Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I'm Mad... New Blogger Quit Changing Shit!

I'm mad that New Blogger keeps changing shit constantly now and has completely changed the Photo Sizing option so it's not as User Friendly as it was initially... dammit!  That was one of the improvements they'd made different from Legacy Blogger that I had liked most, how large and easily sized you could now make pixs!  Now they've screwed that up and the sizing procedure now is a pain in the Ass and a lot more time consuming, I don't think it will look as good either and enhance the experience!  Why they changed it so soon after rolling out New Blogger is a complete Mystery, why make a good enhancement worse?!  Mebbe they'll put it back to the way it was if they get a lot of Complaints and Push Back? Anyway, how do you like my new "Fuck Covid" Mask?  We went on a Mask buying spree and found some good ones.

One of our Favorite Finds was this one, "Shut Up, Karen", Princess T and I both got one and laughed that now we don't even have to say it out loud anymore!  *Winks*  Oddly enough, The Mall was devoid of Karens during our Family Outing Today and there were fewer Covidiots wearing Masks improperly too.  The vast majority of people seemed to be in compliance and respectful of Pandemic Rules.  We were looking for Princess T's Halloween Costume since we'd had to basically return the last one since it didn't end up being Age Appropriate for a 14-15 Year Old Girl Child.  So, instead of "The Purge", she's going to be a Cow... and picked out a Cow Onesie, yeah, big Switch!  *LOL*

Truth be told, The Man and I were relieved she went from the Sexy options to a Childish one, plus she'll be Warmer if it's Cold that Night Trick-Or-Treating.  *LOL*  Not to mention we'll get way more mileage out of this purchase since she wears her Halloween Onesies to Bed long afterwards.  She's still wearing the Llama Onesie from last Halloween.  Not to mention, they're way cheaper than buying almost any other type of Halloween Costume in Adult sizes.  This was a One Size Fits Most and is baggy enough to either wear her regular clothing under it, or not.  It's really Cute and we liked her choice, she liked it too, she wasn't comfortable with that inappropriate Costume she'd picked out previously, she felt self conscious about it being risque and for Older Young Women.

This is also easier if she has to go to the Bathroom while wearing it, because it has a drop down Back Flap and it says MOO, which was an unexpected Cute Surprise!   A lot of Costumes are very difficult for Children to get in and out of and so if they get all suited up and then need to use the Bathroom, it's a chore!  This one won't be and will be great Pajamas come Winter when it's Colder.   She's so Skinny she gets Cold easily and these are a nice soft flannel type material that feels Cozy and is easy to get off and on.   She also won't have to mess with Face Make-Up if she doesn't want to, tho' she did steal borrow another pair of my Fake Magnetic Eyelashes and the Dollar Store doesn't have any more for me to replace all the ones she's confiscated!  She said she left me with the Drag Queen Size... Splendid!  *LMAO*

But she will have sweeping Cow Lashes while wearing my Magnetic False Lashes, she practically wears them to Bed and all the time anymore!   This is the problem when you have Girls and they get to where they're Old enough to wear your stuff and they like your stuff and your Style... it disappears and isn't so much your stuff anymore!   She lost a pair of the Magnetic Lashes in the Sectional the other Night and was frantically crawling around looking for them!  She'd put them on the Arm of the Sectional instead of in their nifty round carrying Case... luckily she found them again or all my damned Magnetic Lashes might have turned up missing!  *LOL*

 The other Male Panda Molly Fish died, they don't seem to be a robust breed of Molly, but they are Pretty.  He might have impregnated the surviving Female before he died, since he really did chase her around in amorous pursuit, so we'll see if they produce any Offspring that might be hardier?  Our Soft Water here isn't idyllic for Tropic Fish and I constantly have to assess the Water conditions for the right balance and account for evaporation by constantly adding new Water.  Arizona is a dry Desert climate and even Indoors, Water evaporates at a rapid pace.  So far most Fish are doing well and the few who have appeared Sickly have mostly recovered with Treatments I add to their Water.

