Friday, July 31, 2020

The Last Walk & Fire Damage

So, you'll be glad to know this is not going to be a Political Rant Post, well, unless you actually like my Political Rant Posts?!  *LOL*  Today's Imagery was mostly taken during our last Walk around the Iconic Landmark Metrocenter Mall, before the Doors Close for good.  There were more people there than expected, but still Safe and lots of Pandemic Room to Socially Distance, since the Mall is huge.  All doing the same thing... Walking for Exercise... taking Photos to immortalize the End of an Era... giving the last Businesses our Business... even some Media reporting on the Closure and people making Music Videos!  So, it was more Entertaining than other recent Walks there.  We watched some Handsome Rap Artists making their Videos and some Pretty Young Women on Roller Blades making their Exercise Videos. 

  I went to the 'Cinnabon' for the last time, it's been there Forever and clearly staying 'til the End!  I know, not exactly Diabetic Friendly, but a delish frozen Vanilla drink.  I'm not into the Cinnabons actually, I don't like Sweet Confections at all... I'm Weird like that!  *LOL*  The Man is and has a Sweet Tooth, but he behaved and refrained from having a Cinnabon, which was Surprising.  He's on Weekly Injections now for his Diabetes, so he's been more receptive to Dietary restrictions now.  Nothing sobers you quite like having to take daily injections, I'm back to Four a Day again, even tho' usually I behave and eat well, exercise and take all the Meds they've ever prescribed.  *Le Sigh*  I still WANT this huge Retro Mosaic Table!  That and the Circular Mid-Century Mod Sofa we sat on around it would look great on the back Patio!  *Smiles*

The Man took my pix to immortalize our Last Walk there, see that Couple on the Upper Tier?  They Video Recorded us for about 20 Minutes, according to The Man, so perhaps we were Entertaining too?  *LOL*  Of coarse, the Handsome Young Men shooting the Music Video on the Escalator beside us {and other parts of the Mall} might have been the actual fodder for that Couple's intent Interest? *Smiles*  I know, I should have snapped off a couple Images of them too in case they are Famous, even tho' I had no Idea who they were... and they sure were Stud Muffins!   I didn't recognize the Songs or Music, but I'm not into Rap. But, I wanted to respect their Privacy and never intentionally Photograph people I don't know and without their permission, since I'm Sharing on Social Media too.

The Young Women shooting the Skating Video looked like Models more than they looked like Fitness Instructors, but they could have been both?   The same Handsome Photographer was shooting the Videos of both the Rap Artist and the Models, so I'm assuming it will all come together in some Music Video?   Most Recording Artists have Beautiful Women in their Music Videos even if they're doing nothing that relates to the Music!  *LMAO*   The Photographer shooting the Videos looked like one of those hunky Models from Abercrombie & Fitch, he was a Gorgeous Young Man with impeccable Style, a Black short Beard and Blonde Hair with Dark Fade... reminded me of a Young George Michael during his 'Faith' Album Era {above}.  The Rap Artist was a Handsome Young Man too, but dressed too Urban Thug, I Hate the Saggy Pants Street Gang Look... he had an Ankh Tattooed on his Neck.

Anyway, perhaps it will show up on some MTV Video, I'll have to wait and see.  Or mebbe it was an Unknown Artist shooting Tik Tok Videos or looking for his Big Break, I wouldn't know?  *LOL*   The Music wasn't my taste, but it didn't sound bad either.  Tho' that was subjective, The Man had a different opinion, he's quite the Music Critic and thought they were too loud and rowdy!  *Smiles*  He did Walk both levels again without complaint and really without getting out of Breath either, so these Walks are improving his Stamina considerably from when we first started doing them!  We took the above pix to both Immortalize our Last Walk there and to Immortalize the Time of Pandemic with the Signage, lest we ever Forget what it was like in 2020 during The Plague?!  *Bwahahahaha... I know, NOT likely, huh?!*  We'll likely have Nightmares about how 2020 went down, for the rest of our Lives!

