Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Beginning Of A Creation

I've been commissioned to design a custom bag with matching pillows in an Asian theme and the beginning of a Creation always excites me as much as it does for the person I'm making it for. The birth of a piece is rather like the birth of a child... because you're bringing life to something that until the moment of conception was not here before. Until it is brought forth it did not exist except perhaps in the imagination, a dream or a vision of what is Hoped for. I remember the anticipation and excitement each time I was pregnant with a child or our Daughters were pregnant with our Grandchildren... and the arrival of each was a proud moment... seeing the Joy on the faces of everyone connected with that child, was priceless. When I'm getting ready to design and create a piece of Art the anticipation and excitement I feel is not unlike those wonderful feelings I had while awaiting the birth of a child... and the finished piece is always a proud moment. Revealing and presenting it to who it will belong to and seeing their Joy in beholding and receiving it... is also priceless and gives me much Joy. Each you see is miraculous to me in it's own way... Creation in general has always left me in awe. Whether it is the Creation all around us brought forth by the Master Creator, God Himself... or a creation by others or of my own hands and imagination.

So... I loaded up my trusty Travel Bag, which I made large enough to stuff just about anything into *wink*, with the lovely vintage Chinese Tapestry, silk fringes and photo of the gorgeous Chinese hand carved Black Jade Pendant which is already on it's way here from China and will adorn the flap... so that I could do the initial consultation and combine her vision and mine... to meld it into what became today the beginning of a creation. The obvious excitement she and her Daughter shared made me so very happy... how wonderful is it to be able to use your time and talents to bring Joy to others in whatever way you were Blessed and endowed by the Great Creator to do so???!! I love to create... my Art feeds my Soul... and I'd do it even if nobody else 'got it' or appreciated it because it brings me such Joy and personal satisfaction... but when others do 'get it', show an appreciation or love for my work and receive Joy from it too... then it just magnifies the enrichment the creation of Art brings to the Artist.

So, for all of you other Artists out there... keep creating, remain inspired, and know that the beginning of any creation is truly a gift, that once manifested and shared, just keeps on giving by the legacy that it will become over time... a piece of us... creator and the creation, that can and often does live on even after we may pass from time into eternity... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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  1. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. :) This is a great blog post about inspiration. I am currently at our cabin for a day and talk about an inspiring place to be when designing... I too travel with my design elements. I have a black back pack filled with the brim with all sorts of treasures and tools to work with out here. Time to pull it out and get going. ;)
    Stop by again when you have time.


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