Friday, November 20, 2020

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort And Joy Event

The Christmas Themed Event "Comfort & Joy" at SWEET SALVAGE opened Thursday Morning and will run thru Sunday Afternoon.  I went specifically for a couple of Antique Breadboards from Europe and Scored my duo of them.  I got there early for a good place in line and good parking, but didn't stay long due to it being a very popular Event.  A lot of my Images were done therefore in haste, so I cribbed some from their FB Page since 3/4 of mine didn't turn out... Dammit!


Two very Lovely Ladies were in front of me and behind me in Line to talk with while we waited.  They were among the few who were Socially Distancing and wearing their Masks while in Line tho'.  Yes, Stores require Masks in Arizona, however, most people will not wear them until inside and will rip them off the moment they're outside, so they're really not even trying to follow CDC Guidelines for Public Safety.  It bothers me and why Cases are now catastrophic, but you can't mandate Personal Behavior and Common Sense.

They already expect massive Surges in Cases and Deaths around the Holidays, so I doubt I'll be going out much after Thanksgiving.  I already know too many people will not behave and act irrationally during the Holiday Season, taking risky behaviors to extremes during their Celebrations.  All we can do Individually is our best to Isolate and Hope we can stay Well and Alive until a Vaccine gives us more protection.  I do think we'll have to voluntarily Lockdown all the more this Winter and Spring.

I actually spent more time waiting in line for the Doors to open than I did actually enjoying the Event, so it's doubtful I'll risk it again until perhaps Summer?  I just don't know, the more I see people in Public misbehaving as the Pandemic worsens, the less I want to be out among the General Public at all anymore.  Even for Death Runs for absolute necessities and essential supplies.  Tho' I do like going for long Safe drives and enjoying Nature where there are no people!

I also seek out Favorite Restaurants that are not busy, half the time we are practically the only ones there, which is Safer, but bittersweet.  I don't know how many Restaurants that rely on Dine-In Clientele can continue to weather this Storm?   Many tell me they're having trouble even Staffing now, Essential Work is so risky, that many people are Risk Assessing taking on certain Jobs now, to keep themselves and their Loved Ones safer.

The Shortages we'll experience with Health Care Workers, Emergency Responders, Teachers and other Front Line Workers will increase as Pandemic spirals further out of Control.   I just don't know what Solutions we can come up with if the Public will not have Unity of Purpose to do what they must to mitigate Spread?  Or Believe wacky Conspiracy Theories and Administration Lies coming out of this WH.

And they are everywhere and easily recognizable by their defiance and resistance to comply with Pandemic Safety Guidelines.   Case in point, in front of the Young Lady wearing a Mask in front of me in Line... was a large group of 'Karens' that knew one another, ages varying from 20's thru Seniors.  They were some of the 'Fancy Ladies' from Scottsdale from the drift of the Bougee conversation, none wore their Masks nor were they Socially Distancing at all.  Their talk turned Political right away... it was quite Interesting and yet so predictable in the direction it went... I'm sure you can only Guess?  *Winks*

They were all so Excited that their Boy said he will run again in 2024, because he's so 'Good for the Country' and against all those 'Undesirables'... *Gak and Le Sigh*... and then they pontificated on the whole Pandemic being 'Overblown' and a Deep State Trick to Control us all... that Bill Gates wants to put some kind of Tracking Device in us when the Vaccine comes...  *OMG, yeah, they really Believe the wacko Conspiracy Theories!*  The Young Lady in front of me was clearly stifling a Laugh from behind her Mask and probably seeing the expression on my Face, over my Mask, since the Eyes can speak 1,000 Words!  *LMAOROTF!*

I mean, Honestly, I have No Words when I hear Crazy shit like that and blatant Prejudices expressed so openly and Shamelessly... and was just relieved I wasn't part of the conversation.  Because Seriously, I couldn't hold my Peace if it were someone I knew.  I'd have to ask them if they've lost their grip on Reality and are they fucking Losing It?!?!?!??!  In fact, the very few people I have known who are Cult Worshipers of Twitler, I have asked them that!  I frankly don't Care how they receive the Truth and how unbecoming it is of their own lack of Moral Compass and Character.

However, I do expect it here in Arizona, since we only just narrowly flipped the State Blue and mostly due to the Urban Areas.  Outside of the larger Urban Areas it's very Cultish leanings or outright Bananas in Support for The Death Cult Dictator Wannabe.   BTW: Who watched the Manic Rudy Giuliani Freak Show Circus deranged Press Conference with the dripping Hair Dye down his Face?  Just when you think it can't get any Crazier and more Surreal... it does!  He's melting, just like the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard Of Oz!   Flying Monkeys and all... *Bwahahaha!*

What must the rest of the World be thinking when they Tune In to our running Sideshow of Political Theatrics now?!   You just can't make this shit up... it's Stranger than any outrageous Fiction!  Democracy as we know it is hanging on by a filament my Friends and we better fiercely Protect it beyond the Election results.  I'm Wondering what they're fucking Smoking in the WH to come up with these Conspiracy Theories of theirs?!