I hadn't slept much last Night due to Nightmares and not being able to turn my Thoughts off enough to drift off into Peaceful Slumber!   So we'd gotten up so early to go do this Walk... have Breakfast out... and see the effects of that Gila River Bottom Fire, now that they got it up under Control and 99.9% extinguished, that we got Home before Princess T even woke up!   We were practically the only ones having Breakfast that early at 'Raul & Theresa's Mexican Restaurant' in the Old Neighborhood that our Beloved Historic Home is in.  We always drive by the Old Place to see what the new Owner is doing in the Restoration Project, he's living there full time now, in my Old Art Studio Cottage, he had recently told me.  He really Loves the place as much as we did and that makes me Happy that he's Cherishing it too and finishing what we began so many Years ago.,

It still Feels rather Post-Apocalyptic when everywhere is so Empty and devoid of usual Activity during Pandemic now.  It's something I probably would never get used to as 'Normal' or a 'New Normal' as they like to Label it.   I will never get used to so many places Vacant or Boarded Up from all the failed Commercial and Industrial Businesses that Pandemic finished off.  I heard that a few more Big Companies have gone Chapter 11 now and joined the ranks of those Giants that aren't gonna make it thru.  The Small Businesses never make the News when they fold, my guess is that for every One Giant that fails, numerous Small Businesses have too.  Sure, not all Bankruptcies result in outright Liquidation, but Creditors will suffer from not getting Paid and people will still be laid off permanently.

   'GNC' filed late this Month and is looking for a Buyer, it will Close most of it's Stores regardless.  'Chuck E Cheese' also filed late this Month, not surprising given they rely on the Arcade Factor, which can't really be made Pandemic Friendly.  There's one near our Antique Mall, the Arcade section is closed so Kids won't wanna go anymore.  Once the Appeal is gone for Kids being able to be Entertained with their Meals, they aren't likely to beg to go to places like that and 'McDonald's' re-invented their Dining Rooms to Appeal to Adults more than Kids even before Pandemic hit.  So now I see more Adults at a McD's than I do see Children wanting to go there.   I've never been a Fan of anything but their French Fries, but I remember when The G-Kid Force was little and liked to go for the Playground and the Toy in the Happy Meals, they never were that into the Food... if you can call it Food, it's a stretch.  *Winks*

I don't know if his Source was a reliable one, but The Young Prince, at a very early Age, told me that there was an ongoing Scientific Experiment going on with 'McDonald's' Food and that it has never gone 'bad' yet, Years later, because of how very preserved and un-food-like it is!?  I don't know if that's an Urban Legend, but he Believed it to be True from the time he was little, so he'd hardly ever want to actually eat what they were passing off as Food!  *LOL*  I just know for a lot of Years I should have just asked if I could buy the damned Happy Meal Toy and not throw out the Food the Kiddos didn't eat from there!  *Smiles*   And I sat dutifully watching them have a Big Time in the Play Areas there and the Arcade Areas at 'Peter Piper Pizza' and 'Chuck E Cheese' more often than I would have volunteered for if I wasn't Raising Grandkids!  *LMAO*

Do I miss that now I can actually drive by some Fast Food Restaurants and bypass the Toy Section of Big Box Retailers now without the begging to hang out there?   At first NO, it was a Relief, but then, now one G-Kid is Grown and his Little Sister has outgrown it all too in her Teens, I trawl thru for Old Times Sake when I'm Alone without a Kiddo in tow!  *LOL*   Princess T will sometimes Joke when we're in a 'Target' or 'Wal-Mart' and stroll by the Toy Section, "Hey Gramma, remember when you'd try to distract me and move past fast, so I wouldn't notice we were near the Toy Section and throw a fit if you didn't wanna hang out there for Hours!?"   And we'll both Laugh hysterically and I'll ask her if she NEEDS one last Fix and she'll Pass, but then we'll talk about all the Toys she used to be Obsessed with and hadda have every single one they ever made for her 'Collections'!  *Winks*

Yesterday Princess T had me lob off several more inches of her Hair, I don't like it shorter but she does and that's all that counts.  I managed to get it straight enough and it grows fast so even if I screwed it up she'd be Okay with it.  Today she Dressed Up Girly Girl just to see how she'd look... it's so NOT like her to be a Girly Girl so she wasn't Feelin' it and the exaggerated Girly Girl poses were hilariously Funny, as she intended for them to be.  She likes to impersonate Girly Girls and says she'll have to start hanging out at a Mall drinking Starbucks and talking like a Valley Girl now.  *Bwahahahahaha!*  My Wednesday Addams Child would likely never feel comfortable in her own Skin being Prissy and Pretentiously Bougee!