I'm enjoying the larger Fish Tank I set up near this Computer, it has all of the Adult and Juvenile Fish in it.  They seem to enjoy watching me sitting here Blogging, as they linger in this Corner of the Tank watching me intently, as if I'm Entertaining?!  *LOL*  The original smaller Tank now only holds small Fry to protect them from cannibalization.  They're all doing well, even the sole Runt, who is strangely a totally Black Molly, which I have none of and haven't for a long time.  I can only assume he was the lone Offspring of my Marble Mollies and reverted to being all Black?  He is a poor Swimmer and may not make it to Adulthood?  We have so many Babies, perhaps too many to keep a stable population if they all survive?

Gay Timmy still has his Aquariums and not much Luck, so we've already told him that if we have a population explosion, he's getting some Free replacement Fish.  *LOL*  He often comes in here to behold our thriving Tanks and get tips on how better to Care for his, he wants to Learn all he can and be a responsible Tropical Fish Owner, Bless him.  For the Novice it can be tricky, it can even be tricky for those of us who know more than the Pet Shop Clerks.  *LOL*  I have decided to not buy Fish from PetCo and only from Petsmart, since PetCo has a dubious track record of Caring for their Animals and high Mortality rates in my opinion and experience with buying from them.

Perhaps their Suppliers are the problem, perhaps aftercare once they receive the Animals, I'm not certain, but it's problematic, that I am certain of!  Anyway, our Fish population here at Home is breeding often enough to replace any casualties, so I don't have to buy Fish.  The Age of any Adult Fish, unless you Raised them from Birth, is questionable too... I can't tell the Age most Adult Fish.  Some could be Aging Out for all I know and their Natural Lifespan might be the problem of the ones we've Lost recently?  Usually size matters in Fish, if they're Big, they could be Older.  My Two Marble Mollies are enormous!

So, that's enough Fish Talk to Bore you out of your Mind for a single Post, unless you really dig Tropical Fish?!  *LOL*   I'm contemplating when I should start moving over more of my Merchandise from the Booth at the Antique Mall that I'll be Closing and Moving Out of by October 3rd?   We've slowly been reorganizing and remodeling the Showroom to eventually hold it all and still look decent.  I should be able to do most of the Moving Out in a single Day, so I'm not too worried about which Days I devote to the Project?  I will keep some easy to move Merchandise in there 'til the last Day because I've prepaid the Rent 'til then.  I'll miss that Space but it was the right Timing to dump it.

Timing is everything no matter what you're contemplating in Life.  Gauging the right Timing is crucial but not always such an easy task, is it?  I think we Sold Villa Boheme' and bought Forever Boheme' at exactly the Ideal Timing before Pandemic hit with a vengeance.  No wonder I had such a sense of Urgency yet didn't know exactly Why... sometimes we have a Knowing that something is gonna unfold yet we know not what exactly.  I did have a sense that something was coming up that would be urgent and I needed to act before it happened. The feeling alarmed me, I even told my Family something Bad was gonna happen and we needed to get all Sales consummated before it did.

 So I did act, even tho' I couldn't say why I was feeling such intense Urgency that was making me feel I had to Move immediately.  I never imagined it to be a Plague tho', who could, really, that would take Premonition Skills far beyond my own!   I had been having Dreams and Feelings about Negative stuff way back in late August, early September of last Year.   I confided in The Man that we needed to Move... and quickly!   I had originally wanted to keep Villa Boheme' until maximum Equity was built up to Clear the Profit I'd projected when we bought it. But I couldn't discount the sense of intensifying Urgency I felt, that I needed to revise that strategy and Cash out my Chips much earlier.  I'm sure glad I did.

