Saturday, October 17, 2020

Finding Inspiration During Pandemic

 Usually when I roll out of Bed I head in here to spend some time in The Land of Blog, which is a nice respite from the Real World right now.  Even if we discuss what's going on in our Worlds, so many keep the right attitude and are so upbeat and busy during Pandemic Lockdown that I find it to be Inspirational.   I particularly like visiting Blog Friend VINTAGE VIXEN'S Blog in Europe.  She has the most Colorful Boho Retro Home, Vintage Exotic Wardrobe and lovely Outlook on Life. When you can make a Day in Lockdown Interesting and a Joy, you have it Down to weather this Storm.  Finding Inspiration during Pandemic is crucial for me, because so much of it can get me Down or Anger me otherwise.

I want to have the right Attitude about it all, but it can be a struggle for me sometimes.  Other times I can embrace how it's forced me to slow down and savor the Simple things of Life and contemplate Deeper Issues without Distraction.  It has Quieted my Spirit at times to spend so much Solitary time, which is even when I leave the Sanctuary of Home, since I no longer meet up with anybody to go do things together, for their Safety and mine.  Our Bubble is small and limited on purpose due to our risk factors, I don't expand it and I risk assess every decision now for how Safe it feels.  I know a lot of Safety is assumed against an Invisible Enemy, but you know by now what should be done as Safeguards.

I could and should be doing more at Home, I could have had everything done and in Order this many Months in to a Pandemic and how much Lockdown Time has been spent here without leaving.   But I haven't been duly Motivated enough and visiting Blogs like Vix's really is Helpful because I can see what discipline to a Positive Routine can do for so many aspects of Life.   I am not always very disciplined and I know this about me.  *LOL*  Once I gird myself to do something I can be All In, but it's getting to the Place of tackling whatever it is and knocking it out.  I cannot always crack on with it or stick with it for long intervals.  I flit around from thing to thing, the Adult ADHD having abundant Energy that isn't always laser focused.  *Le Sigh*

I did price a few things that had been languishing on the Floor of my Sitting Area looking messy.  I didn't dare put them in the RV Garage out of the way or they'd of never made it to the Showroom at the Antique Mall!  *LOL*   So I have a couple of large Modern Sacred Heart Retablos and some Smalls that I finally priced and brought in to Inventory.   It's difficult to squeeze too much else in there since consolidating Princess T's Booth with my Showroom, but I want to keep it well stocked while Sales seem stronger.  They have been stronger since the consolidation, that's for sure, that's a really good thing given the Home Maintenance expenses are high right now readying for Fall/Winter.  I have all the Cash set aside to pay off the balance of the Arborist Job, that was a big hit to the Budget.

Our Air Conditioning Service was due for Fall so they showed up Yesterday and kinda pissed me off.  We have a prepaid Service and this is a New Home for us, at the beginning of Spring/Summer we had the last Service done to the Two Air Conditioning Units and the Older Unit needed about $400 worth of repairs out of Pocket.   Now he had more bad News about said Unit but I told him I'm not going to throw good Money after Bad on a Decade Old Unit that I'll likely end up replacing when it just craps out anyway.  I don't want to be a Thousand Plus into Repairs and then have to spend Five Grand to replace it anyway.  So we'll let it limp along 'til it craps out and needs replacement now, just doing preventative Maintenance which is part of the prepaid Servicing.  But that's not what pissed me off... lemme explain...

In this time of Pandemic it seems every Biz that might right now be struggling, has some Pandemic Angle they've Dreamed up to boost their Bottom Line and try to Sell you, now everyone is Afraid and wants added Protection.  For the Air Filtration/Conditioning Companies this means they're now aggressively hawking their Captura Units that CDC allegedly recommended for prevention of The COVID to combat spread of Bacteria, Viruses, etc. like the Hospitals use in circulated Air Indoor spaces.  They even have the Brochures printed up with COVID Tag Lines... I gave our Tech my Resting Bitch Face as he gave his Spiel after coming down off our Roof and asking me if I wanted the Good or Bad News first?  That's never a good line to hit me with and expect concern or fear rather than skepticism and annoyance if you're a Technician.  