Okay, so I was thinking something way Stronger... with their Paranoia and tendencies towards Violence and epic Criminal Activities to Support their Habits and all... but the above Vintage Advertising Visual makes me Smile anyway so we'll go with that just for shits and giggles!  Injecting "Marihauna", which they can't even spell correctly either... well, that's just hilarious!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  That was actually for Sale at the Event but I couldn't find it so someone probably already Scored it!?  Too Bad, that's Weird and Wonderful enough for Forever Boheme'!  *LOL*

Princess T is awaiting an Invitation for a Sleepover Tomorrow Night at Crazy Pamela's, so I might be sans my usual Entourage for a Day and a Half this Weekend if they can convince Pamela's Parents to Host it?   The Girls keep in touch via their Phones, but they miss Face Time together.   Gay Timmy wasn't available for companionship this Weekend because a Cousin is visiting and she does not like Princess T... I didn't ask the Whys... my best Guess being the Girls may not like Sharing him and he's not Down for Bitchfest Smackdown 2020?! *LOL*

Princess T, to be sure, is not the most Social Person on the Planet.  *LMAO*  I got her a T-Shirt that says:  "Ewwwwww, People!" and a Pandemic Mask that says: "Anti-Social Social Club"... she wears both Proudly!  *Winks*   Another Fav Tee she has says something to the effect:  "I'm not Mean, I just don't Like you!"  She also likes her "Shut Up Karen" Pandemic Mask so that it saves her from having to say it out loud.   There is so much now I just prefer not to bother to say... if what I'm about to say isn't an improvement over Silence. *Smiles*


Be Well... Stay Safe... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I get so angry over the lies told about Bill Gates you'd think we were related. The man puts is money into causes world wide that helps all of humanity and one person with a conspiracy website can turn so many against him isn't just crazy, it should be criminal!

    Anyone who thinks Trump has done so much good in this country are so ignorant it isn't funny. Right now, he's raking in a ton of money in the name of fighting against the results of the election and those giving the money don't even realize that money can go right into his own bank account. He's putting his bottom line in front of what is good for our democracy. We aren't getting a peaceful transfer of power and I'm deeply ashamed that there are people out there who don't care about that or see the dangers he's putting us all in. He's a spiteful, selfish man.

    1. Amen to ALL you said, we think alike my Friend. Bill Gates and his Foundations tirelessly support Humanitarian and Educational Causes so worthy of our Praise. He is the antithesis of Twitler, so I can see why those who Worship The Cult would be trying to discredit a Global Humanitarian Billionaire who puts his Money towards Good and Noble Causes. The 'Karens' were mentioning they all donated to the Mock Fund 45 has set up pretending it's for his Fight... he knows he Lost really, but he's finding his Con Angles to Milk as much $$$ out of this for his Gain and to resolve his incredible amount of Debt as he can from his 71 Million Marks. That's a lot of people he did manage to Con, I'll give him that, and they will be the REAL Danger even when he's ousted and obstruct the New Administration's ability to Govern and do the Good they truly want to do for all Americans... including those Fools who'd rather have a Banana Republic Style Dictator Comedy of Errors in Power who takes advantage of their Loyalty to him. People can be so stupid... my Grandson was right about that, I told him so... I gave more people the benefit of that Doubt, now I don't... and you can't fix Stupid!

  2. There is a lot of batshit crazy out there. Even here which shocked me sadly.

    And Rudy, OMG, I wondered if he had COVID, the way he was sweating.

    I think I should just wear a mask that says FUCK OFF. It's pretty much how I feel a lot of the time now.

    Our grandson was exposed to COVID so now we wait. We couldn't even get a test for 3 days. Our premier probably thinks trump is a great guy and tries to emulate him. Sigh.

    1. Let us Hope no other World Leaders think Trump to be a great guy and emulate him, he's more like a Disease than any Virus! I do Hope that your Grandson is fine, little Kids can be exposed and not get it, The Young Prince's younger Siblings didn't get it when his Dad got it. His Dad recovered and the Children never did test Positive, which was a huge Blessing all around. I also wondered if Rudy was Sick, he didn't seem Well either Physically or Mentally, did he? They do say the Virus is causing Mental problems as a potential Side Effect, along with the Physical Side Effects which are becoming alarming too, even once some recover. There is too much Crazy out there, it is in fact rather like a Real Zombie Apocalypse of sorts. I think many of us feel like you do a lot of the time, at some point you get fed up of the Insanity of it all!


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