Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aged To Perfection

Is there anything better than time worn details, items aged to perfection, patina that only years can create? Like a fine Wine or aged Cheese, surfaces over time develope exquisite character that can't be adequately or effectively replicated in reproductions. Paint that is chipped, peeling or crackled, wood that becomes knarled and weather worn or which developes a lustre and patina from years of use. China that developes crazing just under the surface. Vintage fabrics that become warmly faded and delicate fabrics like Silks and Brocades that show signs of wear in their unique way. The indentations of wear on those objects often used and worn by years of use by hands and feet or the elements.
I'm enamored by time worn surfaces, their beauty and character, the intricate details of the aging process. The ravages of time aren't always a negative thing to me. To possess or to taste those items that have been aged to perfection delights me. It's ALL in the details to me... time can be an Artist of sorts, chiseling, refining, reworking, creating a masterpiece over the years.

I have a penchant for old Doors and vintage Doorknobs, I repurpose many because I've long since used all of them possible to install in entryways as their original purpose! *smiles* I have furniture made of old Doors, screens made of old Doors, old Doors used just like Art and standing against things just to showcase their beauty or be a backdrop to a vignette I've created or to give privacy and a cozy feel to an area. I've got Doors stored for future projects and visions I have yet to manifest into their reality. Last year on my Birthday, my wish list was an antique carved Oak Door with an oval Beveled Glass window, intricate Brass doorplate and escuchon and Amethyst Crystal Doorknobs... yep, I got it... the dear Husband reluctantly caved and purchased said beloved Door... much to his chagrin since he's of the opinion of "How many Doors do you need?!" *LOL* Well... how many IS too many of something? Especially a passion or penchant? Remember... I'm an incurable collector and my passions and penchants are wide. As long as I continue to find a use for something, a project, an Art form created from it, why pass it up and have regrets? Especially those things that are free!?! Most of my Doors you see are Salvaged treasures, gleaned from years of finding those sites where remodeling, restoration or razing has gone on and those beautiful old architectural pieces were going to be hauled to a landfill and forever lost.
I have amassed Architectural Salvage pieces of a wide variety... Stained Glass Windows, Slag Glass Windows, Beveled Glass Windows, Corbels, Columns, Mantels, Spindles, Antique Hardware, Finials, intricately carved wood pieces of unknown purpose or origin, Victorian Ceiling Tin and Ceiling Trim, old Brick, Mexican Talavera Tiles and Talavera Sinks, Barnwood, you name it... I've probably found and rescued it and turned it into something... or it's waiting to be turned into something fabulous!
If you also have a love affair with those items that are aged to perfection, including your significant other *wink*, then you understand what I'm trying to convey here. Old things, old Friends, old people and old Souls are precious and should be properly cherished and appreciated. Age is a privilege not afforded to many... as I age I'm embracing what time is perfecting in me too. Things and people that last and survive have a story to tell you see. It can be told in words or it can be told in unspoken ways... that story... My story and the stories of all those time worn pieces I've surrounded myself with are a wealth of History and life experiences gathered together in one place. When the young come to visit our Home they are always fascinated by the stuff and even moreso by the stories attached to each piece. The Art of storytelling has never lost its appeal, its just become more difficult to tell a rich story when there is little History attached to something or someone. I could tell an almost endless multitude of stories associated with what I've collected over time, about the objects, about the quest for the objects and about the History surrounding it all. I Hope that you are as apt to convey and share those special stories associated with your rich heritage and beloved items?

May the appreciation and collecting of those items aged to perfection continue, may those "keepers of the past" retain and pass along those precious stories to future generations so that the cycle continues for others to enjoy far into other eras and not be forgotten and lost forever.
Share with me your story... there's nothing better to enjoy good fellowship over... Dawn... The Bohemian

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