Perhaps subtle Clues and Signs we pick up on subconsciously and don't always recognize it right away, I'm not sure?   All I do know is that whenever I've had a Premonition that alarms me, I act upon it immediately to hopefully avert disastrous consequences.  It has served me very well to... at times it has even saved my Life or the Life of someone I know!   Anyway, at least we had moved in here the first part of February before all Hell broke loose, so that was a huge Relief lemme tell ya!  Because it's not as if we were able to do such a Big Move quickly, or Buy and Sell Real Estate quickly either, that all takes some Timing... along with the Sun, Moon and Stars lining up in your Favor!  *LOL*

I didn't take such a huge Life Change lightly either, nor do it recklessly and without a lot of Planning and logistics.  I wasn't even certain I'd Saved Up quite enough to pull it all off, given the Cost of Moving now is just ridiculous!   So were Home Prices in the Valley rising exponentially.  Arizona used to be an inexpensive place to Retire and to Live, it's not anymore and won't ever be again.   Too many are bailing out of other States and Countries that are even more expensive to live in or just aren't places you want to live anymore.   I've even considered leaving the Country with this current Administration in Power that is dismantling the America I used to know and Love, but is being corrupted, neglected and ruined.

But enough of that, Today I just can't go there... I'm feeling Thankful this Day for what is Positive and what we have in the way of Blessings and Resources at our disposal right now.   So, I won't even turn on the News at all Today, I won't even invite in the constant Doom and Gloom playing out in Real Time.  Horrific Events which really does Touch all our Lives significantly in one way or another, whether we like to admit that or not.   Today I admit it, but don't want to overdose on the exposure of it's Negative and Toxic effects to infect this Day for us.  Today we plan to have a Good Day all Day.  It starts out good when you find a couple of Fab Tribal Material enormous Fabric Pumpkins at a great price at "Home Goods"!  They match a lot of what I have in those Materials in our Home and I Love the Black and White Tribal Materials and Mud Cloths best.

Since so many Families couldn't Cope with the Online long grueling Schooling Days of Home Schooling, while they try to hold down this complex Life, Careers, Deal with Issues of Life that are now Epic, perhaps have Multiple Students in the Home... far too many were dis-enrolling their Children!   So, the Schools had to react to that Reality, since it's clearly too dangerous for in person Classes and those that have experimented with that Failure are paying the price.   I know Students who returned to School or College prematurely and came down immediately with COVID or infected their Families, so that wasn't a viable Solution.  So, the Schools decided to cut Class Time Online.

That is Saving my Student's Focus and Saving my Sanity, as now she's Online Five Days a Week from 7:15 A.M. to Noon in reduced Class time... rather than 'til 2:15 P.M. Daily!  *Whew!*  That's already working out much better with reduced Class time and more time for me to do everything else that needs to get done during the Week!   Before, if I couldn't wait 'til her Online Classes were done and tried to dash out on a Death Run, by the time I got back, The Man had usually fallen asleep in his Media Chair and she had thus fallen asleep in front of her Computer Screen while the Class/Teacher droned on!  *Le Sigh*

I've heard Stories from other Parents, of Younger Students, or Younger Parents, who were faring much worse, so at least I didn't feel like The Lone Ranger in this all being beyond my capabilities to Manage or endure!   As for In Person Studies, no way that's happening until they can ensure Student Safety, Staff Safety, Family Safety, which they can't and we all know it!   The disastrous effects of even College Students returning to Dorms and Classrooms has been deplorable and Criminally Negligent in my opinion.   I already know of some Friends whose College Students immediately came down with COVID when they returned to Campus and are now battling it, it is terrifying to a Family to have to endure that Nightmare!

Sometimes my Grandchild has to endure me acting the Fool, like when I bought this Creepy Doll Head Cane at "Spirit Store" and used it as a Senior Walking Cane thruout the Mall just because it Mortified her for me to!  "Stop it Gramma!", she kept squealing and laughing... and walking WAAAAY ahead of us so nobody would know we were Together!  *Bwahahahaha!*  When you can embarrass a Child, especially in Public or in front of their Peers, you've got em right where you want em!  *Winks*   She claims nothing embarrasses her, but I can Dream Up some shit that definitely Challenges that Claim!  *Ha ha ha!*   She is at that Age on the Cusp of still enjoying hanging out with me, I know that will end soon so I'm savoring the Moments, while she still does and thinks I'm Fun.  *Smiles*

 Well, so long as I'm NOT doing an exaggerated Decrepit Old Woman Limp, while hunched over leaning on this Creepy Baby Head Cane, in the Mall in front of God and everybody, she still wants to be seen with me anyway.  *Winks* We're piping along with the School thing and she's a Freshman in High School and a Special Needs Student at that, so honestly, we'll just do the best we can with what we have at our disposal right now.   It'll either work out... or it won't... I can't actually fixate  upon which way that will go... I barely Care Truth be told.  I'm just keeping it 100% Real with ya my Friends... otherwise I'd be a Liar and I cannot tolerate a Liar or anyone being Fake, can you?   I thought not.

