Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Greatest Shitshow On Earth... And Enduring It In Lock Down Mode

I have probably bought more Cute little Bikinis in a Month than ever in my entire Life, Princess T being obsessed with her Summer, New Pool Swimming, Wardrobe!  *Smiles*  With the condition of the World, and our Country in particular right now, completely overwhelming me, spending time with her eagerly picking out another Cute little Bikini brings me some Joy, what can I say, Wallet be damned!  *Winks*  They charge you Bikinis as Separates nowadays, so they can really price gouge on what a Cute little Bikini with a couple inches of Material is gonna set ya back.  I won't even tell you what I've paid for a Cute little Bikini Top and Bottom Separates Price, for a 14 Year Old Child, when they don't have them on Sale!  *LOL*  But, she looks Adorable in them ALL... ALL Dozen or so of them she probably has by now!  *LMAO*

I've got wet Cute little Bikini parts scattered all over the Guest Bathroom Floor most lazy Days of Summer now, that and wet Towels, every Towel in the House it seems!  She also took her Pretty Bed Frame, the one I paid a small Fortune for, apart and stashed it in her Closet, her Mattress now on the Floor.  She said that's her "Style" now... I said it's likely she just doesn't want to Clean shit out from under the Bed anymore... she Smiled broadly... you can't Fool an Old Lazy Hippie about avoiding Domestic Goddess Duties, I'm the Grand Master at avoiding Housekeeping!  I have other Super Powers too, this Morning I told The Man it was going to Rain Today, he countered there wasn't a Cloud in the Sky and Rain isn't Forecast.  It's Raining right now this Afternoon, HUGE Raindrops, he Smiled at me and shook his Head, I know he thinks I'm a Witch after all these Years together.  *Winks*

Most of the House lately is in a State of Organized Chaos and disarray, except for mebbe my Coffee Mugs, so I don't really Care if The Grandchild's usual Organizational OCD is taking a Mini-Vacay too.   I haven't actually brewed any Coffee or Tea in a while, since Lock Down began, and usually it's my Ceremony for restoring Calmness to.  I have a Collection of Coffees and Teas that would rival any Coffee House or Tea Room anywhere on Planet Earth.  But, with not Socializing anymore at all, Period Full Stop, from Home... I'm just not as Enthusiastic of Hosting a Mad Tea Party or Coffee Clutch for One.  We have gone out a few times as a Family, just because all of this being Locked Down without interactions in Person with people we know has been Socially Isolating. 

 We Socially Distance of coarse, but we clearly see everyone else is Starved for Interactions too and gets chatty and hugely relieved to see you again.  Perhaps they thought we got COVID and Died, and are relieved to see we're still among the Living, I dunno?  *Smiles*  I'm not just talking of people you know really Well, but people you know from say, your Favorite Haunts, where you're not really going anymore since Pandemic struck!   Now we've ventured out to a few again and the well known Faces are overjoyed to see us finally and to come chat... at a Safe distance.  Yes, I fully realize the increase in Cases for the 2nd Wave is going to be an Epic Tidal Wave Tsunami, since lets face it, Civil Unrest and Opening Up has made Social Distancing kinda a Futile Three Months of abstinence, hasn't it?   So, it's kinda like you know the Apocalypse is coming and you might as well just Do Life some and Pray it doesn't take you Out?!

As the huge Raindrops began to fall this Afternoon, I thought about the Storms that lie ahead and how we'll likely Weather them as a Country?  We're not doing such a Stellar Job right now and frankly, it's the Beginning and not nearly the End if you ask me.   My Family in Europe tell me that Great Britain has their own equivalent of Twitler... and even Surviving his own bout of near Fatal COVID, their Crazy Hair Leader acts as demented as he looks too.  How do these Lunatics come to Power?  Surely it must indicate a great portion of the Population is afflicted with Lunacy too, for them to have gotten Voted in and still having any remnants of Support, as they Publicly Fail miserably and allow their Countries to fall apart and Circle the Drain?!  A certain kind of Madness must be infecting people just as surely as the Pandemic is?!  I can't even properly Rant about it right now, I'm too overwhelmed and dismayed!

Nature Mercifully pipes along as if everything is still Normal and that does keep me Centered and Grounded most Days.   The Magnificence of a Hummingbird Nest, secured by gossamer Spider Web Silks, on one of our Plant Hangar Chain Links marvels me.   It's an empty Nest now, they've Raised their Spring Young and I'll be Tempted to use this in one of my Naturalist Vignettes.  But first I'll Google it, to see if they tend to re-use their Nests, because if I built a Nest this Fine, I wouldn't want someone coming and Stealing it away from me.  It's protected from the Weather under the Eaves of the Back Porch Covering, so it's not likely to get Storm Damage and be Ruined.   If no Hummingbirds ever come back to it, I'll certainly Harvest it as one of Nature's Treasures for The Naturalist Collections I have.   We've taken some drives out to the Desert to enjoy Nature, but it's getting really, really, really, really HOT now... some of the Readings on the Interior Thermometer of the New Truck are jaw dropping!

