Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Uncomfortable Equals Unpopular And Controversial


Yep, yet another Two-Fer... and the Hook Today included the Bait of Uncomfortable... Unpopular... AND Controversial, all in one Post Title!  So, did I reel ya in?  *Bwahahahaha!* We'll get to all that in due time, but I'll ease ya into it, so as not to Scare most off, Okay?!  *Maniacal Laugh!*  Due to Pandemic numbers soaring in Arizona, The Man and I will sometimes eat Takeout in a small unoccupied Park that might still have some Picnic Tables.  Many Parks have taken all their Picnic Tables, BBQ's and Benches out and cordoned off the Playgrounds to deter anyone from even being there. So most Parks are deserted now and people have given up going to any of them Months ago, it's still eerie to see empty City Parks devoid of people. 

Devoid of People, isn't that what we seek nowadays since Pandemic hit?  Yeah, it's Sad, Unnatural for our Species and the Isolation perhaps is getting to me so that I'm not so much becoming Antisocial as I am Intolerant as Fuck as to what just annoys the shit out of me about some people.  *Winks*   It's been a nice way to get out of the house tho', and get some fresh air for us, while dining alfresco with our takeout and safely being the solitary Souls there to stay COVID Free.  Otherwise we might go stir crazy inside or be aimlessly wandering around our Yard and back Pasture like a couple of Old Zombies!  *LOL* Lately we've eaten "Ono Hawaiian BBQ" quite a lot for a taste of the Islands.  At one Park we like, because the Picnic Tables are under a Gazebo Structure, they installed some lovely new Park Art during Pandemic.

I guess even the Vandals aren't getting out much anymore during Pandemic, because there has been no defacement we've seen at any Parks of late, which is refreshing, to not see tagging and graffiti marring the landscape.  In fact, I never see Kiddos outside hardly at all anymore, of any Age, they're all Locked Up like little Prisoners in some Personal Juvenile Detention Program caused by COVID Fears and Concerns, which are REAL.  Before our last Park Picnic, I just found out that a Friend from the Antique Mall got and recovered from COVID, but lost over 35 lbs. in the process, from being bedridden for Three Weeks!  Sal's a very muscular guy, so it's not like he lost fat, this is the kind of weight loss from being seriously ill and wasting some muscle away. 

 I'm relieved to hear he's recovered and seems to be looking healthier and less emaciated, but what a scare that had to be for he and his lovely Wife!  They are just some of the Best People you could Hope to befriend.  He was so fit and robust, so would be one of the last people I would think would get so sickly from it!  It makes me realize how much more Vulnerable and at Risk people like The Man and I could be should we contract it?!  Apparently he caught it while in California, where he often goes for Business and has extended Family there, but was able to make it back to Arizona to recover at Home.  So it just goes to show you how random this Virus takes people down and how vulnerable anyone can be to it's devastating effects.  If the Strong can succumb, the Weak and compromised often don't stand a damned chance!

It still Angers me to hear of irresponsible arrogant sorts still refusing to wear Masks and exposing even the most Vulnerable to the Virus, like what happened in the Safe Room after the WH Siege.  Where a host of Republicans who clearly display ReTrumplican Behaviors, refused the Masks offered, would not wear one even while confined for Hours, and made jokes about not wearing them, showing ludicrous 'Political' defiance against Mask wearing!  The height of Stupidity to still be making Masks a Political Statement, but you can't fix Stupid!  So, of coarse now some other people trapped in the Room with them have contracted COVID, including a 75 Year Old Woman who is a Cancer Survivor!   Yeah, WH still be a COVID Petri Dish due to who occupies it and are Covidiots!

  I Believe that people who intentionally cause Public Health Violations like that, and refuse compliance to Public Health Mandates, should be Sued and liable for negative outcomes, for defying and disobeying the Rules meant to protect everyone around them.  No other people should have to be put at more risk because of them, to potentially get a deadly contagious Disease and risk Dying horribly.  I'm glad the Media put the ones responsible on blast, may they have some Legal liability and serious Political backlash and Public Shaming for their actions.   I Hope this Haunts them all for a very long time, they and those like them are complicit in people getting Sick, rampant Spread and some even Dying so it's Criminally Negligent on their part, it's not being 'Clever'.

 Now they're outed and were even video recorded being dangerously arrogant assholes during an already dangerous, tense moment in History for their unfortunate coworkers forced into tight quarters with them!  Where the other people had no Choice but to be trapped around them for Hours and exposed to a deadly infectious disease while also fearing for their lives because of Domestic Terrorists storming and overrunning the building and forcing them all into Hiding and a Safe Room that clearly wasn't so Safe due to ignorant coworkers!   I would have been highly pissed off and frankly, probably would have been confrontational towards them enough the least of their worries would have been whoever else might be Coming for them from the Mob?!