 There are bigger Fish to Fry in the way of catastrophic shit that could happen and me to get us thru, for me to worry over whether she'll get thru her Freshman Year or have to extend it? She'll be Okay, right now my biggest Lessons for her that I'm Teaching are how to Survive shit successfully, so that she'll be among the Survivors of it all.  You could have more Degrees than a Thermometer, but if you don't Survive this shit, it was for naught.   BTW: I Scored my Morticia Addams Pop figure to complete my Collection of Addams Family Pops.  I didn't know there had been Two different Styles made, I liked this one best. I could have Scored the other Style too, which is actually part of the Set I already have of the other Characters.  I could only get Morticia Online but very well priced, and Free Shipping.

Because we wanted Today to be a Pleasant one we went Shopping for the rest of Princess T's Birthday Pressies.  Her 15th Birthday is the 22nd and we'd ordered her main pressy, the Skateboard, Online and received it in a Day!  Of coarse she wanted to go to The Mall, because what Teen doesn't?  The Man and I used to dread The Mall when she wanted to go, but now that we need exercise and to get out of Lock Down for Morale.  It's Air Conditioned and not crowded Mid-Week, it's good for us to go and we do all enjoy it now as Family Time.  First we had lunch at her Favorite place for Spring Rolls "Rice Paper", she thinks the Handsome Gay Waiters there are Cute, they are... and she said they smell good... they do.  *LOL*

This far along in the Post and I'm not Hating the Photo Sizing AS MUCH, since I found a quickie way to override the hassle of Sizing them some.  I'll have to preview it to ensure it works before I actually Post it, since my Sidebar sometimes gets in the way and then I'll have to resize them all, so Fingers Crossed that won't be necessary, but I dunno just yet 'til it's done and I do a Preview before I Publish it.  We spent more time out and about than I anticipated, because we all were having such a good time and nobody got Cranky so we could stay out longer.  The Man actually did very well at The Mall since I insisted he bring his Walker.  He also finally got his Watch Battery and a new Jazzy Duel-Toned Metal Watch Band for it too.  He'd suddenly had this Jones' to wear a damned Watch and was Fixating on it!

He had Six Watches HE'D NEVER WORN and has owned for YEARS, so of coarse all their damned Batteries were Dead and he didn't like the Leather Bands since his large motor skills since the TBI are shot to Hell.  So putting on a Leather Watch Band with Buckle by himself was next to impossible.  He wanted one of those Duel-Tone Metal ones that look like a Rolex Band and have a snap Buckle.  That and a Five Year Watch Battery set me back almost Eighty Bucks... but, whatever... now he's not Fixated anymore and might actually wear that Watch, which is a very nice looking one and Honestly looks more expensive with the new Band.  

I'm hiding the other Five so he doesn't start thinking he needs Bands and Batteries for all of them, I ain't spending Eighty Bucks per Watch while he's on this Kick, which isn't likely to last.   Plus, after spending so much on his Watch, he only LOOKED at the Pricing of my Audrey II Plants and didn't say a Peep when I purchased Two different ones at 60% Off!  *Winks*  With the Store's 40% Off Sale on all Halloween and my 20% Off Coupon they also honored on top of the Sale Price, I was Jazzed!  Not to mention, this 'Michaels' had several different less expensive sizes of Audrey II Halloween Plants and not just the Big Kahuna one that is way too expensive and not within Budget.  None of the other locations had these smaller versions.

You can see the scale of my Two compared to the Big Kahuna size that I have Lusted after for a couple Seasons and know I can't afford even on Sale.  But, the smaller versions, especially 60% Off, were well within Budget so I bought one of each and Color me Happy now that I don't have to wait for some other Year to Score one or try to afford the Big One!  *Whew*   I have thought these are so reminiscent of "Little Shop Of Horrors" that I just HAD to have some.  And these are a size that will be easier to Store after the Holidays too and I may just keep them up as Decor in the RV Garage Year Round actually, once I get it Organized and Decorated/Styled completely.