I'm Loving my New Truck, so much easier to Drive, I don't Feel so much like I'm driving some Big Rig careening down the Road, it's a Normal sized Vehicle again!  *LOL* It's a smoother Ride and it's going to save us a ton of $$$.  The Insurance just told me how much cheaper my Premium now is, yet another impressive Savings added to what I've already Saved by Buying this!   I guess I'm just Jazzed at getting my Ducks in a row to have the Stuff we really Needed in place before we got too damned Decrepit to Negotiate our Best Deals and have the Leverage, you know?   So, owning The Forever Home again... and a Brand New Reliable Vehicle, at this Season of Life is a Relief.   So much unraveled of my Carefully Orchestrated Retirement Plans, when I was forced to Adopt The G-Kid Force as Kinship Placement Laws changed about Eight Years Ago and cocked my Retirement Security up all to Hell!  *Le Sigh*  I had to start from scratch... and as you get Older, that gets harder.  

They were worth it of coarse, I'd Sacrifice everything all over again for those Kiddos.   Yet, it also sucked to no longer have a Paid Off Home, have The Man's Catastrophic Accident total my Paid Off Truck, and give up a Career and a big chunk of Earned Pension {60% which is Whopping} to Play The System's Game.  I Play The Game well, you have to, or you'd Lose and still have Nothing, so I Play to Win.  I put it ALL on the Line and went for Broke!  Now, one Successfully Adopted Grandchild now Raised... and the 2nd one almost Raised, I can now go for ourselves again.  Aiming for the Security of The Man and I for our Old Age and Full Retirement, Plan B.  I'm assuming of coarse I will have to remain in Full Retirement now due to COVID, but ya never know.  I kept popping out of Forced Retirements numerous times before, so it could happen again, I Rule nothing out.   Today we stopped by The Antique Mall to pick up my Check and foof my Spaces, which weren't too bad since a Dear Co-Worker Friend is checking and tidying them regularly for me, Bless her.  Mwah Sue, I know you're Reading the Ole Blog GF!  *Winks*

The Bed of my New Truck is actually about as large for Hauling, with the Bed Extender, as the Titan was, so I can still put any damned Found Treasure in there that I Source!  *Winks*  The Family wanted to go for a Drive in it Today so I took them out for Breakfast, one of our Fav Haunts has made it Pandemic Friendly to Dine In now.  We know everyone there, some of the Staff, now Adults with Families, I've known since they were Younger than Princess T!  It was so Nice to Dine-In, I ain't gonna Lie.  One of the most Guilty Pleasures of The Man and I is Eating Out.  It's one of the few things he can do without it being difficult for him anymore.  It took Years to get to where the Traumatic Brain Injury made it so he could go anywhere Public, so Dining-Out was a Rehabilitative Practice that went so well, we really began doing it more often, even as he improved.  Of coarse he deteriorates sometimes if we have other Errands to do, even if he desperately wanted to go along.  Buying a Vehicle Yesterday really took it out of him, Poor Soul!

Because even tho' Princess T, at 14 now, is Stellar at helping me with Grandpa and giving Respite with his Adult Babysitting, it's still like having Two Kids in tow when we go out as a Family.  And "The Children" can begin tormenting the shit out of each other.  Oh Yeah, it starts off as all Fun and Games, but it almost never Ends Well, mostly from his End deteriorating when she's just trying to have Fun.   Okay, so as The Young Prince used to remind me, Tween and Teen Girls can be Pre-Demonic, his Little Sister particularly Gifted at Pre-Demonic Behavior, so it's not ALL himself that is the Problemo!  *LOL*   Sometimes The Man can Cope and sometimes he falls apart completely.  So, after a great Breakfast, handling the Antique Mall Well, he deteriorated rapidly when we had to buy and install the New Steering Wheel Cover in the Parking Lot of a Wal-Mart while it was probably about 116 Degrees.  She's trying to tell him he's not being Helpful, he's doing it all Wrong!  Which he WAS!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Just telling a MAN that is enough to ignite Fireworks, let alone a Brain Damaged Old Man with deteriorated Large Motor Skills and Poor Judgment!  *LMAO*  We got it on... and I managed not to go Postal in the Process Dealing with the Duo's sparring 'Assistance'!  *Patting Self on Back!*