Princess T gave my Ugly Diabetic Feet a Pedi last Night, when I Photographed them she told me that people pay a lot of Money for Foot Pictures and here I am giving mine away for Free!  How does she KNOW that?  *Bwahahahaha!*  She's looking over my Shoulder telling me Gay Timmy told her so... so I hadda make sure the Dynamic Duo aren't Selling Foot Fetish Porn on the Internet?!  *LMAO*  She Photographed this part of the Post and is sending it to Timmy for a Laugh.  She knows I Blog about everyone and everything so it's not as if she's surprised our whole Lives are Blog Fodder for Gramma's Audience!  They have practically Celebrity Status with ya'll!  *Winks*   So, anyway, here's my Foot Fetish Porn Free of Charge for any of you Foot Freaks!  If you wanna send Donations to an Old Lady, feel Free... bwahahahahaha!  I was watching "Million Dollar Listing L.A." and they were having a High End Realtor Smack Down in that Scene in some swanky Manse overlooking the Ocean!   The Gal Won, natch! *LOL*

I watch all the Million Dollar Listing shows since I totally dig Real Estate and High End Real Estate is a voyeuristic leaning of mine.  *Winks*  I critique every Listing and can't believe the prices some will pay without ever even going to the Home they're buying, they send an Agent to choose for them... that's when you know you have too much Money!  *LOL*   My fav of this Show is Josh Flagg, 4th from the Left, Love that Boy's Attitude and he's Adorable and Hilarious!  Josh Altman, 1st Douch on the Left, can't stand him, arrogant sleazy Douchbag, I'd be inclined to wanna bust that Boy's Balls all day long just to Amuse myself.  *Winks*   The other Two Guys are a duo and Sweet, but boring, one is British... the Gal can't be Trusted and most of the Guys take issue with that except for Flagg.  He is the one the rest think is Crazy, he jokingly broke up the Drama and told all of them that everyone talks Smack and Trash Talks about the competition, you just can't put it in Writing... so get over it!   Love that Kid and Yeah, he's a tad Cray-Cray, which is Why I Love him! *LMAO*

Okay now on to 'Million Dollar Listing NY', which has had quite the rotating Cast of Characters, my Fav always being Fredrik Eklund on the Far Left, he's a Riot!  Ryan Serhant, Far Right, is so OCD it's hilarious... and the Pretty Boy in the Middle, Steve Gold, is mostly Window Dressing... because he's easy on the Eyes and relies on his Looks a lot, tho' he does know Real Estate clearly or is sleeping with the right people, I dunno...

...and has his Shirt off a lot for no apparent reason...  Okay, so there's a reason, but ya know what I mean... it just has nothing to do with Real Estate!  *LMAO*  Yes, I'm sure he was a Male Model before he got into Real Estate... and honestly he seems like a Sweet Guy and is Devoted to his seriously Disabled Sister, so I cut him some slack for the uber Metro Sexual Look that sometimes is pretty hilariously far fetched and exaggerated.  I mean, who ties a Sweater around their Neck really as a Serious Fashion Statement, it looks Silly!  He goes very Don Johnson 'Miami Vice' sometimes and it's been done... Decades ago, Don did it better, because it was Fresh back then, just sayin'.  But he is a Cutie and has panache when he's not trying too hard to be Suave.

Anyway, I enjoy both Shows and can watch Marathons of them, both for the Entertainment factor of the Characters and their Drama... for the Gorgeous Homes they Sell and I can be a voyeur of.  Not to mention I like to make Fun of the Rich Clients, they're too easy a Mark to resist poking Fun at!   The Real Estate Developers and Investors are typically Sleazy and demanding Bastards, I couldn't Work with people like that for any amount of Commission, they'd Trigger me to be too ratchet and they wouldn't Like me very much!   Well, unless they are freaky like that and love to be Punished!?  *LOL*  Hey a lot of Rich Folks are Super Freaks, Super Freaky, Yow... I knew a lot of Rich Freaks back in da Day.