As you can see, Princess T got herself a slightly more PC Face Mask that says, "F*CK COVID-19".    And Today she didn't mind my Pathological Picture Taking at all, Oddly enough!   In fact, she encouraged some of the pixs she was in, Proof Positive that we were having some Quality Family Time Together without anyone getting Pissy or being Dramatic for a change!  *LOL*   Nope, no Man Drama and no Teen Drama, it was quite Blissful!  If they keep this up I might not have to ditch them so often when I wanna go out somewhere?!  *Bwahahahaha!*

We also hit a 'Goodwill' since it was Senior Day and I Scored this Vintage enormous Light Up Jack O'Lantern for $7.   The Cashier said they had just put it out and that the Staff had been quite fond of it and knew it wouldn't last in front as part of their Halloween Display.   These actually Sell well and for great Margins at the Antique Mall, so if I tire of it, I can flip it.  But for now, it will be a Yard or Porch Display for this Halloween.   I'm not Decorating Outside too early until I know if that Thief in the Neighborhood gets picked up, lest he's into Stealing Lawn Holiday displays too, you never know?   I have some Lifesize Skeletons that I use every Halloween in an Action Vignette and I want to ensure they're Safe coz they're not Cheap to replace.

So, this is where my Audrey II Garden ended up, in the Sitting Area near the Fireplace.  It's been nice to get some of my Halloween Decor set up around the Home early so we can thoroughly enjoy Autumn and it's Vibe rolling in.  Especially since we're Home so much of the time now.   I bought Princess T a bunch of Puzzles from the Thrift Shops and she bides a lot of time putting those together now.  Plus I bought her some more Paint-By-Number Kits to occupy her Lock Down Time.   Gay Timmy is currently Grounded for the first time ever because his Gramma felt he wasn't getting good Grades in his Online Exclusive Pandemic Classes.  Normally he's an Excellent Student, but even the Stellar Students are struggling with this New Home Schooling during Pandemic.  I'm sure his Grandparents can't help him much either?

Princess T commiserated with him on Poor Grades and School Struggles, because that Poor Child struggles with Academics on her Best Days and has always been embarrassed over her Grades and being in Special Ed Resources.  It's only worse now she HAS to be Home Schooled and isn't getting Professional Individualized Attention!  She told Timmy that if we Grounded her for Bad Grades, she'd be Grounded Forever until she was an Adult!  Bless her Heart but it's Truth.  It's not that we don't think Education is important, it is, but for some Children who aren't Academics, or have Special Needs, it can be a brutal thing to get thru.  And I'm not gonna punish any Child for that, it would be Cruel and not a fair expectation to have.  Enough Poor Students and Special Needs Students are humiliated and Bullied, without adding to that crushing weight to their Self-Esteem and torment!

Besides, do you know how many Exceptional Students I Trained in my Corporate Lives that couldn't cut it in their chosen Career Fields once they got out of School and weren't in a Classroom Environment or up to the Job?!   Not everything in Life is Textbook, not every Academic cuts it in the Real World of what a job or career throws at them.  Some can't even work with people, no matter how smart they are, or how good at what they do, so if they lack people Skills, they usually make lousy Supervisors and Executives!   So having Degrees or Good Grades I don't put a lot of weight in when it comes how some people will perform in Real Life on any Job/Career Path, some of my most exceptional Workers, weren't exceptional in School!   And Academic Snobbery is often so pretentious, uppity and Bougee that nobody can really stand it, just sayin', it ain't impressing anyone really, so knock it off if you are inclined do it to try to impress people.  Real Intellects don't even have to flaunt it, it's evident without showing off.


