Saturday, September 12, 2020

Urban Chickens And Seasonal Decor Hunting

 Since the Scorpion sting incident I've been more seriously considering Urban Chickens, just Hens, no Roosters, mebbe Two to keep Bugs and Scorpions down to a minimum on the Acreage.  I'm not fully reconciled yet on whether I want the huge responsibility of more Living Things to Care for.  Even tho' I've heard from numerous people that Free Range Chickens are lower maintenance than Domestic Pets and most other Farm Animals.  The Son said they pretty much take Care of themselves eating what they like out of Nature, with a bit of supplemental feeding and making sure they have Water and a Hen House for Shelter.  And, you'd get Eggs which is the definite Bonus, we eat a lot of Eggs.  I always buy the more expensive Pasture Raised Organic Free Range kind, since the Idea of Battery Hens and their miserable unnatural lives saddens me.

I'd want the Breed that lays Eggs like these, which I buy from 'Sprouts' and has the most Amber Yolks you've ever seen and rich Coloration on the Eggs from Blue to Deep Brown.  They are some of the tastiest Eggs we've ever had too and then it would save me spending $7 a Dozen when I want Fancy Eggs.  *LOL*  Anyway, I am still completely undecided, but that Scorpion sting was quite the Scare and spending Money Monthly on Exterminator Service just isn't cutting it to rid us of all the Scorpions.  So, I'd like to get a Natural enemy of them that likes to dine on the damned things and would be more organic than too many pesticides on our Land.  The thought of Chickens isn't consuming me, I'm just contemplative about it and I bought that Raising Urban Chickens Book for a Dollar at the Goodwill, so I could become an Urban Chicken Whisperer!?  *LMAO*

Princess T and I scavenged around in the RV Garage, after she'd finished her Online Schooling for the Day, to locate some of our Halloween Decor that was already unpacked.  This is one of the only things that got broken during The Move, it snapped in half below the Jack O'Lantern Stem and it was my fault, I'd accidentally banged it while packing.  So, Princess T broke out the Gorilla Glue and I think it will be just fine.  Last Year this "Ghoulish Gardens" Line at "Target" quickly Sold Out to where Online Auctions for the pieces went berserk, they were so coveted!  I'd bought mine early last Season and figured this Season "Target" would do another Line since they were so madly popular, I wasn't disappointed, they had.

Last Season's 2019 Line, this was the largest size of the Venus Flytrap and Audrey II Little Shop Of Horrors "Ghoulish Garden" Offering in an Urn.   Though it looked similar, the 2020 Line was slightly different as you can clearly see below.  They only had Two they put out this Year and I got there just as they were stocking their Halloween Merchandise, which is the only way you're gonna Score any of these in this Line, as I found out last Year!  *Whew!*  And it's True, I bought mine Yesterday and by Today, they were already Sold Out!  I'd gone back to get Sodas since they hadn't stocked my Coke Zero Yesterday, and as always, trawl the Halloween Aisles for the Visual Delight of it.

So this one is the 2020 version of the Line, it's not as elaborate and doesn't have as much going on as last Season's 2019 one did, but it was the same price.  As you can clearly see, I will have a Collection going on of these, since I find them to be Whimsically Adorable in a kind of Macabre Cartoon-ish way.  Sometimes each location gets more in before Halloween, but sometimes they don't, and Sell Out everywhere, so I never risk it, I buy mine early and Shop for Halloween Decor as soon as they put it out!   When you really dig Halloween like we do, you can't wait 'til it all hits the Shelves anyway, so you're trawling for it to jump on it the moment they Stock it and before anyone else is even thinking about the Holidays and Decorating for them!