 But, that's how I Roll and Security would have had to restrain me if I had to be locked down in an Unsafe 'Safe Room' with Asshole coworkers who were putting my Life at risk just as surely as the Insurrectionists that laid Siege to the building and forced us into Hiding!   Because, I did notice and observe that these very same irresponsible ReTrumplicans were also laughing and jovial during the Siege, perhaps in their obvious Alliance, they felt Safer, I dunno?   It was very Suspicious and I would have Noticed that immediately and Wondered if Security did and that's why it got filmed for later Review? 

 Because just mebbe they were Celebrating the Insurrection and Coup attempt?  Not sure really, mebbe should be Investigated tho'... since the whole situation looked very much like an Inside Job.  That's not a Natural nor Normal response for what was happening and how grave and deadly it was!   Had I been present I certainly would have been questioning that Strange reaction and interrogating the shit out of them, since they were also a Captive Audience to be Suspect of and too close to me for Comfort!   I think a lot of folks need to be Eyeballed even outside of the Terrorist Mob and it's Presidential Ringleader and obvious Enablers.

The WH has already shown it's NOT the most Secure place in the Country, neither from attack by Terrorists or by COVID.   And we already know that Traitorous infiltrators and sympathizers were in the midst of the Victims.   I do Hope they address those serious issues before this upcoming Inauguration!?  And far beyond it and hand out Indictments like an Avalanche of Justice, to make a strong Statement that this will not be tolerated and will be Prosecuted and swiftly Dealt with.  Not being able to Trust some of those Elected Officials is a Concern, who do they have Allegiance to, the Country and the American People or this deranged President and his Treasonous Agenda and who are all the Sycophants? 

 The FBI Press Conference televised was just very Odd and interesting... it didn't exactly instill confidence or alleviate my concerns tho', creating more doubt and questions than answers that they actually "Got This"!?!!??   That's my perception anyway... and where WERE the higher level Players during this exaggerated delay and quite brief Press Conference after the Siege and abject Failure of Security, they were conspicuous by their very absence and Silence for so long... almost a Week after what transpired, and not giving the Public any Answers, Updates or Explanations whatsoever, REALLY!?   Is this an abdication of responsibility and proper involvement... and if so, WHY?

I don't say this lightly, but it's looking like it was more of a Set Up to me all the time!?   And those Brave Souls who were so Heroic in their Actions, to try to valiantly protect the Capitol and it's inhabitants against ridiculous odds... and were Set Up as Sacrificial Lambs, because they never got the back up and reinforcements they should have had not to be so easily overrun and put in such danger, ought to be questioning their Leadership and demanding answers!  With obvious Traitors in their ranks and in their midst during the Siege, my Heart truly goes out to those Heroes who prevented a Massacre and Hostages being taken and potentially Executed!   They were clearly outnumbered and didn't stand a chance.  They were sent on a Suicide Mission and didn't even know it!

We might not be so Lucky next time if Security doesn't scrub their ranks and identify the infiltrators in their midst and pull it together to be better prepared!?  Or... intentionally have no level of appropriate preparedness, because it's all rather Suspect, isn't it... it reeks of Corruption at high levels!  Then actually create a Secure environment for our Public Servants while they do the People's Work at the People's House there at the Capitols, not just in D.C., but in every State of the Nation!   I really do fear what could happen from the 16th forward, I am not feeling the least bit pacified that we're not in big trouble and they can... or even will... adequately handle this mess that's been intentionally Created and incited from the very Top on down!

I recognize that the 'Uncomfortable' Posts are not Popular and perhaps in due time I'll be able to just give you some Popular Fluff Posts.   Right now tho' it's very difficult for me to do Fluffy irrelevant shit when things are so volatile and serioius that it seems inappropriate and rather vulgar to.   Yes, Uncomfortable equals Unpopular, I don't really Care or give Two shits right now.   If ya wanna be an Ostrich with your Head either in the Sand or up your Ass while all this rages in your Country, this probably isn't the Blog you should be visiting right now anyway, I'm too controversial a Being to satiate your frivolous desires right now.  And NOW we get to the REAL Controversial part becoz I'm going to ruffle some Feathers!  *Ah, yeah... if you know me well you knew this was my Set Up!*