Had Fun Today even tho' Blogger just HAD to Change Shit and not leave well enough alone... to the chagrin of Tech Challenged peeps like me, not to have to learn something New constantly, just as we grasped the last New Thing... dammit ... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. Did Princess T deliberately pose to give the appearance of her arms being wrapped in lettuce at Rice Paper, or was it just a lucky shot? LOL. Reminded me of when I went to a costume party as a tossed salad. I'm going to have to purchase one of those Shut Up Karen masks, just to have on hand in case I happen to run into a Karen.

    1. OMG I had to go back and look at the pix and it was just a lucky shot and now it's making me laugh, hadn't even noticed how weird it looked! *LOL* We loved those Karen Masks since there always seems to be one somewhere and it's so hard to shut up and not say something to engage them or give them the attention I'm sure they crave! Just wearing the Mask will make other people laugh, since every Karen is such a spectacle and nobody enjoys having to endure them! We got them at 'Spencers', which always has good stuff, gives Military discounts and frequent buyer bonuses too.

  2. Your masks on your mannequins are a riot...and the plants are SO much fun...I may go dig in the basement and see what raw materials I can come up with to make some HORROR plants...LOL. Little Shop of Horrors has always been one of my favorites...mostly for the silly slapstick...and totally 'out there' of it. Grins, going to the basement after catching up with posts! Hugs, Sandi

    1. I do Hope you'll cover some of your Horror Plant Creations Sandi? Lately I'm sparse on Blog Fodder to Read when I come here to immerse myself in The Land of Blog for my Social Time during Pandemic. I just Hate the Isolation and lack of Physical Touch this Virus has caused. Caregiving was Isolating enough, this added another level to it that at least most people have a point of reference with now, but that doesn't make it feel any less uncomfortable. I'd like to immerse myself in Creative Pursuits, but honestly, I haven't even felt 'On' Creatively. My Hope is that surrounding myself with the visuals, aromas and Joy of the Autumn Holiday Season will perk me up?

  3. Grades are only an indicator of how happy one makes their teacher.
    They're a record-keeping tool for educrats, who have a pathological need to classify everyone and fit them into neat little categories.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful and full of wonderful personality.

    Love the masks, haven't seen any like that here, but I guess I haven't really looked for them, either.

    "Shut up, Karen."

    1. I do agree with you that there is this need in Society to Classify everyone and if you don't fit in their Box and Conform, they really don't know what to do with you... and call you a Misfit because you don't Fit their criteria. I've never been a Conformist and I wasn't raised by Parents who were Conformists. I seriously doubt our Children and Grandchildren Conform either, it's in our DNA I suppose to march to the beat of our own Drummer regardless of Social expectations and Norms. This is why I don't worry too much about her Grades, she's brilliant in her own way and she leads in ways that can't be taught. She's comfortable in her own skin and from an early Age displayed individualism that even many Adults recognized set her apart in an interesting way. She does struggle Academically and I have this sense that for some Kiddos, School just isn't their Jam and never will be and that's probably Okay, if only Society would and could accept that having Ratings is stifling a lot of Potential and Talent that they'll never accurately be able to Rate and Classify even if they wanted to.

  4. I love those masks, and the cow costume as well. Do you know what would be hilarious? If someone dressed up as Devin Nunes ran into GD on Halloween, and she followed him around making Moooooo! noises.

    I know the online learning thing is tough. I went through training for a few things during the past few months and I needed a lot of Mountain Dew to get me through all of that.

    1. Yeah, the Boredom factor of exclusive Online Studies is difficult, especially when a child has an attention deficit and learning disabilities compounding grasping any of it at the speed they do the Classes. I had to look up Devin Nunes to get the Joke, Dairy Farmer, got it now! *winks*

  5. Love the masks. Love the styling of them! And the costume is darling -- and functional too. (She's so pretty!).

    I know - New B. can't seem to make up its mind. Hang in!

    1. New B needs to enhance something and leave it alone for a minute, it's too frustrating to grasp it and then they immediately change it already, I fail to see the logic. They shouldn't even roll it out until they've tweaked it to have it ready for their Bloggers. I'm not as frustrated Today as I was with it Yesterday, providing they don't make further Changes without Notice.

  6. I hear ya Dawn! Blogger is giving me fits too. My pics are oversized or don't post, my posts are too wide for the page...it makes me nuts.


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