Dealing with them is far easier than Dealing with the State of our Nation right now tho', I have no Fucks to give anymore, I really don't.  I had to not get so Angry, otherwise, I'd be a walking Time Bomb ready to go off at the slightest provocation and that would NOT BE GOOD!  Me Going Off is never Good for anyone within the closest proximity who might have set me the fuck Off!  I made Nice with a Dear Friend I had been super Angry with, I HAD to, I Love her too much to be Cruel.  I don't even think she knew how super Angry I was with her, because truly the main reason for my ire was her Politics.  She's a MAGA Maniac... and yet, a Dear Person... which is just such a Weird juxtaposition to Deal with, so I wasn't Dealing with it Well anymore as Time goes on.  She knows my sentiments about her Politics, so she still thinks it can be in Good Humor... but my Humor about Twitler and The Hitler Youth Movement in Amerikkka blowing up, is totally absent, it's no Laughing Matter to me!  Done left the Building my Sense of Humor, even my Gallow's Humor about UNFUNNY SHIT can't GO THERE!  Yes, there's been some Great Memes and I've managed to Laugh at them, but that's it.

A Great Meme I happened to Love recently.  Thankfully my Friend is evading any talk of Politics or her Opinion about Race Relations because the last time I Lost It and I know I was Ratchet and I fully intended to be!  I left it up to her if she could Handle it or call our Lifelong Friendship a Day, I didn't really Care and I made that Crystal clear.  I just can't listen to Bullshit about dire matters now, just CAN'T.   Shut the Fuck Up if you support the Evil shit in this World in any way, try to make feeble excuses for it, or drank the Kool-Aide.   Social Media can be very revealing about what people really Think and Support, so that's Helpful in sorting the Chaff relationally speaking.   If you aren't even someone I Value like Family, you have my Zero Tolerance Rating and will simply be cut the Fuck loose.  I don't Deal with Drama and a Headache folks at all, even if you're like Family, or Family, you already know how minuscule my Patience is with that kinda Bullshit.  Before I Blow full on and you could be Collateral Damage if you weren't intelligent enough to get out of the way and Save yourself.  *Winks*

The SMI Prodigal Beloved Daughter {above}, Mother of The G-Kid Force, often asks me if I've Killed anyone yet when Triggered in my Old Age?  *Winks*   This coming from the Woman that Mental Health Court said couldn't have anything sharper than a Butter Knife in her possession, since the Schizophrenia has been pretty unpredictable.  Even she can tell and discern that this President is Bat Shit Crazy and should probably be on strong Psyche Meds, the Care of a Full Time Shrink and a Team of Therapists, and/or Institutionalized for his Safety and everyone else's... either Penal or Behavioral Health Institutionalization, whatever...   Even there in Mexico where she lives, she said watching him unravel on National TV is pretty pathetic and has made America the Laughing Stock of the World!  We are unanimous in that Assessment... I might be Crazy she said, but I'm not Stupid... and even I wouldn't be Stupid, Demented or Gullible enough to Vote for that Guy!  Well, some people still are, I told her... and then she laughed maniacally... Yeah, a lot of Crazy and Stupid Fucks out there, True that!

The Child and The Cat have Assumed The Position that is indicative of most Afternoons here at Forever Boheme' during Lock Down.  It had been a Full Morning at least with Breakfast, the Antique Mall and the Wal-Mart Run for a Steering Wheel Cover for the New Truck.  That was about all of the Todaying for Today that either she or Grandpa was up for.   Miss Priss was glad to have her Human back Home to snuggle with at Nap Time on the Sectional.  They will now Sleep the entire Daylight Hours away and be up all Night like Vampires.  I don't Care but for some reason it bugs The Man that those Two Sleep all Day and are up all Night, tho' I have no idea Why?   Listen, if she's Asleep while you're Awake and Awake when you're Asleep, I tell him, that's less Time for her to torment the shit out of you!  So that you become a Cranky Old Bastard, and you Two to get Into It to Trigger me so that I Go Off, Okay?  He let that sink in and said I was probably Right.  See how I effectively Mediate around here?! *Bwahahahahahaha!*

I've heard a lot of Strong Opinions about what we should do to Bunker Boy while he's hunkered down in the WH and if it weren't such a Grand Historically Significant Old Building, I'd be inclined to Agree.  Yep, I would, no Shame about feeling that strongly myself either, he needs to go, one way or another.  But I'd wanna Save the Building, since I Love Historic Properties.   I did hear that he told the First Lady to Smile... so I hadda Google that one since I missed it, mostly because I can't stomach seeing or listening to that piss poor excuse of a Human Being.  But, after I Cropped his revolting Ass out of the Image, this is apparently the best she could do, which kinda looks more like a Snarl than a Smile {below}, but can ya blame her... I can't.  Whatever her motives for marrying that POS, she's paying for it in Spades, that's all I can say, he wouldn't have enough Money to Buy most of us.  I wouldn't crawl under him if they were bombing Phoenix, any Woman who could or would... well, they probably have nothing to Smile about, EVER, just ewwwww!  Well, unless he drops Dead... and is that really too much to ask?