Because there's things I'm finding an Annoyance and Irritant during all of this National Turmoil.  I'm sure there's plenty of Fluffy Blogs that avoid all controversy and making a statement or a stand about anything and everything.  So as to protect their image, reputation, perception by the Public, whatever it is they think is more important than the Reality swirling around them like a Maelstrom.   Mebbe their Boat won't capsize as they avoid mentioning all the Storms and pretend there isn't even one, I dunno?   It seems like a potentially dangerous Practice tho' and I'm gonna now Rock the Boat.  Let's see what happens when I do... IF anything happens... because frankly I see a lot of Cowardice at confronting Crisis or Apathy of even having the decency of acknowledging it no matter how bad it gets!   I hereby Call that Out!

  I don't even Care really, everyone Copes as they just will.  It's their Boat and they'll sail it or sink it as Captain of it during these epic Storms we're in presently. And they're caught up in too whether they like it or not and would prefer to pretend they're immune to the backlash and consequences of it all, which they aren't.  I know that lately I don't visit Blogs who ignore World Crisis completely, I just cannot relate on any level that glaringly obvious indifference or apathy.  I'm not so much angry at them, I just cannot Connect to how they are behaving in an unprecedented National Crisis.   I wouldn't want to be IN a Crisis around people that disconnected from the Reality around them and ignoring it, or indifferent to it, I know that.   Lack of involvement has caused many a Crisis to escalate and people to needlessly perish.

As your Country is unraveling and in serious Crisis, if the best you can Focus on or talk about is your latest Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe or other such Fluff, at the exclusion of all else, I know for sure you wouldn't be someone I'd rely on during any Crisis.   Because it almost looks like you're either oblivious, too privileged or simply uncaring... and mebbe you're not, I dunno?  But perception may not be what you think you're carefully orchestrating about yourselves in an attempt to stay Neutral, detached and uninvolved, just sayin'. 

  If you wanna take the opportunity to stand up for yourself and stand for something, now's mebbe your Golden opportunity and Chance, Comments are Open for your defense if you feel so inclined?  Or wimp out and just whine in Private where nobody sees or hears and you can be Mister or Miss Anonymous.... cowering under your usual Cover and Protection of Anonymity?   I just Love the Anonymous Commented to Fuck with... Own your shit, a Coward gets no Respect from anyone.   Don't even pretend to be in the Fight, the debate or the discussion with no Identity, it's Weakness and Cowardice personified.

Yep, it's True, I'm opening up for debate or discussion so you can perhaps offer an explanation to defend your position.  So that at least we know you actually have one?   I am perfectly fine with agreeing to even disagree with Respect and Civility extended towards you, I Promise, if this has Triggered you to actually have a Voice, Speak up, have an Utterance, a Position... whether contrary to mine or not, it matters not actually.   The only thing to me more Suspicious, untrustworthy and potentially unsettling than someone with a Negative Agenda is someone whose Agenda is shrouded in Silence, Mystery and Doubt.   So, removing any Doubt about where you Stand and if you Stand for anything on important matters, is important to anyone around you.

Trust me, those who are Silent are often complicit by their Silence and inability to Speak Out against Wrongs.  I commend those of you who have spoken out and spoken your Peace, or lack thereof of having any Peace about the Crisis we all face in this Nation at this tempestuous Moment in History.  You don't have to fixate on it or be forceful about it, at least we know you acknowledge it and recognize the importance of what's going on.  If you pad it all with Fluff that's Okay too, I've had my own Fluff Post requirements to keep my Calm thru these Storms, give us all some Respite and Refuge, so I'm not totally bashing The Fluff, it has it's Place too, for Balance.   But we should be Balanced and too many are NOT.

I guess what I'm saying is that where ever you are, whether in Person or in Cyberspace, you have Created a forum of sorts to define your depth of Character or lack thereof.  If you're okay being Shallow and Superficial, then clearly you're Okay with it.  Some people are just Fine going thru Life that way and it works for them.   I personally find that annoying and will Call it Out or just side step such people as having little Substance and likely to go with any flow that sweeps them along with the current like a Dead or Weak Fish.  

 And Yeah, I'm Feeling agitated right now and Froggy, so Leap if ya wanna Engage, I need the Exercise and stimulation anyway.  Come on, it'll be FUN and I'm Pandemic Bored!  *Winks and a Cackle*  Let us see who responds and rises to a Challenge... or NOT... and who comes for The Show and a good Lurk?!  *Bwahahahaha!*   I know, I know... I'm being Naughty Gramma and instigating a bit of potential Controversy on Purpose to get a rise out of whomever is Feeling Froggy, agitated and restless too during Pandemic and might need some loose Rules of Engagement to just Pop Off a bit to release some frustrations.  But if it is Helpful to them, then I'm Down for it... Rant away, I can Handle it... whether you're with me or against me... Go for it...