So, Yeah, Last Night while getting my Pedi I was binge watching the Million Dollar Listings Shows, which bore the Hell out of Princess T as much as if I'm watching a News Channel!  *Smiles*   I figured she Volunteered to give me a Pedi for some ulterior motive, but oddly, she didn't, no strings attached, which was Odd!  Then Today she dresses like a Girly Girl too, so I asked her if she had a Fever?  *Winks*   "No, I'm seeing what it's like to look like a Regular Girl and be Nice?", was her response, which just cracked us up... and was a little Scary actually, if you know this Child!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  There's nothing Regular about her and she's always Extra and Wednesday Addams, she can be very Not Nice.  I asked her to Promise me she wasn't getting ready to Murder someone incognito in her Pastel Ensemble, she assured me she wasn't!?  *LMAO*

I did notice a fair amount of obese people Walking the Mall... so The Man and I didn't feel so out of Shape actually.  *LOL*   As you can see, there were Walkers on both Tiers Today and everyone was Socially Distancing and about 98% were wearing Masks, which actually is State Law now, but you do get some Militants that won't and would rather risk being heavily Fined.  I Hope they do catch the hefty Fines actually, Covidiots are the reason our State is so fucked up with rampant COVID.  They will surely be the reason everything will have to be restricted again, Florida, Cali and Texas already began restricting again due to their dismal numbers, over 9,000 in a Day in Florida now, Mind Blown AGAIN!  

 So, Arizona won't be too far behind since we're a Hot Mess too, most Red States are, since they have Covidiot Twitler Luvin' Governors and Mayors for the most part who utterly Failed their States in containment and mitigation.  Oh, and too many MAGA Maniacs and Lunatic Fringe too... so it's to be expected really.   I'm completely Over trying to talk Sense into the Senseless tho', I think they'll require a near Death experience to get Serious about this, or lose someone close to them that they Infected with their Stupidity?  Or it will do us a Public Service and thin the Herds of Stupid, which is harsh, but, I'm not in Charge of Natural Selection.   The Old and Sickly are being thinned as well and not too many have Pity or enough Empathy and Care for protecting us, so Fuck 'em!    How about if I tell ya how I REALLY Feel??!  *Winks*

I was in a very Pleasant, Happy Mood while Walking the Last Walk at Metrocenter tho', it was enjoyable and knowing it was the very Last Time was poignant and bittersweet as well.   I know a lot of Locals don't Care since The Mall and the area around it has deteriorated since 2000, but I Care every time a Local Landmark goes away or hits the skids, I really do.   I also remember when some Areas were vibrant and so when they hit the skids it's just sad and I always Hope revitalization takes place or Gentrification to revive them and make them nice places to Live and Raise Families in again one day.   It's happening in some Inner City places least expected, like the Roosevelt District, which has a lot of the once Grand and Oldest Historic Homes, but went into Urban Decay for Decades before Gentrification revived it recently.  I almost bought a Home there but The Man wasn't convinced it was Trending enough so couldn't Trust my Judgment.  Now he sees... now we couldn't Afford it.  *Le Sigh*

It's True, a couple of huge Historic Homes I could have Scored for $400,000, but couldn't get him on Board for a few Years ago, now Sell for over $800,000.  Ah well, I think we done good with Forever Boheme' and have the best of both Worlds here.  Acreage and a Rural Feel, but in the City near everything in an Area with very low Crime and great Neighbors in an Established Community!   Not to mention most Homes Downtown had no Pool and many also weren't completely Remodeled or completely Restored and we didn't Need a Project. Most were also Small and not as much bang for the buck.  And more importantly, Inner City Schools SUCK and this Area has some of the Best Rated Schools for Princess T and she Loved her New School and did very well there for the end of 8th Grade!