So as the Tech squirmed and The Man was trying very hard not to Laugh because he knows full well when someone has now pissed me off and Triggered me.   Son, I says with a Deadpan inflection, I'm out of Work due to The COVID, I've had Friends and Family already Die from it, expenses keep stacking up exponentially, I already just spent all my Savings on Saving our Trees from Pestilence, I'm already OD'd on Bad News, so you just get that Unit to limp along because there's no Money I intend to throw at it, capish?   If you can't limp it along I'll find a Company that can and we'll just end our Prepaid Service with your Company, since clearly it won't be Working for me anymore to Prepay and then get hit with expensive Repairs every damned Service Cycle.   He had a record of the expense it Cost me just this past Spring... he could tell I was not Amused... he dutifully did whatever will limp the Aging Unit along a while longer at no further Cost. 

So, I shall keep squirreling Money away for when the Unit needs to be laid to Rest, whenever that will be, perhaps we can squeeze another ridiculously Record Breaking Hot Season out of the poor thing?   Usually by now we don't need Air Conditioning anymore or to turn the Heat on, but we're still in Triple Digits damn near all the way thru October now... Global Warming is a Bitch and Real my Friends.  Other than that, everything is Swell.  *Bwahahahaha!*  I'm Glad that for now until T.J. Sells his Mother-In-Law's enormous RV that's parked in our Driveway, he's Trading Parking it there for all our Irrigation and Yard Work.  We get Irrigation this Afternoon and he just did all the Yard Work so everything looks very tidy.  The same cannot always be said right now about the Interior of my Home and definitely not my Storage Spaces!  *Le Sigh*

We did go to the Duck/Goose Park and Lake to feed a portion of Hammy's Kibbles to them and they Loved it.  But some people had their rowdy Kids there who kept chasing the poor things and misbehaving, so we didn't stay long.  Trying to Politely convey our displeasure to the Parents fell on Deaf Ears, some people let their kids be a nuisance and you can't blame a Child for not doing better when they've never had the discipline Training to act right, in Public or anywhere.   The Younger Daughter was Adorable and Friendly, Young enough to still be Trainable.  The Older Daughter was way Old enough to Stop when asked to, she was damned near Princess T's Age by the looks of her.  Feathers and Dirt were flying everywhere when the abundance of Birds was run at and I Hate when people let their Children abuse, torment and have no respect or consideration for Wildlife or Animals in general.  I will ALWAYS say something about it for the Advocacy and Protection of Animals that don't have a Voice.

Princess T finally snapped at the Older Girl... and at the Father who didn't have Control of either Kid or seem bothered by their misbehavior.   So I knew then it was time to leave before my Teen went Postal on them for abusing and tormenting the Birds!  The Mother had looked Alarmed that we might become Aggressive and was yelling at the Girls in Hindi, which I don't understand.  But I could tell she was at least trying to Calm her Demon Spawn down a bit when she saw we were getting Pissed Off at their behavior near us.  *LOL*  People do understand MAD and it can transcend Language Barriers for sure when you've just had enough of anyone's Poor or Unacceptable Behavior too close and around you.  The Adorable Little One had actually managed to be Calmer when she came to say Hi to me and I told her the Birds would like her more if she approached them Quietly and with Kindness. We gave her something to feed to them that way and she seemed Delighted, as Kids will be when you Teach them what Works with relating to Wildlife best. Kids do better when they know better and have appropriate Guidance.

We're going to take the balance of Hammy's Kibbles there Today to try again when there's not a slew of Soccer Matches going on at the Park, which does draw the Crowds more around the Lake portion too.   I like that this particular Park is being utilized by the Community and well kept, some Parks sadly have gone downhill for lack of funding and become hangouts for displaced people and Addicts and I wouldn't take my Kid to any of those.  Once the Community won't use a Park, because it's become unsafe or not well Maintained anymore, it's Done. Princess T still J'Adores trips to the Park as much as when she was little, only now she brings her Skateboard.   Some of the Local Parks have set up a really nice Skate Park Section too for the Skater Kids.   And several have installed Lakes which are attracting Migratory Wildlife which abounds and will take Relief there on their long Journeys.

Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks right now are everywhere.  Princess T is rather scared of the Wild Geese and Ducks versus Domestic Ducks, which are Tamer and not aggressively pursuing and demanding the Kibbles.  *LOL*   Why don't they chase you or get mean with you Gramma, she inquires?   The Man responds, your Gramma is Scarier than they are and Animals have finely honed Instincts of Survival.  *Bwahahahaha!*  He could be right, since they are always Calm around me and not aggressive, but I liked to Imagine it's coz I'm a Goose/Duck Whisperer and they feel my Zen Energy instead of Fear?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Okay, so mebbe they're a little Scared if they start getting the least bit Feisty and I give them a firm Command like I would with the Kiddos when they even think about acting up.  *Winks*  Like I said, I'm an Animal Whisperer... I don't have to Yell my Commands to get compliance.  *LOL*

Today we also got Princess T her Flu Shot, The Man and I had ours already and oddly she REMINDED ME to get her one... and she HATES Shots and joked that she can't Believe she reminded me about not forgetting that!   *LOL*  I think she's Scared of catching anything potentially lethal or debilitating in these turbulent times of Deadly Viral Infections running rampant!  Certainly if you got the Flu coupled with COVID, it would not likely fare well for you.   It didn't hurt, so her Anxiety about getting it exceeded the actual experience and so she felt relieved that it didn't hurt at all.  Gay Timmy is spending the Night again and so they're having Fun and she likely will not even be bothered with a little soreness if she has any at the shot site?  We also went back to the Park and fed the Geese, Ducks and other Water Fowl of unknown origin, this time no annoying Families present so it was relaxing.

This is the time of Year where all my Fav Cult Classic Movies and Commercials for Halloween make their appearance so I've been Marathon watching Old Horror Classics and other Season Favs.  Last Night it was the original "Halloween" with Jamie Lee Curtis, which is the best of the entire Series IMO.  Tonight it was "Beetlejuice" and I can never get enough of Michael Keaton's performance and Character in that one, it was Brilliant and so Funny!   My Fav Commercial of coarse is the Haunted Attic Geico Commercial, which reminds everyone of MY House and what a New Buyer might find left behind.  *Bwahahaha!*  When the Commercial first premiered last Year everyone I knew told me they thought of me instantly when they saw it... my Family did too... it was hilarious!

Only I'd be loathe to leave all those Fabulously Creepy Old Mannequins behind and they wouldn't have been hiding out in the Attic having their Mad Tea Party.  *Winks*   I Laugh every time that Commercial comes on and never tire of seeing it since yep, that would be something I'd do.  *LMAO*   My Vintage Mannequins are the one thing that neither of The G-Kid Force say they will keep when I'm gone.  So they might eventually end up left behind like this?! *Bwahahahahaha!* I find it hilarious what Scares the crap out of people that I just find highly Amusing.   Even when I was a Toddler my Parents said I had an Interest and Fascination with the Macabre and things that would scare the shit out of most Adults.   It's just never bothered me on a Creep factor... I'm more Creeped Out by the behavior and Vibe of some people, like this Prez and his VP quite Honestly.

What is it that Creeps you Out my Friends?   When you Decorate for this Season and Holiday do you go Macabre and Dark... or do you keep it Harvest Themed or Whimsy instead?   This Year far too many Shops just went Harvest Themed and it was a huge disappointment to me not to be able to find some really Halloween Classic merchandising... bummer.   If ever there was a Year where I wanted some Escapism and fall down the Rabbit Hole of pure Fantasy Decorating, 2020 would have been it, given how dreadfully this Year has played out from beginning to end!   I saw some more Cute Yard Art for Halloween with big 2020 Cut Outs and saying that was the Scariest thing they could think of this Year.  True that!   I am thoroughly enjoying the Escapism of the TV Channels which are Hosting all the Halloween Themed stuff, I rarely watch anything else now.

