Monday, July 12, 2010

The Challenge Of Editing

Collectors typically have no problem collecting, or even seeking out that which they build into their collections, we're adept at it. The laws of attraction certainly line up in my favor when seeking out that which I love and collect. A typical response of my Friends is, "How do you FIND all this great stuff?!" My response should be, "IT finds me...", or at least it appears that way at times. *LOL* Granted, the seasoned collector, salvager and scavenger has eyes like a rat... there's not much we miss when we're out on our forrays seeking found treasures. I've always said that when you're looking for something that's what you'll SEE, good or bad, you usually find it or it will find you. That goes with many issues of life and found treasure is no exception. After all, if you're NOT looking for something how will you know when you do find it or it's staring you right in the face? *smiles*
No, the challenge for me has never been increasing found treasures, but the challenge of editing that which I have or passing on 'one more'! *le sigh* I do it, because obviously I have to and it's a necessity, but it takes supreme effort on my part. You simply cannot have things constantly going in without something going out also. It is tempting to want it all, but where on earth would you put it?!? *smiles* Edit definitely is a four letter word to me... and when it's 'time' I can't say that I look forward to the process even if I'm more than ready and acknowledge that the time has come and it should be done. I am presently in my 'editing phase' and I've done quite well this time around if I do say so myself. *Patting self on back* But I could do better and I haven't yet reached the standard that I want to achieve. Editing is a discipline and some people have the gift and knack for it, me though, I'm prone to excess and if I'm not careful my beautiful clutter can attain saturation point so I have to manage it on purpose regularly.
I have piles of vintage and antique fabrics and mountains of vintage jewelry awaiting the day when they will be made into my wearable Art bags or repurposed into funky Steampunk style and rejuvenated jewelry creations. If I live to be 100 I shall probably not utilize it all, but I hesitate to discard the majority of it since it is the catalyst of my Art, which is ongoing and I know I have great pieces gleaned from years of accumulating the good stuff, from here and abroad. I have been fortunate to have Family and Friends still in Europe (Belgium, Wales) and Mexico... who also travel extensively to other Countries like France, Spain, England, Ireland... and the pieces they've picked for me I just can't give up, no way! So though there are areas I can tackle and rotate out fairly regularly, there are other areas I struggle with particularly.
Perhaps if it were trash I could easily have a mass exodus without any emotional attachment whatsoever and tackle it in one fell swoop with little or no thought and plenty of help because I wouldn't care what went out the door... but it's all so pretty and none of it is trash so then comes the other dilemma, not only on when and whether to part with it... but HOW... what to DO with it when it's 'time' comes? Sell? Donate? Trade? Gift it? Auction it? Consign it? Decisions... decisions... decisions! In the past I've had those brave Souls who volunteer to help when I'm in 'edit mode' and they assume it might be fun... *shaking head and laughing to self* Wading through my treasures may satisfy curiosity, transport one to a different era or fantasy world, be like a treasure hunt of sorts as the layers of beauty are uncovered and exposed... but fun... editing it... not so much. Because what ultimately happens is, when I've decided it's time, I just want it gone... if there's no heirloom or sentimental attachment to the piece... it's going. But, when I have help, THEY start forming attachments and reasons behind why it shouldn't go and hindering the process by saying such things as, "Surely you don't want to get rid of THAT?!" Now, if they're willing to take it, fine, load it up and move it out... but then we're just trading and exchanging vices *wink* because most of my inner circle have similar loves and passions... so we're equally afflicted! *LOL* I do the same thing when invited to 'help' them edit... it could be a vicious circle and cycle... so not probably the best method to actually EDIT and accomplish anything!
So, from time to time Goodwill and other worthy charitable Thrifts gets a huge bounty... even though they're also some of my frequent favorite haunts so I'm not so certain I'm not just rotating stuff. *LOL* And I try to host a few Tag Sales a year as well and give away those items that loved ones express a particular interest in. So, though the challenge of the edit continues for me... and hasn't yet caught up with my ability and skill to collect... I'm working on it. Until then I remain 'editally challenged' ... Dawn... The Bohemian

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