The Man does like me to drive him around the Cities and look at all the Homes we considered and didn't Buy.  *LOL*   I do regret not Buying some of them, but still Feel we got the Best Home for Forever really and to finish raising our Grandchild in.  She's very Happy here and has made good Friends, it wouldn't have been likely in the Inner City even in the best Areas there, where Children aren't plentiful since the most desirable Areas aren't filled with Young Families.  By the time you can afford those areas you're typically sans Children or Young Professionals who are Childless by Choice or Circumstance.  Anyway, I still LOOK at Real Estate because I enjoy doing that, but I'm not in the Market for any now and probably won't be anymore.

One Store in the Mall was Closing Out their Interesting Collector Merchandise and it was Fun to watch people leaving with huge Props from Star Wars and such.   I got a kick out of the Masked Human Sized Super Hero Props wearing Pandemic Masks and standing in the Display Window!

So excuse the poor quality of Image of Spiderman and Superman wearing their Pandemic Masks, with Window Glass glare from the Mall and Blinged Out Pony Prop reflections that were sitting in front of the Entrance.

The Gila River Bottom Fire finally got mostly put out Today after Two Full Days of raging out of Control and burning about 1,000 Acres of Salt Cedar, Mesquite and Scrub along the Gila River's Banks near P.I.R..   Today they opened all the Roads back up and so a lot of us were Lurkers taking a gander at what destruction it had caused.   This is that Area that was terrifying the other Day when we had to turn around because it was way too close for comfort and Apocalyptic looking Fire and Black Smoke billowing Hundreds of Feet into the Air!   I could see where it came just across the Street from Farm Residence that were the ones Evacuated, many had Livestock so that had to be hairy to move all of those Animals to Safety and find a place for them temporarily?!

No Structures or Lives were Lost thankfully, but this Farmer's Field was torched and the Homes were very close to it, beside the scorched Fields and directly across the Street!   That's the River Bottom behind his Field of whatever it was he was growing and just burnt up.

There was a few Miles of Farmer's Fields burnt up but most of the carnage was on the Banks of the River Bottom.

A thick layer of Ash on the ground for Miles and burnt up Trees and Scrub... some still smoldering and the stench of a fresh Fire was still strong in the Air.  Only one spot still had a plume of Smoke and it was being Guarded and closely Watched by the Fire Dept. from a Safe Distance.

I'm sure there will be Hot Spots for Days that they'll have to keep an Eye on and it came damned close to the Racetrack and some big Custom Homes on Desert Acreage that are near the Racetrack.

Salt Cedar are actually not Native and are an Invasive Species so in a way some of the Indigenous Plants might grown back in place of them and be a better Habitat for the Natural Wildlife?   The Ash will provide Nutrients, Nature has a way of using Disasters to renew Herself, get what Man has done out of the way and start over.

The Gila River is still running and Tres Rios Wildlife Preserve wasn't affected so that's a good thing.  Three different Rivers intersect in this point of the Desert, some Seasons they are Dry or not running strong, but some areas do have a lot of Water Year Round and Tres Rios Wetlands Preserve is one of those Riparian Areas that has an Oasis and a lot of Wildlife.

It was a nice Drive and it gave us something to gawk at during Pandemic Boredom and before it got too Hot to have the Windows rolled down on the Truck.  *LOL*

Piling my Dreads up and securing them tightly enough so they're not beating me senseless like Ropes, when the Wind is blowing Wildly thru my Locs, with the Windows down, always cracks The Man up!  They really hurt if they smack ya in the Face! *LOL*

Some of them Suckas are getting really thick, but I do have some that have thinned as they lengthened and so I'm letting them Congo to add strength near the Roots for when they get much heavier.  Micro Dreads have that Challenge once you let them grow really long, can the thinner ones support the weight as they get halfway down your Back?  If not, you gotta go for less of them and let them grow together for the larger thick Locs, which I didn't initially want but didn't think I'd have my Hair grow this damned fast to require it either!  Yes, I could cut them shorter, but I don't want to... yet... if at all.