Last Season 2019 Line had this Mid-Sized one I bought, but this Season 2020 Line, the damned thing Sings and Dances, which would be annoying as Hell, so I Passed!  *LOL*  I need my "Biting Blossoms" to behave and shut the Fuck up!  *Winks*   But, in place of "Peeping Poppies" Eyeball Plant from 2019, with the Reddish Felt Flowers and Human looking Eyeballs... this Season's 2020 Offering of "Peeping Poppies' went with Black Velvet Flowers and a more Reptilian Eyeball.  I also Scored the teeny weeny version in a small White Pumpkin, which last Year kept getting Sold Out too fast and I never got any to match last Season's larger Specimens.

I like both Seasons Offerings and am glad that they're distinctly different.  I know they will Sell Out everywhere again this Year, since they already have at our closest location and they just put them out the Day before!   This also means, for the Consummate Collector of Popular Halloween Lines that are only made for one Season, Cha-Ching if you tire of them and put them up for Resale.  I've made great margins on Resale of anything Seasonal that is either Vintage or was a Single Seasonal Offering.  Mostly because if people missed their chance to Score some, they'll pay up to procure them Years later and satiate the desire to have theirs, even if it's well into the Future from when it was produced.  You wouldn't Believe what some of last Season's netted in Online Auctions after they Sold Out everywhere, it was Insane!

They had this Line too that was Cute but I Passed on, the Pineapple Skully had some of the Skulls with lit up Eyes, they were down to a single one left the very Day they put them out!   For the Colorless Palette Crowd that Decorate for Halloween, I could see them totally diggin' this Line that was in White and Black. As for me, I like me a Colorful Halloween and being that Black and Orange are Favorite Colors of mine anyway, I am drawn to that Palette naturally.  I have always preferred the Warm Palette of Autumn and Black has always been my favorite Non-Color... besides Sepia.   There was no Sepia this Halloween, so I usually Tea and Coffee Stain my own Sepia Holiday Decorations and Fabrics. It's Fun and now I have Acreage, I could really get into Dying Fabrics and Paper again like I used to at my Historic Homestead.

I'd have Clotheslines filled at the Historic Homestead with drying Dyed Fabrics, Trims and Paper Crafting Supplies to Create Art and Decor out of.   Sometimes even my Hands would be Dyed Sepia from all the Tea Staining I'd done!  *LOL*  Princess T and I did locate my all time Favorite Tole Painted Faux Pumpkins, I've owned the Quartet of these Guys since my own Children were Little, so they're over 30 Years Old now and I Love them as much now as when I bought them.  They had been Display items that Year at a 'Michael's' Craft Store, they'd had a famous Tole Painter of the 1980's who was Teaching a Tole Painting Class and they had been the Samples of what people would be Creating.  After the Class, and Halloween, were over, they Sold them all and I bought as many as I could afford at the time.  I only wish I'd been able to buy them all!

But I remember them being expensive, even way back then, due to the Artist being well known for her Tole Painting.  I can't recall who she was, but I Loved her Body of Work.  I have always had an affinity for Tole Painting, even before and after it Trended and had it's Popularity Run, which then waned.  When well done, it's Whimsy just makes me Smile and gives such Adorable Personality to the Characters... and Tole Painted Florals are Classic works of Art that have lasted for Generations on such things as Metal Trays and such.   This was the biggest of my Tole Painted 1980 Era Pumpkins.

This one has always been my Favorite one, just don't tell the others!  *LOL*  I almost messed up one Year trying to Wash the Dust off the Hats and the Feather has never been the same after it got Wet!   My Sweater Fabric Bling Pumpkins were gleaned over a few Years of going to a Favorite Event where one of the Designer's Sister-In-Law Created them for each Holiday Display.  She used those Real Stems I told you I'm a complete Fabric Pumpkin Snob about using on the ones I'll buy!  *LOL*   I Loved that tho' she had enormous ones, she made some of the most minuscule little Adorable ones you could Imagine too... and they were very Budget Friendly when I couldn't afford to splurge on the Big Kahuna ones.