It's almost time for me to drag out all of the Lifesize Skeletons for our Exterior Vignettes for Halloween.   I did buy a new one that looks like it's coming out of the Ground, but I didn't want to put it out there too early and have to keep removing it when we cut the Grass or Irrigate.   And I didn't want to put the Decor out too early either with not knowing how Safe it would be from Theft?  So, for now I just have faux Pumpkins all over the Front Patio area and a Dia de los Muertos Wreath on the Front Door.  It's looking like everything would be just Fine actually out there.  This is the first Year I never put an Altar up in our Home because there is no Space in the Main House for one actually.  Whenever I FINALLY get the RV Garage situated and cleared out enough to Decorate it, then I'll have a permanent one installed in there somewhere.

I'm really disappointed that even as a Member of The Desert Botanical Gardens where your Membership should include all Events for Free, due to Pandemic they claim they're already Sold Out way in advance for every Holiday Event and you can't even make Membership Reservations.  I will not be renewing Membership anymore since 2020 was a complete waste of Membership due to Pandemic and if they don't Honor the Membership, there's no point in paying that much to have one.   I do Hope to be able to visit at least once this Fall to get something out of the 2020 Membership for the entire Autumn Season that I usually buy the annual Membership to Enjoy!?  They weren't giving refunds, just an extension of Membership when they turn you away or won't let you make Reservations.  But once it gets too Hot, an extension is pointless and you've missed out on why you bought your Membership to begin with... very disappointing!  Pandemic will cause people to cease buying Memberships if they can't use them.


May you find any of the Joys of Autumn you can still connect with during Pandemic...  Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have to agree about memberships at the Botanical Garden or pretty much anywhere this year. Seems like a total waste of money with things closed down or limited capacity. We had to replace our air conditioning unit this past December. It was not pretty but it was kind of like the I'm not going to put anything more into repairs of an old car kind of thing. Not sure how old the unit was since we bought the home 4 years ago and it was a rental before then. Good thing is when the company comes with the prepaid plan we have they can't sell us anything extra because the unit is so new LOL. Now still having to deal with the pool servicing company that says our water needs to be replaced due to hardness when we already emptied/filled the pool back in December (also) at their suggestion LOL. I don't decorate for pretty much any holiday, Christmas included, so no Halloween decorations happening here :)


    1. We replaced Units at both of the last two Homes we've owned, they don't build them to last more than a Decade anymore. Most Appliances now crap out at about 10 Years, the Old Appliances of the Past used to last 20-30+ Years, it's become such a disposable society and they intentionally make things obsolete to where you can't buy parts to repair them anymore... or so expensive to repair that you might as well Invest in a new replacement. I don't like that everyone since Pandemic hit seems to be trying to hawk extra stuff you really don't need as a way to keep their biz solvent at the expense of their clients. Right now people can't afford to be exploited with any fear factor sales of anything. So, that's why I was mad about them trying to sell me some filtration system for COVID for an Old Unit that they already have suggested is on it's way out and I'll likely end up paying a fortune to replace relatively soon. I'm not renewing any Memberships anywhere now, they've soured me on it being worthwhile in a Post-Pandemic situation where limited capacity negates any Member benefits promised. We bought this Home in February so I was hopeful we wouldn't have expensive repairs or replacements so soon.

  2. Fun post. On the decor thing, the porch has a few pumpkins, and we've been going to Harvest theme this year, as trick/treating will be less than minimal this year. The grand was thrilled with my Barbie decor as I switched out Vickie's Vintage to a Haunted version complete with accessories, and the garden center went all pumpkin and spooky. She went home yesterday with a bag full of mini Halloween and was thrilled.
    Good luck on the AC. Our furnace is running now at night. During the day we are passive/solar with the angle of the sun pouring into our windows. And, I agree, as we are facing a new furnace in the next couple of years, the third one in 36 years...sadly. Hugs from Chicagoland! Stay Safe! Sandi


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