Only some of them have grown halfway down my Back now and some are still shorter... and I like that for the first time in my Life I have thick and healthy Hair that grows super fast.  The Negs are, they're Hot once they thicken and it gets really Hot outside... and they take Forever to Dry.   The Bonus of them being Wet during the Day is they're Natural Air Conditioning and Cool you off.  So... that's my Summertime 3 Year Dreadaversary Update.  See how much I've packed into a Single Post my Friends for your enjoyment?  *Bwahahahaha!*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Be Well, Stay Safe my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Cinnabon?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG I had no idea they were even still around. They had long been gone from these parts of the woods. I remember those artery clogging bun well. I have seen the Million Dollar Listing shows, but don't watch faithfully. On the New York one Ryan Serhant always gives me the vapors....he's so damn handsome and charming. The last time I saw the LA one was years. There was a guy on there at the time, Madison Hildebrand who I saw some of myself in. I think he's gone now isn't he? I do like Josh and his boyfriend, their pretty funny.

    What a shame about the fires. The last thing your state needs to worry about yet is fires!!!!!

    1. We always get Fires this time of Year due to drought and careless people mostly, but with Pandemic and Civil Unrest it just is too much catastrophe simultaneously this Year! I do not see many Cinnabons around, that Mall has always had one since the early 70's so it's been around a long time and always did very well there as a staple cravings spot. *LOL* Yes, Madison is still on some episodes, I like him and I can see how you'd see some of yourself in him. My Fav is Josh, he reminds me of a Male version of myself I guess, if I were a Million Dollar Realtor I'd have his M.O. for sure! *LOL* He's Crazy like a Fox and so many of the other underestimate him, which works in his favor and he could give two shits... I'm glad he found Love, for a while he was without a Partner and I felt like he needed the stability of a good relationship, he deserved one. Fredrik and his Partner adopted a Baby, they had wanted to be Parents for a long time, I think they'll make excellent Parents.

  2. So wait. A few days ago security told a young man he couldn't take pictures, but now there's skating and video recordings going on? Seems that first mall cop was taking his job way too seriously, as some of them are prone to push their weight around and do.

    1. I agree, that Young Man that Security hassled looked like Media and I think they just wanted to give him a hard time coz he had a fancy camera, tripod and they weren't sure who he was representing? They weren't bothering the hoards of others with Cameras and they weren't hassling the Young People making the Videos... which I was glad of, I do think perhaps it was a bitter Mall Cop who knows they soon will be unemployed and was taking it out on someone they thought they could bully and intimidate?

  3. I can't watch Million Dollar listing, too ostentatious for me. And the people are so superficial.

    Glad the one fire is out. We were down in Waterton last week and there was a fire there 3 years ago, the trees are regrowing already and the understory is gorgeous, filled with flowers. Mother Nature has this.

    1. Yes, Mother Nature always has this, doesn't She? *winks* If Man gets out of the way, Nature has a beautiful Cycle of renewal and adaptation to anything and everything. Look how quickly the Earth recovered in the brief interlude the World was in Lock Down and Man was out of the way, it shows it can Heal quickly without us. It is ostentatious and superficial, which is why I find it entertaining and hilarious, plus, I do love to peek inside those Luxury Homes. Some are underwhelming for what they're charging for them, I've lived in nicer Homes and I'm no Millionaire! Of coarse, I'm not easily impressed. *Winks*

  4. What a fun read today which is not say I don't enjoy your political rants just as much. I like that you don't hold anything back, no matter what you write about. As I was reading this one I was thinking I would have loved to have had my husband and I hang out with your and your husband. What you didn't think of my husband would have which your husband and I would have shook our heads and enjoyed the show.

    I've never gotten into the million dollar kind of reality real estate shows but I love the renovation flip shows of old houses. The house I lived in most of my life I won't go back to see. I did it once and they had made some awful changes that made me sick.

    1. Yes, I think I would have Loved to have had the opportunity to hang out with you and your Husband! Even tho' The Man and I are Polar Opposites in temperament and personality, we do enjoy doing many of the same Simple things together that perhaps a lot of people would have no interest in. I like to see the Reno Shows ONLY if they do proper Restoration and not gut a Historic Home and 'remodel' it and then try to pass it off as a Restoration, which upsets me because now they've made it like every other Modern built Home so Why destroy a piece of History to only do that?! There's one I think is called Bargain Mansions that is good, she buys up really fab Manses that are in bad shape and does wonders with them.


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