The 3rd of the 1980's Quartet didn't used to have anything on it's Head when our Kids were growing up.  Until, when Princess T, my Granddaughter was little, she donned it with one of her Funky Hair Ligas in about 2007 that she was prone to wearing.  We liked how it looked so we never took it off and it reminds me of when, even as a Toddler, she helped me Decorate, Organize and Style everything in sight and especially during the Holidays.   She was also the one that would put her Doll Spectacles on my Taxidermy Birds or Carnival Kitsch Chalkware Dogs... and we kept those on them too, all these Years later.  It looks Cute and brings back fond Memories of when they were Little.

And speaking of when they were Little... the last of the Tole Pumpkin Quartet, the Green one, used to have a Witch's type bumpy Faux Gherkin Pickle Nose.  But when Princess T was a Toddler, she thought it to be a Real Dill Pickle, which she Loves, and took a bite out of it!  So, for Child Safety reasons, I threw it away lest she try to eat and swallow the damned thing, and just Painted a Nose onto it instead.  I don't even think I have any pixs of it when it had the Pickle Nose, I had initially donned a Satin Witch's Hat on it when it had the Witch Pickle Nose... now the Nose and said Hat are MIA and we just leave it without anything embellishing it.

Any of you who have been following the Ole' Blog for a Minute know that this White Tole Painted Faux Pumpkin I recently Scored whilst Goodwill Hunting, for a couple bucks.   Granted, it's done by an Amateur Tole Painter, clearly, but it was Cute enough to go along with my Old 1980's now Vintage Professionally Painted Quartet all the same and make it now a Quintet of Tole Painted Faux Pumpkins for 2020.   The Dia de los Muertos Skull Art was done by a Famous Artist and Sold at The Desert Botanical Garden's Gift Shop one Year and I bought Two of them and a large Catrina after the Holidays were over and they marked them all 50% Off.  They had been very expensive, so I'd waited with bated Breath hoping nobody would buy them at full price and I could then afford them on Deep Discount!  Patience sometimes pays off with The Good Stuff.

I only wait on the stuff I couldn't afford or wouldn't pay full blown Retail for because it's too expensive or would be a Budget strain to.  Waiting for the After Seasonal Sales was something my Mom and I used to do together and we made a Tradition and Ritual of it actually.    I miss doing things like that with her since my Adult Children and Adult/Teen Grandchildren are just not that Into it as Mom and I were.   Some Friends used to be, but alas, many of them either moved away or Died by now too, so I do it on my Lonesome now.   Which is Okay, I still enjoy it tremendously and didn't abort the Practice.  But it's always more Fun to do it with someone who also enjoys doing what you've made into your Rituals/Traditions to do Together!

Granted, my Dear Mom used to be way more Into Christmas and After Christmas Bargain Hunting than Halloween.  I'm the Halloween Nut, Mom liked buying the After Season Halloween Candy, not to eat herself since she too was an Insulin Diabetic, but to hand out to all the Children in her Community.  She was Nanna and Great-Nanna to them ALL... Young Adults and Children alike, they all LOVED my Mom as if she was part of their own extended Family.  Mom had the Gift of Hospitality and she never met a Stranger, Honestly, if she got someone calling her that was a Wrong Number, she'd end up talking to them for Hours and then becoming someone they Befriended and called again!  *LOL*

When I had been at The Antique Mall Location Downtown, that is the Sister Store to the one I'm a Vendor in, I'd bought this.  I put it on one of my Faux Bamboo Plants in the Sitting Area in front of our Fireplace.  Having some Decor out now makes it seem like the Holidays are rolling in with Autumn.  It cheers me when other things are getting me down.  Personal Trials with our own Family, learning that a Dear Friend's Adult Grandson, who lives in Texas, just recently came down with COVID after returning to College Classes in person.  I was present at his Birth and am his Godmother, he's Engaged to be Married, I'm Praying he will recover fully.  Too many people I know are coming down with this all over the Country.  