If he doesn't Stroke Out with Rage or go Mental to the point of no Return before November, he won't be doing any of us any Favors.  Not even her... because I can't Imagine the Wife of anyone that vile not having Fantasies about their demise, Honestly.  Lets be Real... no amount of Money or Privilege is worth tolerating or enduring the likes of him.   But, many of his Hired Help do, even if none of his Ex-Wives could after their Sentence of being yoked with him, so what do I know?    What some people will lower themselves to do for Money and being part of The Cult?  Or just being part of The Cult, since his Lunatic Fringe aren't even getting Paid to be Devoted, they're Free Canon Fodder he'll dispense of as The Expendables he's using, until they're no longer Useful or he runs out of them, as they jump the sinking Ship like Rats knowing it's going down.  And it's going down like the Titanic... and taking much of the Country with it unfortunately!!!  

 I just know it's been the Greatest Shitshow on Earth... a Spectacle of all Spectacles.  And I want this fucking Show to be OVER already!  Bad Reality Shows he's been on is one thing... but this has been utterly ridiculously Disgraceful for our Nation and even fatal for too many Precious people!


Coming to you from The Greatest Shitshow of a Country Unraveling On Earth... from a Corner of the Arizona Desert I'm making Our Sanctuary to Endure it... in Pandemic Lock Down Mode... so we don't add to the staggering Numbers of American Expendables... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, Yes, it is a great big shit show. I am worse. Our country, our lives, our future! The Gov of Oregon now tells us that she will not open the state until there is a vaccine for Covid-19!!! This is crazy, it may be a year or more before that happens. The people have stopped wearing masks, and are not staying home. There also are so many with no income... Many, many business will be shuttered, bankrupt forever. I am struggling.

    1. Sharon I am so very sorry to hear how you're struggling, I think so many now are. The Vaccine literally could be Years or Decades away, they still don't have a Vaccine for AIDS, so it's not a Given they'll have one for COVID, we can only Hope they will and roll it out Safely IF they manage it. They Opened too early here in our State and people aren't staying Home nor are about half wearing Masks either. That compounds mitigation if everyone isn't cooperating on trying to manage spread, especially when Opening the Economy back up. If not done Safely it will backfire worse than staying Closed, so there has to be that delicate Balance to ensure everything does Open but in a responsible way. There is no National Plan, everyone's doing their own thing and it's really quite the cluster fuck with so many methods in play at once. Its disjointed and become so Politicized, a Plague should have nothing to do with Politics, the Managing of it should be Bipartisan across the board, yet it isn't and won't be, which isn't Serving the American people well at all. I Feel your Struggle, Virtual Hugs, hang in there, we can get thru this.

  2. I didn't know hummingbirds built such big nests! Interesting.

    That astronaut meme made me laugh out loud as did the photo of the First Lady's attempt to smile. I really don't feel a bit sorry for that woman.

    I just sold the first and only bikini I ever had on e-Bay...a '60s number with a matching bathing hat and bag for over $100. I love that your grand daughter is having some fun during this god awful summer.

    1. We have so many species of Hummingbird in Arizona and I've seen Thumbnail size Nests on up to that larger size, which is still diminutive but easier to spot. They build them in some amusing places and aren't afraid of Human interactions. We get a lot due to our Lantana, which bloom almost constantly and our Red Lantana they particularly like. The Man wants to put Hummingbird Feeders up but I don't want them becoming reliant on us providing safe meals rather than relying on Nature to provide safe meals for them, so I've resisted that request. Mostly because I'm taking Care of enough living things and he wouldn't remember to keep feeders filled and the Nectar in them from spoiling. I can see where an authentic 60's Bikini would fetch a handsome profit! Retro Clothing is highly sought after. Some of the Young people LIVE Retro and it's so cute to see them looking like they just stepped out of a bygone Era I loved. I don't feel a bit sorry for any Woman that clearly married for Money or Status either, I'm sure more than anyone tho' she didn't marry that vile creeper for Love and is hoping he keels over more than anyone else on earth! *LOL*

  3. The Greatest Show on Earth is one board game I think I'll skip!!! You guys have no idea how lucky you are to have your very own pool in these times. What a luxury to have. I used to go to one here, but the whole place was bought up by a developer. It was quite the campy place. Will be an interesting summer without it. I also go to the beach often as. I have got to be near water in some form. But I think the beach my be off the board, unless I go with a friend or two to their private beaches. I am most definitely already feeling beach withdrawals. I should have been a beach bum.


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