that yours went equally well and that you have lasting memories of having a beautiful day and living a beautiful life? And keep doing your part to stimulate the economy too my Friends... then life will be good for all... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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