Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deserts Are Beautiful

For those who have never experienced the Desert and believe it to be lifeless and barren, nothing could be further from the truth. I love the Desert and though the climate can be harsh some brief Summer months of the year, for the majority of the year it is ideal and perfect for being in the outdoors.
If you've never experienced the Wildflowers of the Desert, which miraculously spring forth after the brief rains, or the amazingly brilliant Cactus Blossoms, waxy, huge and vivid surreal colors, they are truly amazing. Though you cannot make Cactus Flower bouquets, I'm content to enjoy them in their natural habitat and behold the splendor as God intended it to be displayed.
The Desert has an abundance of birds, reptiles, butterflies and animals as well... the wildlife is more abundant than you may imagine. My Grandchildren particularly enjoy the Hummingbirds and Lizards. Most of the animals remain hidden and camoflauged, so you have to remain keenly alert to spot them and we have a lot of fun 'hunting' for spottings of them when we got for our walks and hikes. Identifying the animals, fauna, insects and birds is a game we play together... and I teach them which plants and seeds are edible and how the Native peoples prepared them.
Yes, our Deserts are beautiful in their own distinctive way, just like all of the various types of climates and landscapes across the world are beautiful in theirs. God is an amazing Creator and Artist, we pale by comparison... but we can still bring forth beauty in our creative and Artistic way, He put it inside of us to bring out to behold... may yours be displayed in all it's Glory as well... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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