Having Fun Baiting a Post... to see what we Catch... Winks... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Across the board, I share with you the same thoughts. As for being locked in a room, for protection, with a group of mask less idiots ... I awoke from a nightmare about just such a scenario. In real time, I think I would have gone postal and seriously injured those mask less Republicans. To top it off, yesterday I read about a gun carrying female bitch, sorry, I mean Republican being opposed to the newly installed metal detector. This morning, I find a group of Republicans were opposed, some pushing through Capitol police saying they had to vote, others going around the detector. Something has to be done. Someone has to step up and do something about these privileged few who, more likely than not, are absolutely complicit. I'm also wondering about the Capitol cop who committed suicide over the weekend. Was it because he was involved and feared, when the takeover failed, that the FBI was coming for him?

    1. You have read my Thoughts I didn't write, so clearly you read between the lines of sentiments I too have and hadn't yet expressed. Some of this White Privilege will be the undoing of America because people are being treated with Kid Gloves who are perhaps the worst Terrorist Threat America has EVER faced! They already know infiltration has happened in Political Circles, that's plain to see, so if one of them is Suicidal enough to want Martyrdom for the Cause, a Massacre could ensue if just one gets in the Position to carry it out! Why that Capitol Copy offed himself is something that warrants an Investigation, perhaps even if not complicit, he knew something that made him feel so Hopeless he couldn't live with the knowledge? A lot of good people are very Fearful of retaliation, especially against coworkers they know are dirty. Whistleblowing as you recall, during this Administration, could be a Death Sentence with the Head Executioner giving the Orders being a sitting Prez. After all, he was setting his own Vice Prez up for Execution and he knew it, Pence became a Liability to him after his Use was over and he might take the Throne away... Pence knows more about what has been said in Private than anyone... not exactly a Witness this ruthless Bastard wants singing like a Canary or 'finding Jesus' about him going too far and finally doing the Right thing. I have so much I could say even beyond this, America is in big trouble and your Nightmares aren't unwarranted my Friend... so many of us are waking up having lived them in our Sleep!

  2. I'm glad your friend is going to recover from his Covid-19. My niece took two months before she felt remotely better and before she got it she, she was in the best condition in her life---eating right, running every day, yada, yada, yada.

    I heard that after the Trump's move out and before the Biden's move in the entire White House is going to get the steam treatment to kill germs like they do in public places. This step is not normal during a transition and the first night the Biden's will be staying in a hotel.

    1. I think they'll be doing more than germ extermination with that Go Thru of the WH, this Prez was trying to burn the place down really before leaving so no telling what he'd do retaliating against an incoming Administration or allow his Minions to do on his behalf that is insidious. I already don't Trust those Members of Congress and the Senate that are Sold Out to him, Cult Followers will literally do anything for their Cult Leaders. We aren't nearly over a fraction of the dangers this man has created in America or that Hate Groups and Domestic Terrorists Groups are just using him as a Front Man for. Not all Republicans are Racists but all Racists are ReTrumplicans and that Hate has gained momentum as equality for all people has improved and their Privilege is eroding. They are terrified of ALL people being an equal, since their Superiority Complex is really more an Inferiority Complex that they cannot compete on a level playing field. So many who buy into those Fascist and Racist Hate Groups are low-information marginally educated and they know really that it's difficult for them to compete with better educated and liberated Women, people of Color, LGBTQ Community Members and Immigrants willing to put in the Work they'd never be Down for. This lunatic was just Crazy enough to play into the Hands of Groups who've wanted to overthrow this Govt. for a long time and take over and do their 'cleansing' in Hitleresque fashion. You will never change those Minds, they are who they are and they will always be a dangerous faction of the population.

  3. Here in Oregon, Gov Kate Brown has declared that all minorities will receive vaccine before any white people!!! Doesn't that just piss you off!!! Anyway, the state has no plans regarding the way to best way to go about incompetent!!!

    1. I hadn't heard of Rating by Race, just by Age and by Occupation. Front Line Workers and the very Elderly over 75 are getting theirs first in Arizona, which is understandable, they being most vulnerable right now. I have heard that the Tier Method isn't working well so they may do away with it entirely and just have mass vaccinations to get it into Arms faster and not have all this confusion as to what Tier you're in to get your turn.


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