I learned later Today that some other Friends also got COVID and Thankfully have made a full recovery.  Their Adult Daughter talked with me about it and said her Parents initially were Anti-Maskers and likely how and why they caught it.  She argued constantly with them about the risks they were taking.  Her Dad is a Disabled Veteran with COPD, so he's fortunate it didn't kill him.  She said now both of her Parents apologized for resisting Mask wearing and wear them Religiously now!  Well, better late than never I suppose, I'm just Thankful they both dodged a Bullet and were able to survive and recover, they are a lovely Family I've known a long time.

You know, it is hard to know exactly what to say to people who are resistant to the Science, the Reality of it all, and listen to and Believe questionable Sources rather than Expert Advice and reliable Sources.  Or who are just living recklessly or stubbornly mired in their Issues and turning to unhealthy Habits to Cope.  I'm sure we all know someone... or of someone, who fits that description, that even with the best of Intentions, nobody can get thru to.  Nobody wants something bad to happen to them, but on the trajectory they are on, it's very likely it will, since they're playing the Odds and the Odds are not in their Favor.   Objective observations about it can often see with clarity what is likely to go Sideways, those that Care will often give Warnings and Sage Advice, too many won't or don't listen though.

Too much risk is involved in how they're behaving and what choices they're making and so as not to put ourselves at risk too, we sometimes have to just distance ourselves or cut them loose.  It's hard when we Care about them and what happens to them, but an Adult's Free Will decisions are on them and the consequences thereof.  I've had to distance myself from some People due to COVID and due to their Choices during this Pandemic...  or due to their Political leanings going to the Far Side and showing an unacceptable side of themselves that I never knew existed.  It's some more of the collateral damage of these troubled times we're all in. 

 I remember during Nine Eleven, almost 20 Years ago now, the Country came together in Unity, Support and Purpose during those horrific Terrorist Events that claimed over 3,000 Lives.  How very different is our America now, when almost 200,000 Lives have been Lost and we can't come together during these horrific times, like we should and we desperately need to!  I don't know what has happened to the America we used to Believe we were?   What happened to some of the Leaders of then, who rose to the occasion then and have folded now like a deck of Cards, Rudy Giuliani comes instantly to Mind.  Something has been seriously compromised here in America and it's glaringly obvious to most of us... the 60% or so of us anyway, that things have seriously derailed, gone Wheels Off the Rails and culminated into an Insane Train Wreck.

And just about every Blog Post now may begin with the Intention of talking about such fluff and things as Eggs and Urban Chickens, but eventually gets Hijacked into talking about the dire Condition our Country is careening into without braking or slowing down towards imminent disaster!   If you're an American and America is your Home, then you've kinda bought the Ticket so you're on for the whole hairy ride.  White knuckling it and hoping that if you fastened your seat belts, perhaps you won't be a Casualty when it all crashes and burns?  The bright spot I contemplate is that at least I'll get to enjoy perhaps Halloween, before all Hell breaks loose come the Election results, whatever they may be?

I'm thinking that Post-Craziest-Election-Ever it's a crap shoot if Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year won't be wrecked in the carnage of the aftermath and outcome, regardless of what it is?   I've got this nagging Premonition that this is not going to End Well, and I just can't shake that Visceral Gut Feeling I have about it not Ending Well.   I'd like to pretend it will... End Well... but I don't FEEL it whatsoever and I'd be lying if I told you I did.  I'd be Fooling myself actually to Fantasize that every little thing's gonna be alright... because I seriously doubt it.  I do Hope I'm Wrong about that and that for once my Premonitions do not come to pass as accurate?!

The Stress and the Strains of it all weigh heavily upon the Shoulders of each of us, I doubt many are immune to the weight of it.   Some may be Coping better than others, some may not be Coping at all and are turning to things they shouldn't.   Each of us has to try to Cope in our Best way, if at all possible... because NOT Coping never Ends Well, EVER.   There's a lot of weightier Issues of Life I could be Blogging about but I've refrained, everyone is carrying their own Weighty Issues so they don't need to bear mine too... nor me theirs... for the time being anyway.  I speculate a lot of people are holding their own Space with stoic fortitude and not always letting on what they're Dealing with on a Personal level.  The Collective level of what we're Dealing with is more than Enough right now.

I Hope your Burdens aren't so heavy my Friends that you fold up under the Weight of them?   The Weight distributed, if you have a strong Network, can be Helpful, but not everyone has that.   This Pandemic has been terribly Isolating and the various Pressures mounting up have been numerous too.  Crisis upon Crisis stacking up like cord wood.  We're just taking it one Day at a time and compartmentalizing so much of it in order to get thru it and not have it just overwhelm us.   I have compartmentalized my Emotions lately, so I've felt quite fractured by this necessity to, in order to remain as highly functional as possible and not go to pieces at times.  Retreating to Photography, Writing, Blogging, Decorating and Creativity has been therapeutic.  And I'm glad that every so often some of you show up... and some of you weigh in.


Virtual Hugs to anyone else on the Crazy Rollercoaster Ride of Emotions and Circumstances changing constantly... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Lovely Halloween decorations pictured and here’s to mask wearing!

    1. Thanks for dropping in Christine, and Yes, here's to Mask wearing, nobody likes to do it but it's not too much to ask during a Public Health Crisis of this Magnitude. Why some people seem to still be part of the Resistance is beyond me for something that will possibly save their lives and everyone around them... it's kinda Crazy!

  2. I'm afraid I've become cynical about giving any sympathy to anti-maskers who get sick. My God, think how many others they infect before they have symptoms. But like you said, better late than never to the mask party.

    Urban chicken eggs are incredibly good. It's the freshness, I think, that makes them so tasty.

    I took tole painting classes back in the day, too. Who didn't? and my mom kept doing it for years.

    1. I never did take a Tole Class, wish I had, so I could have perfected the Art of it and perhaps Sold Seasonal Tole objects like the Faux Pumpkins and other Holiday Whimsy. It seems to Sell well and fetch good prices, even Today. I too am cynical about giving any sympathy to the anti-maskers for the same reasons you have, I know they are complicit in spread and detrimental to their own health and well-being even when told what to do to stay safer. You can't mandate personal behavior and some people will be resistant no matter what experts tell them. I know so many other Diabetics that refuse to alter lifestyle to not let the Disease take over. I try to do whatever Specialists have told me is best, sometimes the Disease still Wins but at least I can say I did all I could to manage it and not be foolish and stubborn. The Man isn't so good about doing what Docs tell him, I think he only wears a Mask because I insist. *LOL* He was very resistant at first and I kept telling him regardless of his Brain Damage, I would not allow a Covidiot in this household! *Winks* It's sad but True that many people will still not take this seriously until the worst things about it actually touches their lives personally... same with the support of this vile Administration. When what he does finally comes Home to roost with them personally, it's doubtful they will wake up or wise up.

  3. yard eggs are the best. one of the yogis at the class i go to has a lot of chickens and I've been getting my eggs from her. she only charges $2 a dozen.they come in all colors and orange yolks. my sister kept chickens for a couple of years but after her husband died she got rid of them. they are pretty interesting creatures. my sister called them the Borg because they acted in unison. they are more like little dinosaurs to me.

    those creepy garden pieces are really cool.

    1. If I don't consider Chickens seriously, there are Neighbors that do Sell Fresh Yard Eggs that I could buy from rather than the Organic Grocer or Farmer's Markets. The latter, during Pandemic, have been suspended and I don't know if they'll come back anytime soon or not?

  4. Lots of fun stuff here Dawn. My grand-niece has all kinds of chickens and ducks in the backyard...the biggest issue is warmth in Wisconsin winters which you won't have...sounds like a nice organic way to go...! We also buy
    free range eggs from great farms. And, they do taste better and are fresher! Sandi


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